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Chapter 609 Do You Want More

Although Feng Xueqin disliked Liu Xinqis face and body, she still had to admit that Liu Xinqi was a master at sex.

There was no doubt that he was a master at sex given his rich sexual experience.

If he had a good-looking face or a sexy body, countless women would be willing to have sex with him for free.

Therefore, Feng Xueqin gradually started enjoying it and then let her desire guide the way.

Liu Xinqi did fulfill his promise and didnt hurt Feng Xueqin in bed, but Feng Xueqin still felt exhausted after hours of making love in different sexual positions.

It was so exciting that she forgot that the man who was penetrating her was Liu Xinqi.

Feng Xueqin also had to admit that it was more exciting to make love with Liu Xinqi than those strong young men.

Seeing Feng Xueqin enjoying it, a touch of disdain flashed by Liu Xinqis eyes.

It seemed to be true that a womans body would never lie.

Feng Xueqins pleasure was the approval of his skills, so he moved even harder.

Men all wanted to prove their sexual skills in bed, and they got more excited if women enjoyed it.

“Are you satisfied” Liu Xinqi asked with an amorous smile.

“Yea-yeah!” Feng Xueqin said listening to her heart.

“Do you want more” Liu Xinqi asked again.

“Y-yes!” Feng Xueqins voice was full of desire, and Liu Xinqi continued to penetrate her violently.

“Am I better than your strong young lovers” Liu Xinqi asked once more.

Liu Xinqi, of course, knew that Feng Xueqin had many young lovers.

She was loyal to Tang Yunfan, but her body wasnt.

In addition, Feng Xueqin had sexual desire too, and she couldnt tolerate years of her life without sex.

“Yes!” Feng Xueqin said.

Liu Xinqi didnt stop a second and was getting increasingly violent.

Feng Xueqin even begged him to stop a few times halfway.

However, Liu Xinqi wasnt willing to stop because he didnt get many chances to have sex with Feng Xueqin.

So they didnt stop until hours had passed.

They slept for a few hours, then it was daybreak.

However, Feng Xueqin touched Liu Xinqis cock by accident in her sleep, and Liu Xinqi was turned on again.

Once he was turned on, he couldnt sleep any longer, so he began to press on Feng Xueqin and penetrate her once more.

“You…” Feng Xueqin was annoyed, but didnt resist.

Nevertheless, Feng Xueqin closed her eyes the entire time, because it was bright now, and she was reluctant to see his face.

“Well, you can turn to me to satisfy your sexual needs,” Liu Xinqi said.

Feng Xueqin didnt say a word, but her silence was also an affirmative answer.

After having violent sex with Liu Xinqi, she thought that those strong young men were less attractive now.

In fact, Feng Xueqin thought that what Liu Xinqi said wasnt a bad idea.

Gu Ning sent Gu Man to the Tang familys house as usual before she left.

She went to pick up Yu Zi and then told Su Tongnuo to go to the building of Tanghuang Entertainment.

They were going to shoot the video advertisement today.

When they arrived, some people in the hall saw them and got excited at once.

Because of the hot post on Weibo, everyone got to know Gu Nings identity, so they paid more attention to her today.

“She is Goddess Gu!”

“Shes so beautiful!”

They all complimented Gu Ning and ignored Su Tongnuo, but Su Tongnuo wasnt annoyed or jealous at all because Gu Ning was indeed very outstanding.

Gu Ning remained calm, and didnt think that it was a big deal, because she didnt have any vanity.

They would shoot in the same photo studio as before with a video director.

It wasnt complicated, and was just a short film of dozens of seconds.

Although they needed to shoot many scenes, it could be finished within half a day if everything went well.

When they gathered in the photo studio, they introduced themselves to one another before they started to discuss the script.

Lu Xiao had sent the script to Gu Ning yesterday, and Gu Ning sent it to Su Tongnuo later.

Su Tongnuo was a good actress, so it wasnt difficult for her to finish the shots.

When it was 4 pm, the video ad was finished.

She was going to the capital tomorrow for business, so she decided to give these photos and the video ad to K in person.

In addition, it was about time to arrange for K and Chen Cangyi to work for her.

When they walked out of the building of Tanghuang Entertainment, a young girl ran over with her face full of excitement.

“Tongnuo, Im your loyal fan! Could you please take photos with me”

“Sure.” Su Tongnuo agreed.

In fact, she really appreciated what her fans, especially those loyal fans, had done for her.

“Thanks! Ive argued with those haters on the Internet to defend you,” the young girl said with pride.

“Oh, thank you so much!” Su Tongnuo said kindly.

“Lets take photos together now.”

“Great!” The young girl opened the camera on her phone and took several selfies with Su Tongnuo.

Afterwards, she stared at Gu Ning with anticipation.

“Um, would you mind taking several pictures with me too Youre my idol as well!”

Gu Ning was amused.

She wasnt a star after all.

“No problem.” Gu Ning didnt reject.

After taking photos with Gu Ning, the young girl left happily.

Once she walked away, she posted her photos with Su Tongnuo and Gu Ning on Weibo without delay.

“Ive been waiting for a whole day outside of Tanghuang Entertainment, and I met two goddesses! Theyre so kind, and we took several selfies together! Love!”

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