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Only Yu Mixi, who was from the same poor family as Gu Ning, felt guilty.

She wasnt able to help Gu Ning at all, since her mother was in need of a large amount of money to pay the medicine now.

Mu Ke understood Yu Mixi was sad.

He comforted her, “Mixi, I know your background.

You dont need to feel guilty at all, because you also need help.

If you need us, just let us know.”

Hearing that, Hao Ran and his bros then found out Yu Mixis family was also poor.

“Exactly! Were friends now.

If you need us, be free to tell us,” Hao Ran and his bros agreed.

They didnt care about money actually.

They cherished friendship more.

Yu Mixi was so moved, and was about to cry.

Although she needed help, she wasnt willing to owe them a favor.

Around half an hour later, the result was out.

“Gu Ning, you dont need to worry.

Your mother is fine.

She just hit the back of her head.

Theres only a swollen injury.

Besides, your mother fell down from the stairs, only because she lacks of nutrition.

Shes weak, and needs a good rest.” An Qian was relieved that Gu Man was fine.

“Glad to hear that.

When my mother can wake up then” Gu Ning was also relieved, but she felt hurt that her mother lacks of nutrition.

She didnt want to wait any longer.

Once Gu Man woke up, she would tell Gu Man something about her.

From now on, she wanted Gu Man to live a good life.

“She needs infusion of nutrition solution now, and probably will be awake within one or two hours,” An Qian said.

She then asked a nurse to take some nutrition solution from the pharmacy.

Gu Ning saw Mu Ke and the rest earlier on, but she was too worried about Gu Man, so she didnt walk out to meet them.

Now Gu Man was fine, Gu Ning was relieved and went out to meet them.

“Boss, hows your mother” Mu Ke and others asked when Gu Ning came out.

“Nothing serious.

She just hit her head, and lacks of nutrition.” Gu Ning said airily, but she felt sad in heart.

Everyone was greatly relieved, but also had sympathy for Gu Man being in malnutrition.

“Its late now.

You all need to go back to the school.

We have classes in the afternoon,” Gu Ning said.

“No big deal.

We dont care about the classes.

Well stay here with you,” Hao Ran said.

They couldnt leave Gu Ning alone right now.

“Exactly, we dont mind the classes,” Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping agreed.

They were used to skipping classes.

“Boss, I can ask for a leave this afternoon.” Mu Ke also wanted to stay.

Although he seldom asked for a leave normally as a good student, since today was different, he couldnt abandon Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, I can ask for a leave too.” No one was leaving.

Yu Mixi of course wasnt willing to.

Moreover, she was still concerned about Gu Ning now.

“Boss, please dont push us away.

We must stay with you this afternoon.” Hao Ran said with determination in case Gu Ning would reject.

Gu Ning felt touched.

Except Yu Mixi, she had just met the rest for a short time, but they all cared about her.

“Great!” Gu Ning knew they wouldnt leave, so she agreed at the end.

“Boss, were going to buy some food first.

You can stay with your mother,” Hao Ran said.

He then pulled Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping to leave.

They had come to an agreement already.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi knew clearly Hao Ran and his bros were also going to deal with something else except food.

They were going to pay the bill for Gu Man.

However, they were told the bill had been paid already.

What had happened

“Who paid the bill” Hao Ran inquired.

“Doctor An paid all the costs,” the worker said.

“Doctor An A male or female doctor” Hao Ran asked.

He started to gossip.

“A female doctor,” the worker replied.

“Is she boss friend or relative” Hao Ran guessed, but since the bill had already been paid, they could only go to buy food.

Before An Qian left, she had arranged everything well, and told Gu Ning to call her if any need arose.

When An Qian was gone, Mu Ke and Gu Ning called the head teacher to ask for a leave one by one.

Zhang Qiuhua didnt know Gu Ning had won Hao Ran and his friends till now.

She was shocked, but also relieved.

“Sorry, Professor Zhang, my mother is in hospital now.

I need to ask for a leave to take care of my mother.

And Yu Mixi is with me too.

Please allow us to stay,” Gu Ning said.

“OK.” The head teacher couldnt refuse since her students mother had an accident.

Half a hour later, before Hao Ran and his bros came back, Gu Man woke up calling Gu Nings name.

Her voice was full of concern and anxiety.

“Mom, Im here.” Gu Ning immediately ran over, catching Gu Mans hand.

“Ningning, is it really you” Seeing Gu Ning, Gu Man was a little surprised.

She asked with worries, “How are you Did you get hurt”

Gu Man said, and wanted to check Gu Nings injuries.

Gu Ning pressed Gu Mans hand to stop her.

If Gu Man moved, she would pull the needle.

“Mom, Im totally fine!” Gu Ning didnt know why Gu Man would ask her that, but she comforted her mother at once.

“Really Ive received photos from Xiaoxiao.

I saw you hit by someone.

I was terrified.” Gu Man was still in horror.

Her body trembled lightly.

Knowing that, Gu Nings face changed.

What Gu Xiaoxiao had sent photos of her fighting with Hao Ran to Gu Man.

Gu Man had fallen down from stairs because of that

Very well.

Gu Xiaoxiao irritated her once more.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were also displeased.

Gu Xiaoxiao actually intended to let Gu Man know Gu Ning was in fight with other schoolmates, thus Gu Man would criticize Gu Ning.

She had no idea Gu Man would fall.

But the accident had already happened, and Gu Ning would never let Gu Xiaoxiao get away with it.

Although Gu Ning was in a rage, she still explained to Gu Man with patience, “Mom, no one has beaten me.

I was simply having fun with my friends.

You know Gu Xiaoxiao never likes me.

She always picks on me.

I refused to apologize, thus she deliberately took those photos.

She simply wants you to blame me, but Im fine as usual.”


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