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However, after a few rounds, Chu Peihan apparently wasnt able to continue.

She lost in 10 moves.

Although she had lost, Chu Peihan didnt feel disappointed.

Instead, she was more excited.

If Gu Ning couldnt defeat her easily, it would be wrong to regard Gu Ning as her boss.

Chu Peihan was happy that she had chosen the right person.

At the same time, Chu Peihan had an idea.

“Gu Ning, Im so eager to know who is better between you and my older brother.

Could you have a try with my older brother some day”

“Sure!” Gu Ning agreed.

She also wanted to have a try with someone who was as powerful as herself.

Chu Peihans older brother must be someone.

Having Gu Nings permission, Chu Peihan was looking forward to it even more, but her older brother wasnt in City F now.

He would be back after a week.

In the following training, Chu Peihan surprisingly found out that Gu Ning was very professional, just like her older brother.

Meanwhile, she was more curious about Gu Ning.

Was she really born in a poor single-parent family

Although she was curious, she had no intention to investigate Gu Ning, which would be disrespectful.

Chu Peihan didnt care what secret Gu Ning had.

She still believed that she had made a good friend.

In the evening class, a boy stopped Gu Ning when she was on her way back to the classroom.

He was around 1.8 meters tall and kind of good-looking, but wore a serious face.

Nonetheless, Gu Ning knew he was using a serious look to cover his nervousness.

He wasnt here for trouble.

But, Gu Ning felt confused. What was he doing here

The students, who sat under windows beside the passage, all looked over.

They thought someone was here to cause Gu Ning trouble again.

Shao Feifei and her friends were excited to see that.

However, what happened next made their jaws drop.

“Gu Ning, I like you.

Would you like to go on a date with me” the boy asked.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was struck dumb.

She didnt expect the boy would say that he liked her.

The crowd were all in shock.

What He liked her Not for trouble

“Sorry,” Gu Ning rejected.

She didnt want to date now, and the boy wasnt her type either.

Besides, Gu Ning was a 25-year-old mature woman mentally.

She wasnt interested in teenage boys.

“Why” the boy immediately inquired.

“No specific reason,” Gu Ning replied.

The boy didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

After a second, he said, “Well, can we be friends then”

“If we get along well, well be friends naturally, but for now, were merely strangers.

Its too early to say were friends.” Gu Ning didnt reject, nor accept.

The boy believed he still had hope, and was happy.

“Gu Ning, its so nice to meet you.

Im An Yi from the sixth classroom.

Its me who is being rude.

Im sorry, but Ill work hard to gain your approval!” An Yi said with sincerity.

The bell rang at that time and the evening class began.

An Yi said good-bye to Gu Ning, then left.

Gu Ning and Yu Mixi walked into their classroom at once.

The minute Gu Ning stepped in, Shao Feifeis sight followed her all the way.

Although she was terrified by Gu Ning and Hao Ran yesterday, she remained jealous as usual.

It was hard for Shao Feifei to understand why Gu Ning had so many admirers.

In her eyes, Gu Ning was just a little prettier than ordinary people, and wasnt a gorgeous beauty.

Gu Ning was also from a poor family, and not good at studying either.

But Mu Ke, the boy that Shao Feifei liked, called Gu Ning his boss.

How could he do that!

Shao Feifeis blood was boiling.

She had to think of some way to beat Gu Ning.

Those hoodlums had failed last time.

Shao Feifei wouldnt make the same mistake twice.

As for Gu Ning, she was used to Shao Feifeis unkind looks, and couldnt care less about it.

After the evening class, Gu Ning went straight to the hospital.

She ran for about half an hour to get there.

At that time, there were few people in the hospital yard.

It was quiet and a little ghastly.

When Gu Ning got to the patient room, Gu Man told Gu Ning that Gu Qing had visited her today.

Gu Man also told Gu Ning the reason why Gu Qing had come.

She looked at Gu Ning with great care.

She was worried Gu Ning would be sad.

“The old lady is so cruel!” Gu Ning sneered.

She was mad, but not sad at all.

Her anger wasnt from the old ladys cruelty to her, but to Gu Man.

Gu Man was the old ladys biological daughter after all.

Gu Ning always knew her grandmother liked sons over daughters, but she didnt expect the old lady would be so cold-blooded.

And Gu Xiaoxiao was behind all of this.

Gu Man signed resignedly.

She was hurt deeper than Gu Ning.

Even though Gu Ning had made mistakes, Gu Man would be mad or heart-broken, she would never hate her daughter, or even treat her badly.

Gu Man would cherish her daughter more.


Gu Man looked at Gu Ning, then gradually became absent-minded.

She seemed sad and as if she was missing someone.

Gu Ning knew Gu Man must be missing Gu Nings biological father.

Was the resemblance that great

There was no hatred in Gu Mans eyes.

Obviously, she was still in love with him.

Gu Ning was suddenly curious about her father.

“Mom, could you tell me something about my father” Gu Ning asked.

Gu Man was a little hesitated at first, then calmed down gradually.

Ningning was 18 now.

She couldnt keep it a secret from herself forever.

She also didnt want Ningning to hate her biological father because of a misunderstanding.

After a while, Gu Man opened her mouth.

“Your father was a handsome man.

He was tall, strong, smart and talented, but he lost his memory back then, and he didnt even know who he was.

I called him Ning afterwards.

Id saved his life by accident.

He was injured then.

After that, we fell in love and stayed together.

Your father was sophisticated.

He became a supervisor after half a year in a company, then was promoted to be a manager of the planning department.

However, an accident happened when he was on a business trip.

The bus fell into the river.

There were 23 people in the bus.

Only five survived.

12 bodies were found.

Six were missing, your father included.”

Missing amounted to death.


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