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Chapter 352 The Death of Li Zhenzhen

Unfortunately, Li Zhenzhen died soon after she was admitted to the hospital.

The injury on her head wasnt deadly, but she died of an overdose.

Li Zhenzhen had been behaving quite unusually recently, so Li Shengming had told Li Zhenyu to follow and investigate Li Zhenzhen.

However, they only knew that she loved to go to nightclubs and had no idea that she was on drugs.

Thus when they found out that Li Zhenzhen died because of an overdose, the Li Family almost had a breakdown.

Although the other woman who had been scratched on her face only took a small amount of drugs and so her life was not in danger, her face was doomed to be completely ruined.

The next day.

Around 8:30 am, Gu Ning received Yan Zhenglins call.

He told her that his leader had already agreed to conduct the probe in the following days.

And the government also promised to give her the lowest price that they could offer, but they wouldnt know the exact price until they finished calculating everything.

In City F, Gu Man told Gu Qing about Gu Nings suggestion, but didnt tell her that Jade Beauty Jewelry belonged to Gu Ning.

Gu Qing had the same reaction as Gu Man when she heard the plan.

She was also afraid that they were going to lose money, but it was Gu Nings proposal, so Gu Qing agreed in the end.

They all trusted Gu Ning unconditionally now.

Since Gu Ning said that it would work, they would follow her advice, even though Gu Qing was still a little reluctant.

After that, they went to deal with the advertisement.

First, they sent messages to their VIPs, and then they put the advertising poster up at the door of their beauty salon.

Once the messages were sent, the phone in their beauty salon kept ringing the entire time.

Many VIPs called them to find out more about the prize, which was a jade pendant from Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Jade Beauty Jewelry was really popular.

Gu Ning and Master Yan were going to visit Master Bai around 10 am.

Master Yan told Gu Ning to wait for him at the gate of Clean Water Blue Sky at 9:30 am, and he would pick her up.

Master Yan was already 70-years-old, and he wouldnt drive himself, but he had his chauffeur.

When it was almost 9 am, Gu Ning went to a nearby shopping mall to buy some gifts.

She finished shopping around 9:30 am and waited at the gate of Clean Water Blue Sky.

Master Yans car arrived at 9:28 am.

Seeing Gu Ning carrying so many gifts, he said, “Youre going to cure his disease, so he is the one who is supposed to thank you.

Why are you bringing so many gifts for him instead”

Master Yan wasnt being mean; he just felt that Gu Ning was being too polite, which made them feel a little guilty.

Gu Ning felt like laughing and explained after getting in the car, “Grandpa Yan, I regard all of you as my family, so Im willing to bring you gifts.

I wont give gifts to strangers.”

“Well.” Master Bai didnt know how to argue with Gu Ning on that, but he was happy to know that Gu Ning treated them as her family.

Master Bais house was located in a high-end living area, Peach-blossom Villas.

Peach-blossom Villas and Clean Water Blue Sky were built by the same real estate developer, but the developer wasnt from City G.

Peach-blossom Villas was built on a green mountain, and there was a river which was five meters wide in front of the mountain.

People had to walk over the bridge to get into the villas.

The mountain air was very fresh and there were also many green plants inside.

It looked quiet but not isolated.

When they arrived at the security room, Master Yan told a security guard to contact the Bai Family.

With the Bai Familys permission, they moved ahead.

Members of the Bai Family immediately went outside to welcome Master Yan and Gu Ning.

Master Fu had arrived earlier than Master Yan and Gu Ning.

Therefore, the moment that Gu Ning and Master Yan arrived at the large villa, they saw Master Fu, Bai Linwei and his wife waiting for them.

“Girl Gu, welcome!” Bai Linwei said to Gu Ning.

And when he noticed the gifts, he was surprised.

“Why are you bringing so many gifts You didnt have to do that!”

Bai Linwei was the chairman of a famous corporation, and he was always serious and strict, even in front of his children, but he suddenly became a kind and gentle old man when Gu Ning appeared.

Sometimes, Bai Linwei found it was hard to treat Gu Ning like a child, because she behaved like a mature and stable grownup.

“Its nothing.

Just some small gifts,” Gu Ning said.

It was indeed nothing for the Bai Family who had a fortune of dozens of billions of yuan.

It just showed Gu Nings kindness and politeness, Bai Linwei didnt say anything further and took the gifts from Gu Ning.

Bai Linweis wife was a shy woman.

She dressed in a simple way, but had an air of natural nobility.


Bai greeted Gu Ning politely, “Nice to

meet you, Miss Gu!”

“Its so nice to meet you, Mrs.

Bai!” Gu Ning


Master Fu, on the other hand, gave Gu Ning a tilted glance and scolded her, “How come you didnt tell me that you came to City G I miss you a lot! How can you forget me like that”

Gu Ning was amused.

“Im so sorry, but I had something important to deal with first.

I came to visit you now that Im free!”

“Well.” Master Fu didnt know what to say.

“Ha-ha! Fu, didnt you say that you wouldnt scold Girl Gu last night Why do you still pick on her today” Master Yan laughed.

“Bai, do you have to find fault with me” Master Fu was annoyed.

“You hit the point!” Master Yan admitted with alacrity.

Everybody knew that they enjoyed teased one another.

“You…” Master Fu was mad.

Bai Linwei was afraid that they would really begin to argue, so he interrupted at once, “Alright, its cold out here.

Lets get inside now!”

“Exactly, lets go in now!” Mrs.

Bai added.

After that, they walked inside.

The second that they got in the house, a girl about Gu Nings age in pink, furry, loose clothes came out of the kitchen.

There was a plate of fruit in her hand, and she was eating fruit while walking over to them.

Seeing Gu Ning, the young girl said arrogantly and with doubt, “Seriously! Can she cure grandpas disease”

“Yan, shut your mouth!” Bai Linwei snapped at her.

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