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Chapter 571 Pick Gu Man Up

Once Tang Yunfan heard that Gu Man was found he was relieved, and didnt ask Gu Ning for more details.

Afterwards, Tang Yunfan left his car at the accident scene and got in Leng Shaotings car, then called Quan Mingkai.

Quan Mingkai was shocked when he saw that the caller was Tang Yunfan.

Tang Yunfan told him to drive the car back, then hung up before Quan Mingkai could say a word.

Without calling back, Quan Mingkai went to drive Tang Yunfans car back in a hurry.

After a long while, Tang Yunfan realized that there was another person in the car.

“Ningning, this is” Tang Yunfana asked.

“Oh, hes my friend, Leng Shaoting,” Gu Ning said but didnt tell him that Leng Shaoting was her boyfriend.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Tang,” Leng Shaoting said.

Tang Yunfan was his future father-in-law, so he, of course, should be as polite as possible.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr.

Leng,” Tang Yunfan said.

He didnt think further about his relationship with Gu Ning.

After a while of silence, Tang Yunfan suddenly said, “Ningning, I remembered everything.”

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second.

Tang Yunfan finally regained the memory about Gu Man.

She felt like crying with happiness.

“Great, thats great,” she said.

“Ningning, Im terribly sorry,” Tang Yunfan apologized to her.

Although he had apologized to Gu Ning before, he had done that as Tang Yunfan, not Gu Nings biological father.

They were in a suburb, while the Earth Nightclub was located in downtown, and there were many traffic lights along the long distance, so it took them more than half an hour to arrive at the Earth Nightclub.

“The Kirin Gang” Tang Yunfan frowned when they arrived.

“Yes, several members of the Kirin Gang abducted my mother, but they arent important figures in the gang and just took someone elses money.

The head of the Kirin Gang and I arent strangers and hes willing to help me.

Dont worry.

My mom is safe,” Gu Ning said.

“What Qi Tianlin was willing to help you” Tang Yunfan was astonished.

Qi Tianlin was notorious for his arrogance, cruelty and coldness, and only a few people were able to make friends with him.

Tang Yunfan wasnt afraid of him, but was reluctant to have conflict with him.

Leng Shaoting also felt a little uncomfortable when Gu Ning said that Qi Tianlin was willing to help her, but he said nothing.

“Shaoting, please wait for me here.” Gu Ning didnt want Leng Shaoting to meet Qi Tianlin, because there was a long-standing grudge between them.

All she wanted to do now was to pick Gu Man up and go home as soon as possible.

“Sure.” Leng Shaoting understood that it wasnt the right time to meet Qi Tianlin, so he agreed.

After that, Gu Ning and Tang Yunfan went upstairs.

They went to the same private room where Gu Ning had gambled with Qi Tianlin last time.

Five minutes earlier, Gu Man had been sent to this private room.

She wasnt physically injured, but this abduction would leave a deep mental scar on her.

She felt helpless when she was caught and thought that she was going to die.

Unexpectedly, half an hour ago, several rude men who had brought her here, apologized to her politely all of a sudden and even begged her to forgive them.

In the beginning, Gu Man was so confused.

Even though they apologized to her, she still felt quite nervous.

A while later, an obtrusive man told her that he was Gu Nings friend, and that it was Gu Ning who had called him to find her.

Gu Man was relieved, but was worried that they did it in order to catch Gu Ning.

However, she didnt dare to ask him to call Gu Ning so she could talk to Gu Ning.

Qi Tianlin didnt sense Gu Mans worry.

He thought that he had already finished his job when he found Gu Man and brought her to a safe place.

When Gu Ning and Tang Yunfan showed up together, Gu Man rounded her eyes in shock.

Tang Yunfan, on the other hand, looked at Gu Man with love, care and guilt.

He knew that Gu Man had suffered a lot because of him.

Qi Tianlin was also surprised when Tang Yunfan, who was a famous figure in City B, appeared in his sight.

He didnt realize that Tang Yunfan and Gu Ning closely resembled each other until they showed up together.

What is their relationship

Qi Tianlin didnt like gossiping but he was curious because he had done the background-check on Gu Ning, and he knew that Gu Ning was born in a single-parent family.

Is Tang Yunfan Gu Nings biological father Did Tang Yunfan come here because of Gu Man too Qin Tianlin thought he found something interesting again.

“Chairman Tang, welcome!” Qi Tianlin greeted Tang Yunfan.

“Nice to meet you,” Tang Yunfan said.

“Well, theyve told me everything.

It was a man named Zhang Yongjun who gave them money to abduct your mother and you, but you werent in City B, so they caught your mother,” Qi Tianlin said to Gu Ning.

Zhang Yongjun

Neither Tang Yunfan nor Gu Ning had heard of this name, and they soon realized that the man had to be a middleman who was paid to abduct Gu Man for someone else as well.

“I think that youve already taught those four idiots who has abducted your mother an unforgettable lesson and theyre yours now too,” Qi Tianlin said.

He planned to maintain a good relationship with Gu Ning, so he wouldnt protect them.

Those hoodlums, however, knelt down on the ground at once, and begged him.

“Please, we wont do it again.”

Qi Tianlin ignored them.

Tang Yunfan and Gu Ning were also determined to pay them back.

“Please leave with my mother for now.

Ill meet you once Im done,” Gu Ning said to Tang Yunfan.

She didnt want Gu Man to see the violence.

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