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Chapter 446 Acquire the Medical Company

“The girl with him is also gorgeous! I wonder what their relationship is”.

“A couple I think.

They match each other very well.”

“I think theyre boss and secretary.

Are they going to take over our company”

Speaking of that, the two girls looked sad.

They didnt quit yet because they had worked in this company for a long time and felt reluctant to leave.

Besides, it was hard to find a new job now.

Although the company could barely stay afloat, they were still paid after all.

The secretary guided Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to the eighth floor and directly walked into the chairmans office.

Ning Changkai was around 40-years-old and had a medium build.

He had a plain face, but was relatively tall.

When Ning Changkai saw Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, he was surprised, not because of their beautiful appearance, but because they were so young.

However, it was not uncommon that the young heirs and heiresses began to manage their family businesses right after graduation, so Ning Changkai accepted it at once.

“Please come on in and have a seat.”

Although Gu Ning was the girl who had called him, Ning Changkai didnt think that she was the boss but believed that she was Leng Shaotings secretary.

The secretary poured two cups of tea for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting before giving them the materials they had already prepared.

“These are the materials about Colaine Pharmaceutical Company.

Please read them first.”

Although Gu Ning already knew about the troubles that Colaine had, she still pretended to read the material.

Colaine rented this place to run the company, so it didnt cost much to acquire it.

“To be honest with you, someone is deliberately preventing our medicines from passing the drug control, so we cant put them on the market.

Thats the source of all the problems Colaine has right now.

Im more than happy that youre willing to acquire Colaine, but I still have to remind you that you must have the ability to pass the drug control,” Ning Changkai said seriously.

Even though he was eager to sell his company, he didnt want to trap others.

Hearing that, Gu Ning smiled.

It seemed like Ning Changkai was indeed an upright man.


Ning, dont worry.

Weve thoroughly investigated that.”

Hearing that, Ning Changkai was relieved.

“However,,” Gu Ning added.


Ning, I have a proposal, and I bet that you will be very interested in


“What is it” Ning Changkai asked with curiosity.

“I hoped that you could keep running Colaine as the general manager.

In other words, Ill be the behind-the-scenes boss, and youre still in charge of this company.

On top of an attractive salary package, Ill also give you 20% shares,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Ning Changkai was quite surprised.

This girl would let me keep managing Colaine as the general manager Shell be the behind-the-scenes boss Is she the real buyer of Colaine, not the man I can have both an attractive package and 20% shares

It sounded too good to be true, and Ning Changkai couldnt believe his ears.

Gu Ning also didnt urge him, but gave him enough time to digest the news.

After a long while, Ning Changkai asked with doubt, “Miss Gu, are you sure”

“Yes,” Gu Ning said with certainty.

“However, dont you think that 20% is too much” Ning Changkai felt uneasy.

“No at all.” Gu Ning smiled.

“Please dont think that itll be an easy job.

You will have to be responsible for all the things in the company, while I stay behind the scene.

In addition, except for you there are also other general managers who help me manage my other companies.”

Hearing that, Ning Changkai realized that Gu Ning had many companies under her name.

He was curious about how she was able to run so many businesses at such a young age, but didnt ask the question.

Since Gu Ning said so, Ning Changkai accepted in the end, “Great! I accept.”

Although Ning Changkai agreed, Gu Ning still took some time to warn him before signing the contract.

“Youre from the older generation, so Im supposed to call you Uncle Ning.

Uncle Ning, as long as youre loyal to me, I wont treat you unfairly,” saying that, Gu Ning suddenly seemed very serious and cold.

“However, if you dare to betray me, you cant bear the result.”

Ning Changkai almost lost his breath under her pressure.

To his astonishment, Gu Ning was so powerful at such a young age.

“Miss Gu, dont worry.

Ill never betray you.” Ning Changkai promised.

Gu Ning chose to believe him for now, but nobody could know what would happen in the future.

They both needed time to get to know each other more and get along well.

After that, Gu Ning took out the contract.

After signing the papers, they had to go to the government department to finish the legal procedures.

“I think that we can talk about the medicine right now.

I want you to destroy all the medicines that you have already produced, because I want brand new medicines,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Ning Changkai was shocked.

The batch of medicine was worth several million yuan! Ning Changkai didnt interrupt her, but let her continue.

“I have a special pill with excellent effects.

It can help cure any disease without any side effects.

Once we use it to produce medicines and make-up, we can make a fortune,” Gu Ning said.

Ning Changkai was amazed, but also had doubt.

Even Leng Shaoting couldnt help but frown a little with confusion.

Gu Ning immediately explained.

“I understand that you have worries, but if it isnt up to standard, it wont pass the drug control, right”

Ning Changkai agreed.

Even if they had support in the State Food and Drug Administration, SFDA wouldnt allow them to produce medicines that didnt reach the required standards, because it was illegal.

“You can still produce the medicines your way, and just add my special pills into them.

However, the price will have to be doubled, because my pills are very expensive and rare.”

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