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The crowd all wondered whether this teenage girl understood stone gambling, or if she simply didnt care at all.

“Young lady, would you sell this raw material to me for fifty thousand yuan.

Although there is a little light green color showing out, who knows if there is more inside, right If there is no more inside, then itll be waste.

If you sell it now, you can earn fifty thousand yuan anyway.

If you dont sell it, youll have nothing,” a middle-aged man in a suit, who was a little fat and about 50 years old said.

If the raw material which was cut open had green in it, the cut was called a “window”.

If the owner didnt want to gamble any further, he or she could sell it.

The buyer was also gambling of course, because a light layer of green didnt mean the raw material would be valuable.

There was often only one thin layer of green in many raw materials, or the jade inside was very small.

But a raw material with a “window” was much more expensive than a raw material without a “window”, like the one Gu Ning had bought for two thousand yuan and the man later bid fifty thousand yuan for it.

The raw material showed green after all.

It was possible that there was jade in it.

If the green layer was thin, it would be waste.

If there was jade in it, it would be worth a certain amount of money according to the size of the jade.

The middle-aged man was simply trying to deceive Gu Ning.

In his eyes, Gu Ning was merely a teenager and must know nothing about stone gambling.

Even if there wasnt jade in the raw material, he could afford fifty thousand yuan.

But if there was jade inside, he could make a lot of money.

Although Gu Ning didnt know much about stone gambling, she knew the jade in the stone must be extremely valuable.

fifty thousand yuan couldnt buy one percent of it.

“Ill stay and gamble till the jade is all out.

The most generous buyer will get it,” Gu Ning said.

The man was disappointed, but he couldnt do anything about it.

The worker continued to cut.

After the second cut, there was another layer of green shown, and the type of the jade was revealed.

“Its valuable!” the worker said in excitement.

“The color is a little yellow.

The quality is good.

This is of the glutinous rice type,” the boss came over, and was also thrilled.

“Young lady, could you sell it to me in five hundred thousand yuan” the middle-aged man bid again.

“Ill pay eight hundred thousand yuan for it.”

“One million yuan.”

“Two million yuan!”

When the price rose up to two million yuan, no one else bid again.

The jade hadnt been fully cut out.

It was still uncertain how big it was and how much it was worth.

Gu Ning didnt stop them from bidding.

After they finished, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“I will sell it when the jade is fully cut out.”

The jade must be worth more than two million yuan.

The worker then went on to cut the stone.

He removed the out layer first, then started to rub it.

Half an hour later, a jade which was as big as half a football was finally cut out.

The glutinous rice type was jade of a high level.

It was absolutely worth a lot.

Moreover, its size wasnt small.

“Five million yuan.”

“Six million yuan.”

“Seven million yuan.”

“Ten million yuan!” a bright voice sounded.

The bidder directly omitted the three million gap.

An energetic old man of 70 years old walked inside.

“Oh, Master Fu, its been a while! Nice to meet you again!” a man immediately greeted.

“At the beginning of the month, my great-grandson was born.

Ive stayed at home for a long time, but it was uncomfortable to stay at home for too long.

Thus I wanted to take a look around.

Unexpectedly, I arrived on time when the top grade jade was cut out.

I wanted to buy it and make a gift for my great-grandson!” Master Fu said.

Master Fu was mainly engaged in real estate business, and many other industries.

He was a very rich businessman with eight billion yuan of wealth.

His family was one of the third-tier richest families in a second-tier city like G City.

Although the super rich families could be divided into the first-tier, second-tier and third-tier, there were only 10 of them in all.

Because only the top 10 richest people were able to be called the super rich.

And Master Fu was in the top seven on the list.

Of course, in addition to those super rich people on the list, there were also many invisible super rich families.

“It seems Master Fu is very interested in the jade of glutinous rice type, but I like it too.

Im afraid I have to compete with you, Master Fu,” another man said.

“Eleven million yuan.”

Although the man wasnt as wealthy as Master Fu, he bid a very high price for the jade.

“The most generous buyer will get the jade.

Then, lets compete for it.

Fifteen million yuan.” Master Fu directly raised his bid by four million.

“Sixteen million yuan.”

“Seventeen million yuan.”

“Eighteen million yuan.”

“Thirty million yuan!”

The bid now was thirty million yuan.

Master Fu had made it.

Thirty million yuan was almost the highest price of the jade.

The buyer wouldnt lose money, but couldnt earn much either.

The boss of the shop had mixed emotions.

He was excited and regretful at the same time.


He was excited because someone had cut out jade from a raw material in his shop.

That was great advertisement.

His shop would be popular then.

Meanwhile, he was regretful that he himself didnt know the raw material was worth a fortune.

If he had known the raw material was so valuable, he would have cut it out himself.

But the boss still understood that was how the industry of stone gambling worked.

He was mentally prepared.

Besides, it had happened before, so he soon accepted the reality.

The man didnt expect Master Fu would bid such a high price for the jade.

He had to give up at the end.

“Master Fu, you win.”

He didnt want to pay thirty million yuan for the jade.

He was a businessman after all.

He wanted to benefit from the deal, instead of losing money.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Zhao, dont worry.

Perhaps there is something better waiting for you!” Master Fu comforted the man.

Unexpectedly, what Master Fu had said became the truth later.

Yes, the next jade in a smaller size was worth more than the previous one.

“Thank you, Master Fu.” The man smiled with sadness.

He knew it wasnt easy to get an emerald of top quality.

“Who is the owner of this jade” Master Fu asked.

Gu Ning knew this jade of the glutinous rice type was a high-level jade.

Even though it was far less valuable than the Kings Green, it was still very valuable.

Gu Ning estimated it was worth about thirty million yuan, but when she really heard the bid of thirty million yuan, she was still shocked.

She couldnt believe it was real.

Gu Ning didnt get her mind back until Master Fu asked the question.

She immediately replied calmly, “Nice to meet you, Master Fu.

This jade is mine.”

Seeing it was a young girl, Master Fu was also surprised, especially since the price rose up to thirty million yuan.

Gu Ning could remain so calm.

She was able to stay as calm as always at such a young age.

Master Fu had a good impression of Gu Ning.


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