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Chapter 578 Many People Couldnt Sleep

Although Tang Yunfan felt that it was a little inappropriate that Leng Shaoting stayed at Gu Nings place when it was already 12 pm, he didnt think further because Leng Shaoting had helped them search for Gu Man today.

“Shaoting, would you mind sending Uncle Tang back to the Tang familys house” Gu Ning said.

“Of course not,” Leng Shaoting said standing up.

“Thanks,” Tang Yunfan said politely.

“My pleasure,” Leng Shaoting said.

After that, Leng Shaoting drove Tang Yunfan home.

On the way, they seldom talked, because Tang Yunfan was still thinking about what had happened today.

He had no idea that Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings boyfriend.

If he had known, he would have talked to him to get familiar with him.

After a while, Tang Yunfan received Tang Haifengs call, and Tang Yunfan told Tang Haifeng that he would be back soon.

Therefore, Tang Haifeng decided to wait for him.

Leng Shaoting left right after Tang Yunfan arrived at the Tang familys house.

Tang Haifeng had warned everyone not to tell anyone else that Tang Yunfan was awake now, otherwise, they would be punished.

The Tang family was in danger now, so they had to be very careful and stay alert.

Qiao Dong only knew that Xin Zi had leaked the news that Tang Yunfan had been unconscious for many days, but he didnt know why Gu Man was abducted this time, so he had no idea whether Xin Zi had something to do with the abduction.

In the living room, Tang Haifeng; Tang Yunhang and his wife; Cao Ruihua and his wife; as well as Cao Wenjun and Cao Wenxin were all waiting for Tang Yunfan.

“How is it” Tang Haifeng asked in a hurry when Tang Yunfan was back.

“Lets go to the study,” Tang Yunfan said then walked upstairs.

Only Cao Wenjun and Cao Wenxin were left in the living room, while the others all followed Tang Yunfan walking upstairs.

Tang Yunfan then told them everything, and they werent surprised that Tang Deming had schemed against them because they always knew that he was ambitious.

However, they were all in a rage.

Normally, the members of the Tang family were polite and kind, but they wouldnt hesitate to get revenge on their enemies once someone dared hurt them.

As for Tang Yunfans plan that he would pretend to be unconscious to catch the person behind the scheme, they all agreed.

“I wonder who leaked the information; we still couldnt find out after so many days!” Tang Yunrong was mad.

“Since when has the Tang family become so vulnerable! How come we havent caught the person who betrayed us” Tang Yunfan frowned in annoyance.

Actually, it was Qiao Dong who kept it a secret on purpose.

When Leng Shaoting left the Tang familys house, he drove back to Huafu Hills.

Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting to stay in the house tonight, but they couldnt share the same room.

Leng Shaoting understood that she wasnt in a good mood after what she had been through today, so he went to sleep in the guest room.

That night, many people couldnt sleep.

Gu Ning couldnt sleep because Gu Man had been abducted.

Although Gu Man was back safely, it would leave a deep scar on her heart.

Gu Ning was determined to find out who the person behind Tang Demings back was, and torture them to the best of her ability.

Leng Shaoting couldnt sleep because he was worried about Gu Ning.

Members of the Tang family couldnt sleep because their family and family business was still in danger.

Xin Zi couldnt sleep because he didnt know whether he should confess to betraying the Tang family, because he was afraid that his son would be killed.

Tang Deming and Tang Weiyong also couldnt sleep, because they failed to get through to Zhang Yongjian or Xin Zi, and had no idea how their scheme progressed.

The next day, Gu Man woke up around 7 am; Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were already preparing the breakfast.

Gu Man stayed in bed for nearly half an hour before she got up.

After what she had been through yesterday, Gu Man was still a little frightened, but she still felt pleased that Tang Yunfan was awake now.

Since Tang Yunfan was already awake, should she go to the Tang familys house again Gu Man was also curious whether Tang Yunfan had regained his memory about her.

Gu Man had no idea what she should do now.

When she walked downstairs, she was surprised to see Leng Shaoting.

“Hi, good morning!” Leng Shaoting greeted her.

“Shaoting, why are you here” Gu Man asked.

“Oh, it was too late last night, so I told Shaoting to stay here,” Gu Ning explained before Leng Shaoting opened his mouth.

Hearing that, Gu Man didnt think further but thanked Leng Shaoting.

“Shaoting, thank you for everything youve done for us.”

“Youre welcome.

Actually its Ningnings friend who found you,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Well, you did help us a lot,” Gu Man said to comfort him.

“Alright, lets have breakfast now! Well go to the Tang familys house later,” Gu Ning said.

“Do we need to go there again” It wasnt because Gu Man was unwilling to do so, but she didnt understand why they would go to the Tang familys house again since Tang Yunfan was already awake now.

“Well, its a little complicated.

It was because of scheme that you were abducted this time.

The Tang familys enemies want to remove us from their way to the chairman seat of the Tang familys business group.

Although Uncle Tang is awake now, we have to turn the trick to our use and find out who the person behind this scheme is, so Uncle Tang will pretend that he is still unconscious and we have to visit him as usual,” Gu Ning said but she didnt mention that Tang Yunfan had already regained his memory.

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