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Chapter 600 A Battle Between Fans

“Wang Wei, Shen Ruiyin behaves like a 3-year-old child, are youre a kid too If you have the ability to make the general manager order me to shoot for her, Ill listen to you.

If you dont, get out now!” Fei Nan coldly said to Wang Wei.

Wang Wei was furious, but he didnt know what to say, because he didnt have the ability to make the general manager help him, so he could only pull Shen Ruiyin walking away.

However, when Shen Ruiyin walked past Su Tongnuo, she recognized Su Tongnuos face, and couldnt believe her eyes.

“Su Tongnuo!” Shen Ruiyin was surprised.

She was so jealous of Su Tongnuo when Su Tongnuo had become a hot topic on the Internet a while ago.

Although Shen Ruiyin was already a B-list actress now, Su Tongnuo was still more famous and beautiful than her, which made Shen Ruiyin feel jealous too.

All of a sudden, Shen Ruiyin turned to Fei Nan and criticized him seriously, “Fei Nan, youre shooting for an actress from another entertainment company.

Dont you know that its not allowed in our company”

It sounded like she was his boss, but actually she wasnt.

However, Shen Ruiyin was right.

Fei Nan worked for Tanghuang Entertainment, and he according to the rules shouldnt shoot for other actors from other entertainment companies, because they were competitors.

Unfortunately, she didnt know that it was their boss who assigned this task to Fei Nan.

“Shen Ruiyin, report me or not, but go away!” Fei Nan totally lost his patience and got mad.

“You…” Shen Ruiyin was struck speechless.

“Lets go now!” Looking at Fei Nans attitude Wang Wei realized that this shoot could have been arranged by the senior management, so he didnt dare stay here any longer and pulled Shen Ruiyin walking outside.

Although Shen Ruiyin was annoyed, she listened to Wang Wei and followed him, walking away.

Once Wang Wei and Shen Ruiyin were gone, Gu Ning introduced Su Tongnuo and Fei Nan to one another before Su Tongnuo went to put on make-up.

“Wang Wei, how could Fei Nan do that to us!” Shen Ruiyin pouted and complained to Wang Wei when they walked out of the photo studio.

“Alright, I think that the shoot must have been arranged or allowed by the senior management today, so Fei Nan remained so tough,” Wang Wei said.

He was annoyed too.

Since Wang Wei said that, Shen Ruiyin didnt say anything further, but she had no intention to let it go.

“Well, you can go to work now.

I need to deal with something else now,” Wang Wei said then turned around walking away.

When Wang Wei left, Shen Ruiyin said to her assistant, “Take a photo of my back and tell Xiao Du to send me a picture of whats going on in the photo studio now.

Be quick!”

Xiao Du worked in the photo studio too, and he came from the same village as Shen Ruiyins assistant, so they maintained a good relationship.

Because of Shen Ruiyins assistant, Xiao Du had done Shen Ruiyin a lot of favors, and he also had gained many benefits from Shen Ruiyin.

Hearing that, Shen Ruiyins assistant understood that she was going to slander Su Tongnuo.

As Shen Ruiyins assistant, she was worried that the scheme would be exposed, but she had to obey Shen Ruiyins order.

After that, she took a picture of Shen Ruiyins back along with the outside of the photo studio.

Later, she sent a message to Xiao Du, and Shen Ruiyin went to shoot.

Actors needed many beautiful and professional photos.

Some of them were for promotion, while others might be posted on the official websites of their companies.

About an hour later, Shen Ruiyins assistant received a picture taken by Xiao Du.

He took the picture secretly from afar, so it wasnt clear, but it was enough.

Shen Ruiyin was in the middle of shooting now, so she planned to conduct her scheme later.

When they had a break at noon, Shen Ruiyin logged into a Weibo account which few people knew was hers.

Although this Weibo account didnt have as many followers as her official account, it still had hundreds of thousands of followers.

Shen Ruiyin posted the two pictures on Weibo at once.

Big news! Rude Su Tongnuo grabbed the photo studio and photographer away from poor Shen Ruiyin, who left in loneliness.

[Pictures Attached]

Once the news was out, it went viral, and it threw a bomb among Shen Ruiyins fans.

“Who the hell is Su Tongnuo”

“I think shes an actress who just became popular again.”

“Shes so rude!”

“How dare she grab the photo studio and photographer away from Ruiyin!”

Although the amount of Su Tongnuos fans was smaller than Shen Ruiyins, she had many loyal fans who stood out to defend her at this moment.

“Enough! Do you have evidence These are just two pictures, which cant prove anything.”

“Exactly! Its just a publicity stunt.”

“Ruiyin is already famous now.

She doesnt need a publicity stunt!”

“No solid evidence.

Its just a slander! Support Tongnuo.”

“Support Tongnuo!” “Youre crazy fans just like your crazy idol.”

“F*ck off!”

“Shen Ruiyin, why dont you explain it in person”


Shen Ruiyins fans and Su Tongnuos fans began to argue fiercely on Weibo, which attracted a lot of attention from common Internet users, and they joined the battle too.

“Wow, Fenghua Entertainment is competing against Tanghuang Entertainment!”

“I heard Fenghua Entertainment isnt officially established yet.”

Some staff working for Tanghuang Entertainment also saw the news, and they were all surprised that Su Tongnuo was in the middle of shooting in their company now.

Several of them were Su Tongnuos fans too, so they ran to have a look, but Su Tongnuo and the others had already left for lunch.

At the same time, they didnt believe that Su Tongnuo had grabbed the photo studio and photographer away from Shen Ruiyin.

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