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Chapter 576 Cut a Finger Off

“Of course-of course,” Zhang Yongjun said at once.

After that, Gu Ning let Zhang Yongjun go.

Once Zhang Yongjun was gone, Zhang Yongjian begged her, “Miss Gu, Ive told you everything.

Please let me go now.”

“Dont worry.

I dont want to be involved in a murder just because of you, so I wont kill you,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Zhang Yongjian relaxed but then Gu Ning opened her mouth again.

“However, you cant leave here without paying something.”

Zhang Yongjian was scared.

“What do you want” Zhang Yongjian asked in fear.

“You dont need to know,” Gu Ning said coldly then ignored him, but turned to Hong Fen who was frightened too.

Hong Fen understood that Gu Ning wouldnt let him go without punishing him, so he knelt down on the ground and begged with tears, “Miss-Miss Gu, please, please forgive me this time.”

“Well, since youve helped me tonight, Ill just cut one of your fingers off,” Gu Ning said, then took out a sharp knife from her back pack (telepathic eye space) and threw it in front of Hong Fen.

“Do it yourself.”

Hong Fen was shaking with fright.

Although he was scared, he didnt hesitate to quickly cut his left little finger off.

If he cut it slowly, he would suffer a lot more pain.

The knife was really sharp, and his little finger fell on the ground within a second.

Hong Fens face turned pale and he shouted in great pain.

Gu Ning then took out her phone to call Qi Tianlin, and told him to help her deal with Zhang Yongjian and the two bulky men.

Gu Ning didnt care whether they survived.

Afterwards, Gu Ning left, while Hong Fen had to tolerate the severe pain and guarded Zhang Yongjian there waiting for other members of the Kirin Gang

Before Gu Ning left, she ruined Zhang Yongjians phone, so Tang Deming couldnt get through to him.

Right at that moment, Tang Deming was in Tang Weiyongs place, and he had heard that the police already went back to the police station and their task was done.

However, he had no idea whether Gu Man was killed or not.

The police did their job according to their leaders orders, and their leader wouldnt explain everything to them.

Seeing that the police were already back to the police station, and Zhang Yongjian still hadnt reported to him, Tang Deming called him impatiently.

Tang Deming, of course, wouldnt use his own phone to call Zhang Yongjian, but used others phone numbers in order to protect himself.

Nevertheless, he still couldnt get through to Zhang Yongjian no matter how many calls he made.

Tang Deming and Tang Weiyong were getting anxious.

“What happened Why isnt Zhang Yongjian answering my calls” Tang Deming frowned in annoyance.

“Could he be in trouble”

Tang Weiyong frowned anxiously.

“Call Xin Zi and ask him how the Tang family is doing now,” Tang Weiyong said.

“Right!” Tang Deming said then made another call.

Most of the Tang familys domestic servants lived in the Tang familys property, but there was more than one building on it.

The domestic servants all lived in a side building.

Even if they were domestic servants, their accommodations condition wasnt bad at all.

Four ordinary domestic servants shared a room, and each of the management personnel could have a room alone.

All the staff had a break of two days every week, but they had to rest in shifts.

Normally, they were off-duty at 8 pm.

At this time, in an ordinary quadruple room, four people were playing cards together.

A young mans mobile phone suddenly rang.

When he saw the caller ID, he made an excuse before he hurriedly got up, walking outside.

“Hi,” he said carefully when nobody was around.

“Xin Zi, how is the Tang family now” There was a voice from the phone that wasnt a males or a females; it was obvious that the person used a voice changer.

“Im not on duty in the front yard today so I dont know.

Only when the people who are on duty return later, will I get some information,” Xin Zi said because he couldnt go to the front yard if he wasnt on duty.

Domestic servants gossiped a lot, so they would spread any news by word of mouth.

However, they had signed confidentiality agreements with the Tang family, so nobody was allowed to spread any news to the outside.

“Fine, call me if you get any information.”

“Sure,” Xin Zi said then hung up.

However, when he turned around wanting to walk back, he saw a man who stood just a meter behind him.

Xin Zi was scared, and panicked a little, but forced himself to calm down.

“D-Dong Ge, when did you come out”

Dong Ge leaned against the wall, looking at him.

“Xin Zi, why did you avoid us to take the call”

Xin Zi froze a little then explained at once.

“I didnt want to make noise.” However, his explanation wasnt persuasive at all, because they were all used to talking loudly, and nobody would complain.

Dong Ge didnt say anything, but lit a cigarette, then pulled on it.

“Xin Zi, do you want to change your job”

Xin Zis body stiffened.

“Of course not! I live a good life here, and Im satisfied,” Xin Zi lied, and did his best to calm down.

However, it was very hypocritical in Dong Ges eyes.

He wore an angry expression, saying coldly to Xin Zi, “Xin Zi, Ive noticed your unusual behavior for a long time, but I wanted to give you a chance so I didnt reveal your secret.

I hoped you would be loyal to our old master and young lords, but you still chose to behave against the Tang family! Do you think that the Tang family can be easily unseated Naive!”

Dong Ges real name was Qiao Dong, and he was an experienced leader of the waiters in the Tang family.

For a long time, Xin Zi had left a good impression on him.

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