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There was a young and stylish beauty that was around 27-years-old sitting across the aisle from Leng Shaoting.

When she noticed him, her eyes lit up. This man is so sexy and handsome! She had seen many good-looking guys, but none of them could compare with the one in front of her eyes.

He was so attractive! In addition, people who sat in the first class must either be rich or powerful.

If she could have a relationship with him, it would be of great help to her too.

“Hi, this is my name card.

Why dont we make friends with each other” The woman wore a perfect smile, making eyes at Leng Shaoting.

She didnt care about Gu Ning, who was obviously his girlfriend, at all.

However, Leng Shaoting ignored her.

The woman felt embarrassed, and her hand with the name card stiffened in the air.

She had never been humiliated in public like that.

“Gee, what a blind bitch! Apparently this handsome man isnt single.” A female voice sounded from the seat behind Leng Shaoting.

She was also a young woman that was around 25-years-old and dressed simply, but her clothes were all designer brands.

She hated to see flirts.

“Its none of your business!” the woman glared and snapped at her.

“It is.

Because I felt disgusted and Im afraid that Ill be sick!” the woman behind Leng Shaoting said ironically.

“What did you say” The woman was mad and stood up abruptly, like she was going to beat her.

However, before she could move, a flight attendant interrupted her.

“Miss, the plane is about to take off.

Please fasten your seat belt.”

The woman glared at the other woman who sat behind Leng Shaoting and sat back in her own seat.

She even swore at Leng Shaoting in a low voice, “Just a stupid man.”

Gu Ning heard it and opened her eyes looking at the woman coldly.

The woman was scared and immediately turned her head away.

Her heart was beating very fast, as if she just had survived death.

She tried to flirt with Leng Shaoting, but was ignored, so Gu Ning didnt want to waste time on her.

Seeing Gu Ning being a little mad, Leng Shaoting was also unhappy.

“What the f*ck! Ive never seen such a shameless flirt.

What a bitch!” the woman who sat behind Leng Shaoting couldnt help swearing.

“You…” The woman who sat beside Leng Shaoting was furious, but once she turned, she met Gu Nings cold glance, which scared her.

The plane finally took off.

And around one and half an hour later, the plane encountered severe turbulence during the flight.

Everyone was terrified, screaming.

Gu Ning abruptly sat upright in fear, and Leng Shaoting clasped her hand trying to comfort her.

Luckily, they were all seated when the plane encountered the turbulence, so nobody was injured.

They thought that it was just normal turbulence, but unexpectedly, just seconds later, the plane encountered more severe turbulence.

Some passengers were even weeping after that.

At this time, a flight attendant announced on the radio, “Dear passengers, please do not worry.

The plane is encountering airflow, so its a little unsteady.

Please fasten your seat belt, and do not leave the seat.

Please stay quiet, and thank you for your cooperation!”

Just a little unsteady It was severe turbulence and happened twice consecutively! The flight attendants announcement failed to comfort the passengers in the plane.

“Will the plane fall straight down I dont want to die! My good life just began!” the woman who sat beside Leng Shaoting across the aisle cried.

However, the woman who sat behind Leng Shaoting immediately snapped at her, “Shut your mouth! It wont fall down! Stop talking b*ll**!”

Both Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting wore a serious expression.

They had a great sense for danger and it was obvious that they were in a dangerous situation right now.

Gu Nings face started to turn pale, and her body was trembling.

It wasnt easy for her to be reborn, and she had just begun to run her businesses.

She hadnt gotten her revenge yet, and wasnt willing to die in an accident like this.


“Ningning, dont worry.

You sit here and Ill find out whats going on,” Leng Shaoting said and stood up, walking to the cab.

However, just as he walked to the entrance of the cab, he was stopped by a flight attendant who was seated by the door.

“Sir, please go back to your seat.”

Leng Shaoting directly took out his military officer certificate, and the flight attendant was surprised.

Leng Shaoting was so young and he was already a major general!

“What is going on” Leng Shaoting asked.

Knowing Leng Shaotings identity, the flight attendant didnt dare to hide the truth.

“There are several flying birds, and the pilot is trying to avoid them, which is causing the severe turbulence.”

“This is my flying license.

I need to have a look.” Leng Shaoting showed them his other license and decided to walk inside in case any accident happened.

“Sure.” The flight attendant immediately opened the door for Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning also heard what the flight attendant had said, and she knew that it was very dangerous if the plane encountered flying birds.

According to the momentum theorem, if a 0.45-kilogram bird collided with an aircraft moving at 800 km/h, it would cause an impact of 153 kilograms.

If a 7-kilogram big bird hit jet moving at 960 km/h, the impact would rise up to 144 tons.

In that case, a sparrow alone was able to crash the engine of the plane if it impacted with it.

If the bird was drawn into the engine through the air intake of the of the aircrafts turbine, it would cause damage to the blades which was worth dozens of thousands of yuan each due to distortion.

It could also force the engine to stop.

If the bird caught fire in the machine, the plane would crash and explode.

In other words, a flying bird could cause a serious flight accident.

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