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Chapter 513 Gu Mans Feelings

Before Gu Man met Tang Yunfan, she had thought to herself thousands of times, wondering whether she would still love him or whether she would feel that he was very strange and their good old memories would be gone with the wind too.

However, she felt her deep love for him painfully when she saw his face again, and she was sure that he was the only man she loved throughout this lifetime.

Gu Qing didnt notice Gu Mans reaction nor Tang Yunfan who was lying on the patient bed, but turned to Gu Ning and asked, “Ningning, hows Mr.

Tang now”

“Hes still alive and the doctor said that hell wake up in several hours,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning didnt tell them many details, because it was too hard to explain.

Hearing that, Gu Qing was relieved but Gu Man was still worried.

“Aunt, lets go have a seat in the living room! My mother needs some private time,” Gu Ning said to Gu Qing.

It was a VIP patient room, so there was also a living room, kitchen, and bathroom inside apart from a patient room.

Wang Sufen didnt know their relationship, so she didnt think further, but Gu Qing was struck dumb for a second because she didnt understand why Gu Man needed some private time with Tang Yunfan.

Nevertheless, Gu Qing didnt ask why but walked out of the patient room with Wang Sufen.

Once they were out, Gu Qing asked Gu Ning at once, “Ningning, why does your mother need some private time in there”

“Well, I think that you better ask my mother later,” Gu Ning said because it was totally up to Gu Man how to handle it.

Gu Qing opened her mouth, but closed it afterwards.

Since Gu Ning said so, she better stay quiet now, but she was curious about the relationship between Gu Man and Mr.


She wondered which one of them fell in love with the other first.

Actually, Tang Yunfan had left a good impression on Gu Qing, because he was handsome, kind and reliable.

If Gu Man could be together with him, Gu Qing would feel happy for her.

However, was Gu Ning willing to have a step-father Even if Gu Ning was willing to accept Tang Yunfan, would Tang Yunfan treat Gu Ning well

There were so many questions on Gu Qings mind now, but she knew that it wasnt the right time to ask them.

Gu Qing really cared a lot about Gu Man and Gu Ning.

In the patient room, Gu Man stood still for a long while before she went to sit at the bedside.

She kept staring at Tang Yunfans face, trying to match his face with Ning.

She was so nervous that she almost lost her breath.

“Ning, it has been 18 years,” Gu Man said gently with her voice trembling in tears.

“I thought that I would never see you again.

I thought I would only see your face again in my dreams.

Do you know how painful it was when I heard that you had a car accident Im so worried about you.

Please, please open your eyes and look at me…”

Gu Man talked to Tang Yunfan for a long time with tears falling from her face but Tang Yunfan couldnt hear it, nor see it.

Gu Mans voice wasnt loud, so Gu Qing and Wang Sufen didnt hear it clearly.

They also had no idea that Gu Man was crying, because she didnt cry out loud either.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning received Yu Mixis message.

Yu Mixi had been anxious ever since Gu Ning had disappeared.

Watching Gu Ning driving away, Yu Mixi didnt dare call her, so she sent her a message.

Yu Mixi wanted to tell Mu Ke and their other friends, but she decided to wait until Gu Ning replied to her.

Yu Mixi: Ningning, what happened Are you alright now Please send a message back to me if you can.

Im worried about you.

Gu Ning didnt realize that she hadnt told Yu Mixi anything until now, so she immediately sent a message back to her.

Gu Ning: Im fine.

Dont worry.

I just got shocking news that my uncle had a car accident, so I was in a hurry to go to the hospital.

Reading the message, Yu Mixi was finally relieved.

She trusted Gu Ning.

As long as Gu Ning said that she was fine, she would be fine.

Their head teacher, Zhang Qiuhua, was also concerned about Gu Ning.

Zhang Qiuhua found out that Gu Ning was absent in the second class, and she then got to know that Gu Ning had run out of the classroom in a hurry.

After getting Gu Nings reply, Yu Mixi told Zhang Qiuhua that Gu Ning was fine to calm her anxiety.

Car accident again Zhang Qiuhua said to herself.

Why are people by Gu Nings side always caught in a car accident

The minute that Gu Ning put her mobile phone down, An Qian appeared.

It was An Guangming who told her that Gu Ning was in the hospital now.

And An Qian came here with a task.

“Hi, Doctor An!” Gu Qing greeted An Qian once she came inside.

“Hi, An Qian!” Gu Ning said.

Without a doubt, it had to be An Guangming who told An Qian that she was here.

“I heard that youre here, so I came here to have a look,” An Qian said.

“Hows he now”

“Hes still unconscious,” Gu Ning said.

“Hell be awake sooner or later.

Dont worry.” An Qian comforted.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said.

She also hoped that Tang Yunfan would wake up as soon as possible.

Otherwise, not only Gu Man and Gu Ning, but the Tang Family would also be worried.

“Oh, Ningning, could you please do me a favor” An Qian suddenly said with embarrassment.

“Um, didnt you save Su Anyas life when we attended her birthday party last time My father has been curious about your special medicine ever since he heard the story.

Could you please sell a pill to him” She knew that the medicine was priceless, so she was willing to pay for it.

“Im willing to give a pill to your father but I have to tell you the truth; its impossible for others to know its formula, because its my masters secret medicine, but she already passed away, so nobody else can figure its formula out, including me,” Gu Ning said, half lying, half telling the truth.

“What” An Qian was surprised.

“Well, you can have a try.” Gu Ning gave An Qian a small porcelain bottle with a power crystal inside.

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