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“Miss Gu.” Zhou Zhenghong went back to stand beside Gu Ning.

He looked much more delighted than before.

“Uncle Zhou,” Gu Ning called him.

Zhou Zhenghong didnt run away.

Gu Ning was satisfied and gave him a sincere smile.

The second time, Li Zhenzhen chose a raw material with jade inside.

Gu Ning did the same thing.

Although Gu Nings wasnt big, the species of the jade was much more valuable than Li Zhenzhens.

“Rub this one, please.” Gu Nings raw material was just a little bigger than an apple and its outer layer was thin.

It was better to rub it.

It took more time to rub a stone than to cut it directly.

Before long, Li Zhenzhens raw material was cut out.

A layer of green showed.

“Its green inside!”

The crowd erupted into discussion.

They had just witnessed an emerald cut out.

Now there was another one.

Li Zhenzhen was excited.

She threw a provocative glance to Gu Ning.

Qin Yifan, on the other hand, was worried about Gu Ning.

As for Gu Ning herself, she was calmer than ever.

“Its an emerald!”

“Its a medium-level jade of the glutinous rice type!”

No one was happier than Li Zhenzhen now.

She again gave Gu Ning a provocative and proud glance.

Although it was just a medium-level jade, it was big, and was worth a lot.

But while Li Zhenzhen was enjoying her success, Gu Nings raw material showed green at the same time.

Li Zhenzhen became upset at once.

How come How was it possible How could Gu Nings raw material show green

Li Zhenzhen couldnt accept the truth.

She ran over immediately.

There was a layer of green indeed, but its type was still unknown.

Qin Yifan and Li Zhenyu were both surprised.

They also didnt expect there would be jade in a raw material randomly picked up by Gu Ning.

Meanwhile, Qin Yifan was relieved but Li Zhenyu was displeased.

He obviously didnt want Gu Ning to win.

Zhou Zhenghong was amazed too.

He didnt know Gu Ning had Jade Eyes at all, and Gu Ning had helped him gain a lot of money just then.

Thus Zhou Zhenghong believed Gu Ning must be an expert, and he already thought highly of her.

Now, Gu Nings raw material showed green again.

Zhou Zhenghong greatly admired her now.

Li Zhenzhen clenched her fists.

She prayed to herself that Gu Nings jade was worthless or a low-level jade.

As long as it was worse than hers, Li Zhenzhen would be satisfied.

Unfortunately, the fact went the opposite way.

Li Zhenzhens jade was in the same size of Zhou Zhenghongs jade of hibiscus species.

Once the jade was cut out, someone bid immediately.

But Li Zhenzhen wouldnt sell it anyway since her family dealt in the business of jade.

Thus when someone wanted to bid, Li Zhenyu stopped him, “Sorry, everyone.

We are not going to sell this jade.”

The crowd felt disappointed, but they couldnt force the owner to sell the jade.

Therefore, they could only hope that Gu Ning would sell hers.

Since her raw material showed green, it was highly possible there was jade inside.

After a while, Gu Nings jade was cut out.

After cleaning it with water, it showed its real appearance.

The texture was smooth and warm.

It had great transparency and light shiny color.

It looked like a glass.

“The glass type! It is the old-pit glass type!” The workers hands, which were holding the jade, were trembling because of excitement.

Hearing that, everyone drew a long breath in, they were all shocked.

Old-pit glass type was the top-level type among jade! All of the sudden, Li Zhenzhens medium-level jade of the glutinous rice type seemed worthless.

Li Zhenzhen was more than upset now.

It was so hard for her to believe the result.

Gu Ning immediately absorbed the power.

There was one last raw material waiting to be cut, but given what had happened, Li Zhenzhen was very likely to lose.

If she couldnt cut out a jade which was more valuable than a jade of old-pit glass species, she would certainly lose.

However, it was so difficult to do that.

Even though, Li Zhenzhen still had hope.

It wasnt the last second.

“Miss Gu, do you want to sell this jade Ill pay ten million yuan for it.”

“Fifteen million yuan.”

“Twenty million yuan.”

“Forty million yuan.”

The last bid was from Li Zhenyu.

Li Zhenzhen felt dissatisfied at once.

“Brother, how can you buy her jade”

Hearing that, Li Zhenyu frowned slightly.

He was a little dissatisfied too.

“Zhenzhen, dont forget Im a businessman,” Li Zhenyu warned.

He would protect Li Zhenzhen from the emotional aspect, but it didnt mean he would ignore his familys business.

The jewellery industry always lacked top-level jade.

It was so hard to find one, and Li Zhenyu would never give it up just because of Li Zhenzhens jealousy.

Li Zhenzhen was upset, but she couldnt do anything about it.

“Sixty million yuan.”

The bid stopped at the price of sixty million yuan, which was reasonable.

The bidder was Qin Yifan.

He came to City G for jade.

He would never allow himself to miss such a rare top-level jade.

Although he and Li Zhenyu were good friends, business was business.

Only the most generous buyer would get the jade.

At the end, Qin Yifan got the old-pit glass jade from Gu Ning at the price of sixty million yuan, but they had to wait to sign the contract and transfer the money until the bet was over.

“Miss Li, if your last raw material doesnt have a jade which is worth more than sixty million yuan, then youll lose,” Gu Ning said provocatively.

“You…” Li Zhenzhen was irritated now.

If she had been jealous of Gu Ning before, now she hated Gu Ning to the death.

Zhou Zhenghong then realized Gu Ning had a bet with Li Zhenzhen.

He admired Gu Nings ability even more now.

The last round, Gu Ning chose a raw material with a purple jade inside.

It wasnt big though, just the size of two apples.

She decided to have it be rubbed too.

Meanwhile, Li Zhenzhen still had hers cut.

After a cut, the out layer was removed, and a pure green showed widely.

“Its green inside!”

“Is this the old-pit ice type”

There was another round of excited shout.

Li Zhenzhen, who had a vain hope, now felt thrilled.

Old-pit ice species was a high-level separate among jade, and only ranked lower than the old-pit glass species.

If this one was big enough, it was still possible for Li Zhenzhen to beat Gu Ning.

Qin Yifan couldnt help glancing at Gu Ning.

Even Zhou Zhenghong felt concerned, but Gu Ning stayed calm as usual.

No one knew whether she was being confident, or didnt care about the result.

Since Gu Ning had earned that much money, ten million yuan was nothing to her.

But it was too early to be worried or proud now.

The final result wasnt out yet.


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