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Chapter 432 Set Cao Wenxin And A Man up

“The investigation shows that there is no any recent contact with Long Tianhu in Shen Yanfeng, Chen Qiuyin and the Chen familys phone records, and they dont have any other phone numbers either.”

“However, there are three phone numbers under Long Tianhus name.

The three phone numbers frequently contact and only contact each other.

Except for calls from the phone number that Long Tianhu uses himself; the other two phone numbers wont answer anyone elses call.

So I suspect that the other two phone numbers are used by Shen Yanfeng and another member in the Chen family,” Leng Shaoting said.

Master Leng was obviously upset.

Although it was just Leng Shaotings suspicion, he also had the same idea.

“If its true, then the Shen family and the Chen family…” Leng Shaoting didnt continue, but Master Leng understood what he was going to say.

“Grandpa, although the Shen family is a relative of the Leng family, Ill never help them cover illegal acts, so I think that you better pretend to know nothing about it, and let me handle it,” Leng Shaoting said.

Master Leng was also not a man who would ignore the law to help his relatives, so he agreed.

The Shen family was digging their own graves!

The next day, Cao Wenxin and Gu Ning got up at 6 am to run in the park.

Running was the basic training of a person who practiced kung fu, and it was also necessary to build a strong body by running.

There were many people, including men, women, the elderly and children, running in this living area.

“Miss Cao, good morning! Youre running with your friend today” an old woman passed by and greeted Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin often ran, so she was already familiar with the other runners.

“Yes, good morning!” Cao Wenxin replied politely.

After a short while of running, Gu Ning noticed that someone was following and staring at them from not far behind them, but she didnt sense any hostility from the person.

Could it be Cao Wenxins admirer

Gu Ning looked at Cao Wenxin.

It seemed that she hadnt noticed that someone was following them.

“Hey, did you notice that someone is following and staring at us from not far behind Dont turn around!”

Cao Wenxin was about to look back, but was stopped by Gu Ning.

“Could it be your admirer”

“Well, I have plenty of admirers, but none of them can meet my standards,” Cao Wenxin said with disdain, then sighed.

“There are few reliable men nowadays.

Most of them are good-looking on the exterior, but unreliable on the inside.

At least the men my friends and I have met are like that.

They either arent rich enough, and take a liking to your family background, and then once the relationship is getting steady, the man will ask you to pay all the bills and take it for granted, which is quite disgusting; or they are rich men who have countless mistresses.

I dont want either of them.

I would rather stay single!”

Cao Wenxin was just being realistic here.

And that was the reason why the divorce rate kept climbing and fewer and fewer women were willing to get married.

Gu Ning would also prefer to stay single if she couldnt meet a reliable man.

Saying that, Cao Wenxin suddenly thought of something.

“Oh, Ningning, does your boyfriend has some single and reliable friends Can you introduce me to one of them” Cao Wenxin half joked.

Hearing that, Gu Ning immediately thought of Xu Jinchen.

He was handsome and had a powerful family background.

He also had a good job and character.

From what Gu Ning had known till now, Xu Jinchen was a reliable man.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning realized that Cao Wenxin and Xu Jinchen would be a great match.

Of course, it wasnt right to judge a romantic relationship by those conditions.

Most importantly, the two must get along well and like each other.

In fact, Gu Ning didnt mind setting Cao Wenxin and a reliable man up.

“He has a close friend who also serves in the army with him.

The man is handsome with a good character and powerful family background.

However, its not up to me whether hes reliable or not.

I can introduce you to him if you want,” Gu Ning said.

“Really” Cao Wenxin was excited once she got to know that the man was a military officer.

“Im free now anyway.

When will you go to the capital Ill fly there with you.”

“Tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

“However, Im not sure whether hes in the capital now.

I can ask my boyfriend.”

“Please dont,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Lets keep it a secret between you and me.

If hes there, we can meet.

If now, Ill just have a tour in the capital.

In addition, I also have a friend who stays in the capital, so I can go visit her.”

Cao Wenxin wanted to take it slow and naturally.

“Fine.” Since Cao Wenxin said so, Gu Ning would listen to her.

In fact, Gu Ning also thought that it was better to keep it between them, in case they didnt like each other and it would be embarrassing.

After that, they kept running.

They had run for a long time, and the person behind them wasnt able to catch up any longer.

“Gee, hes too weak to be my admirer!” Cao wenxin said with disdain.

Gu Ning smiled.

It really was a good idea to match Cao Wenxin with a military officer.

If she ended up being with a common man, the man would be bullied by her all the time.

Cao Wenxin was tired later, so they stopped to have a break.

Seeing that Gu Ning was just a little flushed and still breathing normally, Cao Wenxin was surprised.

“Ningning, your stamina is unbelievable! Weve run five kilometers now, but it looks so easy for you.”

“I received devilish training, which was even crueler than the training the Special Forces have received and more like the training of a hit man.

However, you have just been trained normally,” Gu Ning said.

“What Devilish training It sounds so cruel!” Cao Wenxin was astonished.

Devilish training was basically training with ones life.

Cao Wenxin almost blurted out that Gu Nings master was crazy.

However, remembering that Gu Nings tutor had already passed away and that it might annoy Gu Ning, she didnt say it aloud.

Although such training was cruel, it was worth it, because Gu Ning was now able to handle any kind of danger.

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