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Fifteen minutes later, the plane landed safely at the airport in the capital.

There were ambulances waiting already, and the injured passengers were sent to the hospital the minute that they got off the plane.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting instead left directly.

Leng Shaoting was tall and extraordinarily handsome.

Once he appeared, he attracted a lot of attention from people around him, and even caused a round of acclamation.

“Wow! Hes so handsome!”

“Is he a star or something”

“I think that he is more handsome than all the male stars that Ive known!”

“Exactly! Do you notice that he has an air of power and nobility I think hes either a super-rich man or a man of power.

Hes a perfect Mr.



I think youve read too many romantic novels about Mr.


“Dont forget Im a writer myself!”

The talk among those girls interested Gu Ning, because Leng Shaoting indeed had an air of natural nobility.

In fact, he was both a super-rich man and a man of power.

It was hard to ignore him among people on the roads.

“I wish I had a boyfriend like him!” the girl who was a writer said.

The group of girls all complimented Leng Shaoting in excitement.

And some of them even followed Leng Shaoting, even though Gu Ning was by his side.

They just wanted to have a closer look at him, like fans meeting their idol.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked to the exit, they noticed Xu Jinchen, and immediately realized why he was here.

The moment that Xu Jinchen saw Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, he almost cried.

“Shaoting!” Xu Qinyin raised her voice in excitement.

Qiu Yuxin also saw Leng Shaoting, but her smile was frozen on her face when she noticed that Leng Shaoting held Gu Nings hand.

It was obvious that they were a couple.

Although she didnt know much about Leng Shaoting, she had heard a bit about him from Xu Qinyin.

Xu Qinyin told her that Leng Shaoting was always cold and never had a girlfriend, so they all believed that he would be single forever.

At that time, Qiu Yuxin thought that she still had a chance.

She wasnt very clear about Leng Shaotings background, but he was Xu Jinchens best friend.

Xu Jinchen was from a super-rich family, and so Leng Shaoting had to be of the same level.

In addition, Qiu Yuxins family was also a well-known rich family in City B, and she was a sexy beauty.

She thought that she and Leng Shaoting were perfect together.

Indeed, although the Qiu Family couldnt compare with the Leng Family, there wasnt a huge gap either.

Moreover, Qiu Yuxin and Leng Shaoting matched each other perfectly from appearance.

“Who is that girl” Xu Qinyin was surprised to see Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting never dated or had a girlfriend, but now, he held a girls hand on his own initiative.

Xu Jinchen didnt answer her question, but walked straight to Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

“Shaoting!” Xu Jinchen hugged Leng Shaoting with great force.

“Im fine,” Leng Shaoting comforted him.

Xu Jinchen then looked to Gu Ning.

“Hi, so nice to meet you again! Im surprised that Shaoting has abandoned us for you!”

Seeing that they were both safe and sound, Xu Jinchen was in a good mood to tease them.

He had had a sense that Leng Shaoting treated Gu Ning differently, so he wasnt very shocked when they showed up like a close couple.

Gu Ning smiled a little.

“Nice to meet you too! Its been ages!”

“Indeed! Since youre in the capital now, let me be your guide! Im free these days and I can…” However, before he could finish, he received a cold glance from Leng Shaoting, and stopped all of a sudden.

Xu Jinchen quickly realized that Gu Ning was his bosss girlfriend now, and his boss would take good care of her.

“Shaoting!” Xu Qinyin called Leng Shaoting.

She admired and was in awe of him.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Leng.” Qiu Yuxin greeted Leng Shaoting politely.

She didnt show her admiration towards him at all.

Leng Shaoting glanced at them and answered lightly.

He was familiar with Xu Qinyin, but had no impression of Qiu Yuxin.

“Shaoting, is this your girlfriend” Xu Qinyin took a look at Gu Ning and deliberately asked.

“Yes,” Leng Shaoting said seriously.

Although they already knew the answer, they were still slightly surprised when Leng Shaoting admitted it himself.

Especially Qiu Yuxin, her heart ached a little, but her face stayed calm.

“Hi, my names Xu Qinyin.

Im Xu Jinchens cousin.

May I know your name” Xu Qinyin said to Gu Ning.

Xu Qinyin didnt know that Qiu Yuxin liked Leng Shaoting, and she had no position to interfere in their personal affairs.

If Leng Shaoting and Qiu Yuxin liked each other, Xu Qinyun would absolutely support them, but Leng Shaoting already had a girlfriend now, so she could do nothing about it.

“Nice to meet you.

My names Gu Ning,” Gu Ning replied politely.

Gu Ning behaved in an elegant way, and didnt seem like a teenager at all, which left a great impression on Qiu Yuxin and Xu Qinyin.

“Gu Ning, this is my best friend, Qiu Yuxin,” Xu Qinyin introduced Qiu Yuxin to Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu!” Qiu Yuxin opened her mouth first.

She didnt take Gu Ning as her enemy just because she was Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

Although she liked Leng Shaoting and felt sad that he already had a girlfriend, she was a well-educated woman with great manners.

She wouldnt get involved in their relationship as the other woman.

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