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Chapter 430 Three Billion Yuan in Pocket

“You aimed the guns at me first!” Gu Ning retorted.

Qi Tianlin was struck dumb for a second again.

This young girl indeed was eloquent, and she hit the point.

Qi Tianlin smiled and enjoyed the conflict with Gu Ning.

“Lady, you arouse my interest in you.”

“There are countless men who are interested in me!” Gu Ning said.

“Youre right.

A girl like you can easily arouse others interest.” Qi Tianlin didnt deny it, but suddenly changed his tone.

“However, there is nothing I cant have as long as I want it, including a woman.” Saying that, Qi Tianlin fixed his eyes on Gu Ning.

In other words, as long as he wanted her one day, he would do whatever he could to get her.

Gu Ning knew Qi Tianlins character to some extent, so she didnt doubt his words at all.

However, it was also impossible that he would have her.

“Lets see! However, now you should give me the money!”

“Well, its just three billion yuan.

I can afford it.” Qi Tianlin put his gun down and directly made a call to transfer the money to Gu Nings bank account.

Gu Ning gave Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai a glance to place the guns down too.

Then she walked to the two security guards.

She was going to cure their injuries.

The two security guards were terrified seeing Gu Ning walking towards them, given what had just happened to them.

Gu Ning moved their wrists and arms back to their normal positions and took out two bottles of power crystal.

“Here, take the medicine, and youll be fine.”

The two security guards apparently didnt believe her, so neither of them accepted it.

“Take it or not.” Gu Ning wouldnt force them to do so, because her medicine wasnt cheap!

Qi Tianlin had just hung up the call.

Hearing what Gu Ning said, he asked, “Really Is your medicine that effective”

“You can try it if you want to know,” Gu Ning said.

“Yu Hao, try it,” Qi Tianlin said.

He was curious to see whether the medicine was as effective as Gu Ning claimed.

And he also knew that Gu Ning wouldnt hurt his men right in front of him, so he had no worries to let Yu Hao take the medicine.

If Yu Hao was in danger after taking the medicine, he wouldnt let Gu Ning get away with it.

Since their boss gave the order, Yu Hao had take the medicine even if it was poisonous.

Therefore, Yu Hao directly poured the medicine into his mouth.

The pill melted once it was in his mouth.

It didnt taste bitter, but cold.

Gradually, a flow of cold air spread through his body and his pain was relieved within 10 seconds.

Yu Hao rounded his eyes in shock and said, “I dont feel any pain now!”

“Really” It was unbelievable in Qi Tianlins eyes.

The other security guard looked at Gu Ning.

He wanted the medicine too now.

Gu Ning didnt care about their attitudes just then, and directly threw the bottle at him.

“Arent they the best examples However, this medicine isnt cheap at all! If I hadnt won so much money, I wouldnt have given them the medicine.” Gu Ning understood that once Qi Tianlin saw the effect of her medicine, he would definitely want it.

And she, of course, told him for a reason.

She wouldnt refuse to make a deal with Qi Tianlin, but the amount she would sell was limited.

“This medicine has a great effect, and can cure most diseases.

If the disease or injury isnt severe, a pill is enough.

However, the medicine is too expensive to cure such minor injuries.

If its a serious disease, more pills are needed.

For instance, its dangerous to remove a bullet if one is shot, and this pill can relieve pain as well as stop the wound from bleeding.

In addition, the medicine can also improve ones health condition.”

Gu Ning wasnt bragging, but was telling the truth.

However, in common peoples eyes, it was already exaggerated enough.

They believed that the medicine could cure common diseases, but doubted whether it could cure serious or rare diseases.

With todays advanced medicine, it was still hard to completely cure serious diseases, but Gu Ning was confident to cure them with just a few pills.

It indeed was hard to believe.

However, since her medicine was able to cure their injuries within seconds, the medicine had to be very effective.

Even if it wasnt as useful as Gu Ning said, it would still be of help.

Gangsters were often injured, so they naturally needed good medicine.

“How many do you have I want all of them,” Qi Tianlin said.

He was really greedy.

“The medicine is quite precious, so I dont have many myself.

I can only give you 10 pills for now.

I have to keep some for myself.

If I have more in the future, we can make a deal again then,” Gu Ning said.

Although she was extremely reluctant to be in touch with Qi Tianlin, who was evil and arrogant, since they had already interacted, it was better for her to maintain a good, instead of bad, relationship with him.

“No problem.

How much is it” Qi Tianlin asked.

Although he would do anything to get whatever he wanted, he was also a businessman who knew what was best for him.

“A million yuan a pill,” Gu Ning said.

She thought that five million yuan was too high, so she changed the price to a million.


10 pills add up to ten million yuan.

Ill transfer the money to you right now.” A million yuan was a sky-high price for medicine, but it was nothing for Qi Tianlin.

He already lost three billion yuan after just one round of gambling, so he wouldnt mind another ten million yuan.

After all, the medicine was indeed useful.

Gu Ning took out 10 small porcelain bottles from her backpack, or her telepathic eye space, and put them on the gambling table.

After a while, she received a new message saying that the money was already in her bank account.

Gu Ning and the others left soon afterward.

Seeing Gu Ning disappearing from his sight, Qi Tianlin smiled a little.

He was increasingly interested in Gu Ning now, and he thought that she was a very interesting kitten.

“Investigate their identities as soon as possible,” Qi Tianlin ordered.

“Yes, boss,” Yu Hao answered before walking out.

He wouldnt do it in person but delivered Qi Tianlins order.

Gu Ning and the others also got their thirty million yuan before they left.

Given what had just happened, they werent in the mood to watch the boxing match.

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