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How is it possible Why

“Ill be right there,” Xu Jinchen said, then ran outside, and almost knocked his father who was walking inside over.

Xu Jifan criticized, “Watch where you are going!” However, within seconds, Xu Jinchen disappeared from his sight.

Xu Jifan frowned.

Apparently, it was an emergency.

Xu Jinchen drove to the airport at a high speed and crossed the roads even if the traffic lights were red.

He kept praying for Leng Shaotings safety.

Coincidentally, Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng had just arrived at the airport in City G and they were leaving for City B.

The accident that had happened to the plane from City Teng to the capital was also shown on the LED screen in the hall of the airport in City G, so both Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng noticed the terrible news too.

When they saw Gu Nings name, they were shocked.

Especially Situ Ye, his heart ached severely and his face turned pale at once.

He didnt realize that he cared about Gu Ning so much until this moment.

He immediately took out his phone to call Gu Ning.

He hoped that they were different people who just had the same name.

He wished Gu Ning, the one who he knew, were still safe and alive.

However, Gu Nings phone was powered off.

“Xuanfeng, you go to City B first, I need to leave for the capital right now,” Situ Ye said to Chu Xuanfeng and turned around walking to ticket office without delay.

Chu Xuanfeng understood his bosss affection towards Gu Ning, so he didnt stop him.

Not to mention Situ Ye who liked Gu Ning, even Chu Xuanfeng who regarded Gu Ning as his friend was worried about her safety.

The news continued to be released in the following hours.

It was reported that there was a passenger who knocked his head and the wound was bleeding badly, while there were other passengers who suddenly had a heart attack, fainted because of high blood pressure, or got injured and so forth.

The ambulances together with a medical staff had to stay ready.

Once the news was released, many people were more worried.

If anyone had an urgent problem or injury in a flying plane, it was highly possible to die!

Those who came to the airport to pick up their aged families were especially worried, they were greatly concerned about their families safety.

“What should we do Grandpa has hypertension!”

“Itll be fine.

Itll be fine.”

“Honey, there is a wound on our sons head, and its not completely healed yet.

What if it splits Its all my fault.

I shouldnt have urged him to come back today.”

“Dont worry.

Hell be fine.

He will.”

A dozen minutes later, the plane was finally under control.

Except for the passengers in the first class, the rest of the people had no idea that Leng Shaoting was the hero.

Although the crisis was resolved, everyone was still pretty nervous because the plane hadnt landed safely yet.

Nobody knew whether there would be more accidents on the way to landing.

It was an extremely painful period of time when they were waiting for the landing.

And it was very strange that the plane had encountered such a large flock of flying birds, which had never happened before.

In addition, it was a miracle that the plane had safely avoided so many flying birds!

All in all, Gu Ning saved a young man with a head injury, Lu Zhan with heart attack, two elderly people with hypertension, and a woman with a dislocated wrist.

As for other people who were only slightly injured, Gu Ning didnt have time to help them.

And Gu Ning had consumed a lot of power, so her face turned pale.

All of the injured passengers who had been rescued by Gu Ning thanked her continuously.

Although nobody knew how Gu Ning had been able to rescue them, they all admired her bravery and ability.

At this time, Leng Shaoting walked out from the cab.

He noticed that Gu Ning was in economy class, so he walked towards her at once.

When he stopped before Gu Ning, he saw that her face was very pale and that she looked weak.

His heart ached and he immediately held her in his arms, walking back to their seats.

A flight attendant poured a cup of water for Gu Ning and thanked them for what they had done.

When the news that the plane was safe and all the patients were rescued was announced in the airport of the capital, everyone was relieved, but nobody knew who had rescued them.

Xu Jinchen was halfway there when he received Xu Qinyins call again.

Even though he got to know that the plane was safe now, he still drove at a high speed heading to the airport.

He wouldnt relax until he saw Leng Shaoting in person.

Situ Ye had the same feeling.

If he couldnt see Gu Ning with his own eyes, he wouldnt relax.

Half an hour later, the plane had already entered the airspace above the capital.

When the radio announced that the plane was about to land, everyone exclaimed and applauded with excitement.

Gu Ning was finally relieved too.

She had to admit that she was scared to death during that period of time, because she had died once and now cherished life more than ever.

In her previous incarnation, she had died with disappointment and animosity, but in this incarnation, she had already found her love and didnt want to die now.

After resting for half an hour, Gu Ning was back to normal.

Xu Jinchen had already arrived at the exit and was waiting for Leng Shaoting.

He thought that Leng Shaoting was alone, but when he saw Gu Ning, he immediately understood why his boss had been absent for so long.

However, it wasnt the right time to gossip.

Xu Qinyin had already picked her best friend up, but she was worried about Leng Shaoting, so she stayed with Xu Jinchen and waited for him.

Xu Qinyins best friend was named Qiu Yuxin, she was 25-years-old and 177cm tall.

She had a perfect body as well as a beautiful face, and was a well-known model domestically.

Qiu Yuxin had met Leng Shaoting once, and couldnt forget him.

She always wanted to meet him again.

And she was coming back home for two months this time after she had studied abroad, but unexpectedly heard the terrible news about the plane.

She was even more worried about Leng Shaoting than Xu Qinyin was.

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