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Chapter 375 Cut Brakes

“Well, one of my friends introduced a boss of a clothing company to me tonight.

The clothing company is going to build a factory, and is looking for a qualified construction company.

Wu Lianqin wanted to strike the deal, but the boss of the clothing company chose to cooperate with me after we discussed the project at the party.

Its normal that businessmen compete against each other in the same industry, but Wu Lianqin blamed me for it and threatened me,” An Guangyao said.

Gu Ning was slightly mad.

Although she wasnt very sure that Wu Lianqin had something to do with the cut brakes, she sensed that Wu Lianqin was involved.

“Other than Wu Lianqin, have you annoyed anyone else recently” Gu Ning asked.

“Except for Hongyun Real Estate, we havent annoyed anyone else,” An Guangyao said.

It was impossible that Hongyun did it, because Hongyun already went bankrupt.

In that case, it was highly likely that Wu Lianqin was behind that.

“To be honest with you, I came to you because I suddenly had a bad premonition about you.

Im worried that something bad might happen to you.

Although it sounds strange, my premonitions are always right,” Gu Ning explained, trying to make it sound reasonable.

An Guangyao and Zhang Shunjie had the same reaction as Leng Shaoting.

Although they felt that it was indeed strange, they chose to trust Gu Ning.

In fact, they trusted Gu Ning even more than Leng Shaoting did.

In Leng Shaotings eyes, Gu Ning was his love so he would naturally believe her, but in An Guangyaos and Zhang Shunjies opinions, Gu Ning was like a goddess who could make the impossible become possible.

“Alright, thats all I wanted to say.

Lets leave now, but we should check the car first in case any accidents happen.

One can never be too careful.” Gu Ning couldnt directly tell them that the car was damaged, so she just reminded them to be careful.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting followed An Guangyao to the underground parking lot.

Once they were in the parking lot, Gu Ning observed the surroundings to see whether the man was still here.

Some criminals would stay at the site to see the result in person.

As Gu Ning glanced around the parking lot, she met the mans eyes in the car.

The mans face changed when Gu Ning caught his sight.

Obviously, he was the one who cut the brakes.

Before long, Zhang Shunjie found that there was something wrong with the car.

“Boss, the brakes were cut!” Zhang Shunjie said.

“What” Hearing that, An Guangyao was shocked.

He abruptly looked at Gu Ning and felt lucky that Gu Nings accurate premonition saved his life.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have seen tomorrows sun.

“Was it Wu Lianqin” An Guangyao assumed, and believed it was highly possible.

“I think that its possible, but we dont have evidence.

We can turn to the manager of Kadun Hotel first and check the surveillance cameras to find out who did it.” Although Gu Ning had already seen the man in the car, she still needed the proof.

She wouldnt let the man get away with it because he dared to hurt her staff.

If Gu Ning hadnt had the premonition, An Guangyao and Zhang Shunjie would have been killed.

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“Ill find the manager right now,” Zhang Shunjie said and quickly walked to the hotel hall.

The criminal who was hiding in the car didnt hear their discussion clearly, but he knew that his scheme had been exposed, and was quite surprised.

However, the criminal didnt realize that Gu Ning already knew that it was him who had damaged the brakes, so he didnt leave right away, but stayed to see what would happen next.

Zhang Shunjie told the manager of Kadun Hotel what had happened to their car, and the manager was astonished.

He hadnt been bought by money, so he immediately let Zhang Shunjie watch the surveillance cameras.

Although the shadow in the surveillance cameras wasnt very clear, because the man was wearing a mask and hat, they could see the whole process when the man was cutting the brakes.

Luckily, they saw that the man was still hiding in the parking lot, so the manager called the police at once.

An Guangyao was an important figure in City F, thus the police arrived soon.

The manager showed the video to the policemen when they arrived, and three of them went straight to the car where the criminal hid afterwards.

The man didnt realize that he had been exposed until the three policemen ran to him, but it was too late for him to escape now.

And when the criminal was brought back to the hotel, he finally figured out that there were surveillance cameras in the parking lot.

It was obvious that this man was too stupid to be a criminal.

Gu Ning told An Guangyao to request that the police force the man to admit his crime on site.

An Guangyao was influential in City F, so the police were willing to help him.

However, Gu Ning was the one who questioned the criminal.

With the solid proof on the table, the man couldnt deny it.

He didnt want to be sentenced alone, so he told Gu Ning who was behind him.

Wu Lianqins secretary had called him and promised to give him fifty thousand yuan if he succeeded.

He got a deposit of twenty thousand yuan.

There were messages and call recordings as evidence.

And although it was Wu Lianqins secretary who instigated him to do it, everyone knew that Wu Lianqins secretary had followed Wu Lianqins order.

“Wu Lianqin, its really him!” An Guangyao was mad, even though he had known the answer.

However, they still lacked enough evidence to sentence Wu Lianqin.

The police would handle it.

No matter what the result was, Gu Ning made up her mind to get revenge on Wu Lianqin.

It was late when they finally settled the mess.

Gu Ning told An Guangyao and Zhang Shunjie to have a rest.

An Guangyaos car was damaged, and was left in the parking lot waiting to be repaired.

Thus Kadun Hotel arranged a car to send An Guangyao and Zhang Shunjie back.

After An Guangyao and Zhang Shunjie were gone, Gu Ning sat in the car, while Leng Shaoting went to book a room.

Leng Shaoting would go to the room first, and Gu Ning would follow him up later.

She was worried to be seen by people who knew her, because it might cause rumors.

While Gu Ning was waiting in the car, she surfed the Internet searching for information about Wu Lianqin.

Wu Lianqin was a famous businessman in City F, and there should be an introduction for him.

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