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Chapter 518 Lin Lijuan Beats the Mistress

“Well…” Quan Mingkai didnt know how to explain it.

At that moment, the doctor finished the medical check.

“Except for some minor injuries, Lord Tang is fine.

I cant find the reason why hes still unconscious either.”

His body was in good condition, but he was still unconscious which wasnt good news because nobody knew how to cure him if they couldnt find the reason.

“Well, why dont we call Girl Gu now” Tang Haifeng suddenly thought of Gu Ning.

He took out his phone and was about to call Gu Ning.

Gu Ning must know how to wake Yunfan up.

He thought to himself.

Tang Haifeng placed his complete trust in Gu Ning.

He believed that if Gu Ning was able to cure his heart disease, it would be easy for her to cure Tang Yunfan.

However, when he just took out his phone, Quan Mingkai interrupted him, “Master Tang, Miss Gu has already checked Lord Tangs body but she doesnt know the reason either.”

“What Girl Gu has already checked Yunfans body” Everyone was surprised, but nobody asked Quan Mingkai how Gu Ning met Tang Yunfan, because they were all shocked by the news that even Gu Ning didnt know the reason why Tang Yunfan was still unconscious.

“If Girl Gu doesnt know the reason, who else could find it” Tang Haifeng was extremely disappointed, and almost fell on the ground.

Luckily, the housekeeper supported him on time.

In City F.

On the way Gu Ning went back after she sent Wang Sufen home, the traffic was a little heavy on the road, so she looked around to kill time.

All of a sudden, she noticed that there were a lot of people crowded at the roadside.

It seemed that two women were fighting amid the crowd.

Gu Ning wasnt interested in watching fights, but she had a burning curiosity now after she recognized the two women who were in the fight.

They were precisely Lin Lijuan and Gu Qinxiangs secretary, Liu Yuwei.

Gu Qinxiang was also there

Seeing that, Gu Ning immediately stopped the car by the roadside and watched the drama from the car.

Gu Ning stopped near, so she was able to hear their conversations clearly.

Liu Yuwei was a slim, young girl, and she obviously couldnt beat Lin Lijuan in a fight.

Moreover, Lin Lijuan had Jin Lanxin as her helper, while Gu Qinxiang was stopped by a middle-aged man, so he wasnt able to help Liu Yuwei.

In that case, Lin Lijuan and Jin Lanxin had already slapped Liu Yuwei many times.

As a result, Liu Yuweis face was obviously swollen, and her hair, as well as her clothes were in a mess.

Lin Lijuan was also injured with several scratches on her face during the fight with Liu Yuwei.

However, she didnt feel the pain at all right now, because she was in a rage.

The middle-aged man who stopped Gu Qinxiang was Lin Lijuans older brother, Lin Dechang.

Without a doubt, Lin Lijuan was fully-prepared for todays fight.

In fact, Lin Lijuan had prepared well for it.

Jin Lanxin was the one who discovered the adultery.

Her younger sister lived in the same living area as Liu Yuwei and they coincidentally lived in the same building.

Last night, when Jin Lanxin left her younger sisters place and went to the parking lot, she saw Gu Qinxiangs car stopped right next to hers.

There was a woman in Gu Qinxiangs car, and the woman was precisely Liu Yuwei.

Although Jin Lanxin wasnt sure about their relationship, she had the instinct that it couldnt be simple.

Jin Lanxin was right.

Gu Qinxiang and Liu Yuwei didnt get out of the car at once, but kissed each other inside.

Seeing the scene, Jin Lanxin was shocked and took a video of them without hesitation.

She knew that men loved adultery, but they were very bold to do that right in the car in a public parking lot!

Jin Lanxin hated adultery very much.

She didnt even trust her own husbands loyalty, but she hadnt gotten any evidence yet, so she remained quiet for now.

However, since she had already witnessed the scene, she would definitely tell Lin Lijuan, because she was Lin Lijuans good friend.

Liu Yuwei had stayed in the car with Gu Qinxiang for half an hour, then she got out of the car, walking upstairs.

Jin Lanxin didnt call Lin Lijuan until the next day, because she was worried that Lin Lijuan would lose control of herself and wouldnt get any benefit from this mess.

Therefore, Jin Lanxin met Lin Lijuan in her place the next day before she told Lin Lijuan everything.

Lin Lijuan had a quick temper.

Once she heard it, she was so mad that she wanted to fight with Gu Qinxiang right away in his company, but she was stopped by Jin Lanxin because it wouldnt do her any good.

On Jin Lanxins advice, Lin Lijuan told her older brother, Lin Dechang, to help her.

Lin Dechang of course was more than willing to do that.

Gu Xiaoxiao had just been put into jail, and he had just lent Gu Xinxiang two million yuan to help Gu Qinxiangs company stay afloat so he couldnt tolerate it that Gu QInxiang humiliated his family like that.

Accordingly, this afternoon, the group of them went to Gu Qinxiangs company together.

Once Gu Qinxiang and Liu Yuwei walked out, they ran ahead swearing at them.

They werent polite people at all, but rude and selfish.

Jin Lanxin caught Liu Yuwei at once so that Lin Lijuan could swear at her and slap her face as much as Lin Lijuan liked.

“Youre such a bitch! How dare you seduce my husband”

“How shameless you are that you gave him a blow-job right in the car!” Jin Lanxin didnt feel embarrassed at all but said it plainly.

No one liked a mistress, so nobody had sympathy for Liu Yuwei.

Especially when they heard that Liu Yuwei had given him the blow-job right in a car, they felt more disgusted.

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“Shes so shameless!”

“Only a shameless woman is willing to be a married mans mistress!”

“Exactly! The woman is the mans secretary.”

“Really Wow, its office adultery!”

Hearing onlookers discussion, Lin Lijuan was extremely furious.

She couldnt help thinking of the picture when Liu Yuwei had sex with her husband right in the office, which motivated her to slap Liu Yuwei more heavily.

“Dont you enjoy giving blow-jobs How many men have you done that for Have you had enough of it If not, I can help you find a dozen men so that you can lick their sexual organs as much as you want!”

“Lin Lijuan, enough!” Although Gu Qinxiang panicked a lot when the adultery was exposed, he was afraid that Lin Lijuan would attract more attention, so he opened his mouth to stop her.

“What You dont want to see your lover being slapped in public Ha, its not up to you right now!” Lin Lijuan almost went crazy and slapped Liu Yuwei with full strength.

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