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Chapter 337 Deadly Body Poison

“I think were done here.

Lets go back now!” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Leng Shaoting replied.

He then went to carry the wooden box.

Although it was heavy, Leng Shaoting was able to lift it.

They stopped at the first anteroom again, and Gu Ning said loudly, “You can come out now!”

The three men in it couldnt wait to leave.

Once they heard Gu Nings voice, they immediately opened the door and walked out.

Lao Yao asked, “What was the terrifying scream just then I was so scared.”

“A zombie,” Gu Ning said directly.

If they didnt know the truth, they would probably think that it was easy to get the ancient objects in this grave.

“What” Hearing that, they were all shocked.

They obviously knew what a zombie was, but they had only heard of it from the older generations story.

None of them had ever seen one in reality.

“What-what happened to the zombie” Lao Yao asked again.

“I burned it to death, but Lao San was killed by it,” Gu Ning answered.

Although the three men were mentally prepared, it was still unpleasant to hear the terrible news.

After a few seconds of mourning, Lao Da sighed and said, “Lets move Lao Sans body out of here!” Although Lao San had betrayed them, they were close friends after all.

Besides, he was dead now, and they felt that it was necessary to bury him well.

“Wait!” Before they could act, Gu Ning stopped them.

“Lao San was killed by the zombie, and his body has already been poisoned.

If you try to move his body, you might be affected by the deadly body poison and die in the near future.

One can never be too careful.

Besides, if he becomes a zombie later, a simple grave cant stop him.

Thus I think that its better to leave him here.”

Gu Ning wasnt threatening them, but it was possible, even if barely.

Hearing that, the three men were all shocked.

No matter if it was true or not, they didnt dare to bring Lao Sans body back, or to have a look of the zombie.

Nevertheless, they didnt doubt what Gu Ning had just told them.

Although they didnt see the black moving body with their own eyes, they had heard the strange scream, which a human being couldnt make.

“Well, I think that we better leave now!” Lao Yao was too scared to stay here for a second longer.

Although he had dug up graves many times, it was the first time that he had been through such weird things.

Not only Lao Yao, even Lao Da and Lao Er who had been grave diggers for over a dozen years felt that it was very terrifying.

Afterwards, they noticed the wooden box beside Leng Shaotings feet.

They knew that there had to be antiques in it.

If they didnt know that there was a zombie, they would be reluctant to miss those antiques, but now, they only felt that they were lucky.

If they had been greedy and risked their lives for fortune, they would have been killed too.

If they were dead, fortune would be meaningless.

In fact, a hundred million yuan was a lot, and each of them could get twenty-five million yuan.

However, Lao San was already dead, so they would share the money with Lao Si who had driven them here.

There were five members in their team.

Sometimes, one of them would be the driver, while the rest went to dig graves.

Although the amount of money they got couldnt compare with priceless antiques, they kept their life after all.

Even if Gu Ning didnt give them the money, they wouldnt bother to argue.

Gu Ning saw their reactions, and had a good impression of


The grave hole wasnt big, and it only allowed one person to get through at a time, so it was impossible to carry the wooden box and leave at the same time.

Gu Ning then decided to fasten a rope around the wooden box and pull it up after she got out.

When the wooden box was pulled out, the three men followed.

Leng Shaoting was the last one who got out of the hole.

They couldnt leave just like that; they had to fill the hole before leaving.

It was very deep, and the gravediggers had moved the earth somewhere else in case someone found out.

Thus it wasnt easy for them to fill it now.

In the following hours, they cooperated to finish the task.

Leng Shaoting didnt want Gu Ning to do the labor work along with them, so he told her to stay on the side and guard the wooden box, while the men went to move rocks and earth.

They used rocks to fill in the bottom, and the earth was placed on the top.

After that, Gu Ning planted a small tree which was as thick as her arm into the hole.

“Well, after what weve been through together, I bet you trust me to some extent now.

You know that its too late to transfer the money now.

Thus I think that we should go back to town and stay in the hotel for a night.

We can go to the bank tomorrow.

What do you think” Gu Ning asked them.

She had no intention to trick them, but they were still strangers after all.

Although there were many antiques without Yin in the wooden box, Gu Ning didnt tell them nor share with them.

Since they already made the agreement, they had to stick

to it now.

“No problem.”

Lao Da agreed with Gu Ning.

A hundred million yuan was a considerable amount of money, and they couldnt transfer it online.

In addition, they indeed had a certain amount of trust towards Gu Ning now.

If Gu Ning wasnt willing to give them the money, she wouldnt have rescued them.

And they already felt lucky enough to stay alive after what they had been through.

Money wasnt very important to them now.

“However, our friend is waiting for us now,” Lao Da said.

Gu Ning understood that it must be their driver.

Actually, it would be convenient if they had a car to move the wooden box back.

“Oh, do you mean the one who drove you here I think that we should probably move this wooden box back by car.

Please call him to pick us up!” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, the three men were surprised.

How come she knows it However, they soon realized that Gu Ning must have seen them.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had noticed them at the very beginning.

After that, they climbed down the mountain and went back.

It was around 12 am when they left.

Once they were back at the foot of the mountain, their phones got reception.

Lao Da immediately sent a message to Lao Si and told him to pick them up.

When they walked to the entrance of Fengyang Village, the van was already waiting there.

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