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Chapter 604 She Is Goddess Gu!

Fei Nan stayed in the photo studio and said to everyone in the room with a serious face, “I think all of you must know the hottest topic on Weibo today, and one of our team leaked the photos from our studio.

Im not gonna ask you who the person is, but I hope that the person can tell me on his or her own initiative, and Ill punish him or her lightly.

If I have to find out by myself in the end, he or she will be fired.”

After that, Fei Nan left.

Gu Ning told him before she left that the person who leaked the photos of his studio must be a member of his team, but the person who posted them on Weibo wasnt.

When Gu Ning and the others were gone, those people who had taken pictures of them posted the photos on the Internet at once.

Because Su Tongnuo was the hot topic today, many Internet users reposted and commented on the pictures within minutes.

A female worker in Tanghuang Entertainment typed several lines of words along with the photos on Weibo.

“Met Su Tongnuo by accident! The beauty next to her is so attractive.

What a shame she isnt working in the entertainment industry.”

Those who didnt recognize Gu Ning had the same idea.

However, some people still noticed that the beauty was Gu Ning.

“Ah! She is Goddess Gu! Shes a very successful businesswoman, and of course she doesnt care to be a star.”

“Really Wow, she looks so stunning.”

Countless comments under the pictures were about Gu Ning.

When the female worker read the comments, she was shocked.

What The beauty is Goddess Gu How come I didnt recognize her! She felt quite regretful.

Even so, she could do nothing about it now.

Some haters still left many aggressive comments, but they were soon attacked by others, so the haters didnt dare belittle Gu Ning anymore.

Because Su Tongnuo and Gu Ning gained a lot of attention these days, they became the headline of different websites within a short time.

Not only Gu Ning, but Yu Zis face was also clear in the pictures.

At that moment, Lin Tianyou and Zhao Xiaoxuan were about to dine in a restaurant.

Zhao Xiaoxuan was a gossip lover, so she chatted with Lin Tianyou while she was surfing the Internet before the dishes were on the table.

Lin Tianyou actually wasnt paying much attention to Zhao Xiaoxuan because Yu Zi refused to answer his calls during the past two days.

Although Yu Zi was his ex-girlfriend, he still liked her, so he was jealous and upset that Yu Zi had a rich boyfriend now.

“What Yu Zi is with Su Tongnuo and the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry now!” Zhao Xiaoxuan exclaimed in shock, which attracted attention from people around them in the restaurant.

However, people just gave her a glance, then went back to doing their own things.

“What How is it possible” Lin Tianyou was shocked too, and couldnt believe his ears.

Yu Zi was just an ordinary girl, so how was it possible that she could know a famous actress and a successful businesswoman

Although Su Tongnuo wasnt an A-list actress yet, she was still a famous actress in peoples eyes.

In addition, even though Su Tongnuo was a B-list actress now, she had much more fame and wealth than people like Lin Tianyou.

In City B, Lin Tianyous family wasnt rich at all.

Lin Tianyou started to wonder whether Yu Zi got to know so many famous people throughout her sugar daddy or by herself.

If Yu Zi was able to know famous people on her own, she could be successful too.

Lin Tianyou was totally astonished.

He began to regret that he had dumped Yu Zi.

“How is Yu Zi able to meet Su Tongnuo and Miss Gu” Zhao Xiaoxuans face was twisted in jealousy.

She thought that she was more qualified than Yu Zi to meet those famous people.

Yu Zi was always inferior to her, and she couldnt tolerate the fact that Yu Zi was living a better life than her now.

Zhao Xiaoxuan wore a malicious smile and thought to herself.

Yu Zi, lets see!

A few minutes later, Zhou Zhenghong arrived at the private room where Gu Ning and the others stayed.

Gu Ning introduced them to one another then they began to enjoy the meal.

At the same time, in Tang Weiyongs house.

Tang Xinrui was back, and the housekeeper went upstairs to tell Tang Weiyong to come enjoy the meal.

Once Tang Weiyong stepped downstairs, Tang Xinrui said to him, “Dad, come and see.”

“What” Tang Weiyong walked to her.

“Read it yourself.” Tang Xinrui gave her phone to her father.

Tang Weiyong took it and was shocked after reading.

Is Gu Ning that powerful

Tang Weiyong read the news about Gu Ning today.

He knew that Gu Ning owned a jewelry store, and wasnt a simple girl, but he was still surprised by her ability and her high level of kung fu.

“Well, I think its not easy to beat her down,” Tang Weiyong said and seemed extremely displeased.

He would never give up attacking Gu Ning and Gu Man.

The more powerful Gu Ning was, the more eager he was to remove her from his way.

“Dad, whats your next step If Tang Yunfan wakes up, our plan will be ruined,” Tang Xinrui said with worry.

“Dont worry.

Ive made the arrangements.” Tang Weiyong wore an evil smile.

“Tang Yunfan will never wake up this time.”

“Oh, seize a chance to approach Gu Ning,” Tang Weiyong added.

“No problem,” Tang Xinrui said.

In the Feng familys house.

After a few days of resting, Feng Xueqins face recovered.

Although her parents were still alive and healthy, her older brother, Feng Pinghui, was the leading man in their family.

Feng Xueqin also had a younger brother, Feng Pinghuang, who was 32 years old this year.

Feng Xueqin stayed single until she was 35 years old, so her family disliked her because it was a shame to a super-rich family that a daughter refused to get married.

However, in order to show their familys harmony and unity, they lived together.

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