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Chapter 607 Do You Have Any Good News to Tell Us

These past two days, Tang Yunfan stayed alone with Gu Man except at dinner time, but they just chatted with each other or watched TV together in the living room.

Although they didnt feel uneasy getting along with each other now, they were still very polite to each other.

Tang Yunfan seemed calm, but he was actually very anxious.

Although he knew haste made waste, he was eager to be close to Gu Man.

In fact, Gu Man already accepted Tang Yunfan and was accustomed to getting along with members of the Tang family, but she thought that they better take it slowly.

At that moment, only Tang Yunfan and Gu Man were watching TV in the living hall.

Tang Yunhang and his wife had already left to attend the party in the Lei familys house, and Tang Haifeng stayed in his study so that Tang Yunfan and Gu Man could have some private time.

When Gu Ning arrived at the Tang familys house, Feng Xueqin and Liu Xinqi also arrived at the Lei familys house.

However, she didnt see Tang Yunfan.

Once they walked in, Feng Xueqin glanced around searching for Tang Yunfan.

People around her were all from high society, so they all knew Feng Xueqin but they looked at her with obvious disdain.

If she remained single because she devoted herself to her career or she was a disabled person, others would only respect her.

However, she did it because of a man that she could never get.

When Tong Wen and the others saw Feng Xueqin they were also displeased, especially when they noticed others attitude towards her.

Nevertheless, it was a public place, so they couldnt argue with her in front of others.

Even Tong Wen who disliked Feng Xueqin the most remained silent.

She could argue with Feng Xueqin as loudly as she wanted to but she couldnt do it in public.

Luckily, they knew that Tang Yunfan was absent today, so Feng Xueqin wouldnt embarrass their family too much.

However, just because they remained silent didnt mean that others would do the same thing.

“Oh, isnt this Miss Feng Miss Feng is taking part in todays party along with Chairman Liu.

Do you have any good news to tell us” a noble woman walked over and said to Feng Xueqin, but she sounded quite unkind.

She, of course, knew that Feng Xueqin came here today for Tang Yunfan, so she purposely said that to annoy Feng Xueqin.

Feng Xueqin was mad at once, but she didnt argue with her but forced herself to calm down.


Kong, Chairman Liu and I are just friends.

Whats wrong with that”

“Oh, I understand.

Then I bet you must have come here for Lord Tang, right” another noble woman said in an acid tone.

“Unfortunately, Lord Tang went abroad, and hes absent today.”

People were used to addressing Tang Yunfan as Lord Tang although he was actually the chairman of the Tanghuang Group now.

However, they had to address Tang Yunhang as Secretary Tang, because he was the most powerful figure in City B.

Tang Yunhang told Lei Haowei that Tang Yunfan had gone abroad, and most people at the party had heard it.

“What” Feng Xueqin was obviously disappointed.

Hearing that Tang Yunfan was absent, Feng Xueqin turned around walking away but was stopped by Liu Xinqi.

He approached her ear and said in a low voice, “If you leave like that, Ill feel embarrassed, and dont forget to fulfill the condition.

You must come with me and leave with me!”

Hearing that, Feng Xueqin had to stay although she was unwilling to do so.

It was a long party for her.

Gu Ning sat in the Tang familys house for a while, then went back to Huafu Hills with Gu Man.

Before long, Gu Ning discovered that some people were stalking her.

She checked it for a while, and noticed that they were strangers.

She didnt know who sent them, but she wasnt willing to have conflict with them now because Gu Man was in her car, so she had to get rid of them.

“Mom, some people are stalking us.

I must speed up to get rid of them.

Be prepared,” Gu Ning said to Gu Man.

“W-what Some people are stalking us” Gu Mans face turned pale at once, because she thought of the abduction.

Feeling Gu Mans anxiety, Gu Ning comforted her.

“Dont worry.

Mom, well be fine.”

Although Gu Man trusted Gu Ning, she was still worried.

Gu Ning directly accelerated, then overtook one car after another on the road even though there was a lot of traffic, so Gu Man couldnt relax for fear of an accident, and Gu Nings action also caused a lot of grievances.

However, when a group of young men noticed it, they were all impressed.

“Gee, its the limited edition Lamborghini!”

“Wow, it looks so cool, and its driver is so good!”

In a car behind Gu Ning, two men were struck dumb.

“Seriously Shes so good at driving” A man couldnt believe his eyes.

“I think she found us,” another man said.

After a short while, Gu Ning got rid of them.

When she slowed down, Gu Man finally relaxed a little.

“Ningning, did we get rid of them”

“Yes,” Gu Ning said.

“Who are they Could they be the same people who abducted me last time” Gu Man was anxious.

“Mom, relax.

Youre safe with me,” Gu Ning said to comfort her.

After a while of silence, Gu Man said, “Ningning, your aunt called me today, and the salon is ready to open after a few days.

When will we go back to City F” Gu Man wasnt in a hurry to go back, but their beauty salon was going to open again.

Hearing that, Gu Ning suddenly thought of her skincare products.

“Mom, lets try new skincare products.

I know a brand which is quite effective,” Gu Ning said.

“Will the customers be willing to use new products” Gu Man asked.

“If theyre worried, we can sign an agreement with them.

If there is any side effect, well pay ten times compensation.

I think theyll know how good our new products are once they try them,” Gu Ning said with confidence.


Let me call your aunt now.” Since Gu Ning said so, Gu Man agreed.

Gu Man then called Gu Qing and told her what Gu Ning had said.

Gu Qing of course chose to believe and listen to Gu Ning.

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