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Chapter 437 Fang Xiaoke

“Yes, you did upset me,” Cao Wenxin directly said.

The young woman didnt expect that Cao Wenxin would say that, and was struck dumb.

However, in her memory, she didnt think that she had done anything to upset Cao Wenxin.

“Wenxin.” The young woman looked to Cao Wenxin with doubts.

However, before she could say another word, Cao Wenxin interrupted her.

“Fang Xiaoke, I havent said it aloud, just because Im kind and dont want to embarrass you.

I havent answered your calls these past days, so you should know that its time for you to stay away from me.

Stop acting and pretending, which is disgusting.

My older brother and I both know what your aim is, and you better keep a distance away from us from now on!”

“You…” Fang Xiaoke was shocked.

What They already know How is it possible

“Wenxin, I think there is a misunderstanding!” Fang Xiaoke said and struggled.

“Misunderstanding I dont think so.

There is nothing wrong with your ambition to marry into a super-rich family, but youre too dumb so you played with my older brothers feelings.

If you were truly as gentle or kind as youve been pretending to be, maybe my older brother would fall in love with you and you could marry into my family.

Unfortunately, youre just acting.” Cao Wenxin ignored Fang Xiaoke and pulled Gu Ning, walking away.

Hearing that, Fang Xiaoke was deeply regretful.

She wished that she hadnt played with their feelings.

However, if she hadnt been so calculating, she would not have been able to meet Cao Wenjun and Cao Wenxin.

When they left, Cao Wenxin complained to Gu Ning.

“I must have been blind to believe that that woman is truly kind and gentle.

She intentionally made friends with me after she knew my family background but pretended that she knew nothing.

And then, she acted gentle and sweet in front of my older brother on purpose because thats precisely my older brothers type.

If I hadnt accidentally heard her talking to her mother on the phone, I would have been deceived too.

She told her mother that she was determined to marry into a super-rich family on my older brothers coattails! I told my older brother later, but he even refused to believe it, so I played the recording.

My older brother was heart-broken, but we still decided to keep it between us, and we stayed away from her since then.

Although my family doesnt really care about someones family background, we definitely dont want calculating people.”

“Ningning, why are peoples emotions so complicated Did she have to be so calculating to marry into a super-rich family If someone truly loves you, he or she wont care about your social status or how much money you have.

I dont think a romantic relationship can last with someone being calculating,” Cao Wenxin said.

Indeed, if someone truly loved you, he or she wouldnt care about your social status or how much money you had.

When Gu Ning had been together with Leng Shaoting in the early stage, he was the noble heir of the Leng family, the dominant major general in the military, and there was a huge abyss between them, but he never despised her.

And she didnt take a liking to him because of his family background, but because of him.

Before long, the two arrived at the appointed place, a five-star hotel.

There was a KTV room in the private rooms of this hotel, so Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin heard loud music and singing when they approached the door.

Cao Wenxin pushed the door open, and the noise became louder.

Cao Wenxin almost got a headache and kicked the door of the KTV room open.

Everyone inside was surprised and the terrible singing stopped at the same time.

There was only loud music left in the room.

The three men in the KTV room were furious that someone dared to interrupt them.

However, when they saw Cao Wenxin coming inside, all of them stayed quiet.

“Its so loud and terrible!” Cao Wenxin said, but they were already used to it, so they werent mad at all.

In addition, they also knew that they were terrible singers.

“Hey! Wenxin, where is Ningning” Tang Jiakai asked as he stood up.

When he came to Cao Wenxin, he noticed Gu Ning behind her back.


“Hi, Wenxin!” The other two boys followed Tang Jiakai walking to them.

They were the same age as Tang Jiakai.

One was tall and handsome, while the other was comparatively plain.

When they saw Gu Ning, they were all excited and showed their admiration towards her.

“Hi, you must be Gu Ning! Youre so awesome and weve heard a lot about you!”

“Exactly! Jiakai told us that youre his younger sister, and we didnt believe it.”

“Ive never cheated you!” Tang Jiakai retorted, and then he introduced his friends to Gu Ning.

“Ningning, this is the heir of the horse racing field, Ouyang Siyuan.”

Ouyang Siyuan was the tall, handsome boy.

“And this is Cong Maoxue.

Were best friends,” Tang Jiakai introduced the other boy.

“Nice to meet you!” Gu Ning greeted them.

“Nice to meet you too!” they said.

“Turn the music off right now! Its so noisy,” Cao Wenxin said.

It indeed was very noisy.

Let alone Cao Wenxin, even Gu Ning couldnt stand it.

“Fine-fine.” Cong Maoxue went to turn the music off.

Once the music stopped, everyone felt at ease.

“Come on, lets go sit around the table!” Ouyang Siyuan said and they went to the table together.

“Wenxin, Gu Ning, please order whatever you like.” Ouyang Siyuan gave two menus to Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin.

“Ningning, were all friends so order whatever you want,” Cao Wenxin said to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then didnt hesitate to order several of her favorite dishes.

After they all finished ordering, a waiter took the menus and walked out.

Once the waiter left, Ouyang Siyuan and Cong Maoxue asked Gu Ning with curiosity, “Gu Ning, youre so good at kung fu.

Do you have a kung fu master as your master”

“Exactly! Or have you been trained in the military like Wenxin”

“Thats her privacy, so dont ask further.” Tang Jiakai interrupted them and gave them a knowing glance.

He was worried that Gu Ning would feel sad to bring her master up.

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