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Chapter 606 Sleep with Me for a Night

Liu Xinqi smiled and didnt bother to hide his desire.

“Sleep with me for one night.”

“You…” Feng Xueqin was mad.

She would rather die than sleep with him.

He wasnt only ugly and fat but was also creepy in sex.

His wife couldnt tolerate it so they got divorced.

In fact, Liu Xinqi wasnt very ugly, but he seemed quite ordinary compared with Tang Yunfan who was a handsome gentleman.

In addition, Feng Xueqin was a pretty woman, so she despised Liu Xinqi.

“We have slept with each other before.

What are you afraid of now I wont tell anyone about it,” Liu Xinqi said.

If he was going to tell someone about it he wouldnt have hidden it for a few years.

Liu Xinqi valued his reputation too, and he was an easy-going, well-educated man in other peoples eyes, so he wasnt willing to tell anyone this dirty secret.

Moreover, he preferred to make deals with women, instead of using violence.

“Shut up! Dont mention that again,” Feng Xueqin snapped at him in shame.


Forget it if youre not willing to do it.” Liu Xinqi was disappointed.

In fact, Feng Xueqin was very good in bed.

Although she had been drunk last time, she had been very excited, which had impressed Liu Xinqi.

Accordingly, he had given Feng Xueqin booty calls afterwards, but she always refused.

Liu Xinqi couldnt help but sigh, “I know you want to meet Tang Yunfan at the party, but I think you should give it up after so many years.

Why dont you marry me Although my wealth is hardly comparable with Tang Yunfans, Im still richer than your family.”

He was right.

Although the Liu family and the Feng family were both super-rich families in City B, Liu Xinqi was richer than the Feng family.

The reason why Liu Xinqi wouldnt give up chasing Feng Xueqin wasnt because he loved her, but because he was unwilling to give in.

When he saw that Feng Xueqin couldnt get Tang Yunfans attention, let alone love, he gloated over her failure.

Sometimes, the more you couldnt get something, the more you wanted to have it.

“In your dream!” Feng Xueqin was furious, then hung up on him in anger.

After that, Feng Xueqin called her other friends, but they would all be attending the party with their families.

Feng Xueqin panicked.

However, she wasnt willing to give up.

After thinking for a while, Feng Xueqin thought that maybe it wasnt that unacceptable to sleep with Liu Xinqi because they had slept with each other before.

Although Liu Xinqi was a little creepy in sex, she had to admit that it was very exciting.

Seeing that it was late, Feng Xueqin summoned up her determination and called Liu Xinqi again.

“What Did you change your mind” Liu Xingi laughed.

He knew that he won.

“Im in my home.

Ill go change first and you can pick me up later,” Feng Xueqin ordered, but Liu Xinqi didnt mind.

Feng Xueqin changed her clothes and put on make-up as fast as she could and Liu Xinqi soon arrived.

“Xueqin, where are you going” Her parents asked her when she dressed herself up.

“To attend a party with Liu Xinqi,” Feng Xueqin said directly.

Hearing that, her parents eyes lit up.

Her mother even persuaded her to marry Liu Xinqi.

“Xueqin, I think Liu Xinqi is a good man with a good reputation.

Why dont you consider marrying him”

Liu Xinqi had a good reputation among the super-rich families, because he knew how to build up a positive personal image before others.

Most importantly, Feng Xueqin was already 36-years-old now with a comparatively bad reputation, so her parents thought that it would do her good to marry Liu Xinqi.

“Alright, alright.

I gotta go now!” Feng Xueqin said with impatience then left at once.

“Do you think that Xueqin is going to be married in this life” Her mother asked her father with worry.

“If she still refuses to be married this year, Ill send her abroad!” Her father valued their familys face above her.

Although her mother thought that it was a little overboard, she didnt dare argue with him because it was already something unpleasant that their old friends would use to embarrass them, and they couldnt tolerate it anymore.

Once Feng Xueqin walked out, she saw Liu Xinqis car, and got in without hesitation.

“Xueqin, youre as beautiful as ever!” Liu Xinqi said like a gentleman.

However, Feng Xueqin was displeased to see him.

Liu Xinqi didnt mind at all.

He was going to have fun tonight anyway.

Zhou Zhenghong, Su Tongnuo along with Lin Xiaoxia went back to their rooms in the hotel after the meal, and Gu Ning drove Yu Zi home.

Yu Zi wasnt born in City B, and she came from a small town.

She now lived alone in an old apartment.

In order to save money, she lived in a remote area, which wasnt very safe.

“I dont think its safe for you to live here.

Go buy a new apartment tomorrow when youre free! The company can pay some for you, and it will be deducted from your dividend,” Gu Ning said.

Yu Zi had 20% shares of Charm.

If Charm was popular in the future, it would be super easy for her to buy an apartment.

Therefore, Yu Zi agreed, because she was eager to have her own apartment too.

In addition, she believed in Gu Ning, and was confident that Charm could be popular, so it was highly possible that she would be rich after she got her dividend.

After driving Yu Zi back to her rented apartment, Gu Ning went to the Tang familys house.

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