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Li Zhenzhen was in a rage now.

She hated Gu Ning to the death.

Now Qin Yifan even wanted to invite Gu Ning to have lunch together.

Li Zhenzhen almost went crazy.

“If you dont want Yifan to hate you, mind your behavior.

We can deal with Gu Ning secretly,” Li Zhenyu warned.

He wanted Li Zhenzhen to be with Qin Yifan, because it would be helpful to the Li Family.

Thus he naturally disliked Gu Ning, who had grabbed Qin Yifans attention and defeated Li Zhenzhen.

Or more technically, he hated Gu Ning because of the ten million yuan.

Ten million yuan wasnt much to his family, but could be used to do many things.

He would be lying if he said he didnt care.

Li Zhenzhen was a little surprised, but also felt happy.

True! If she wanted to deal with Gu Ning, she could do it secretly.

City G was the domain of Li Zhenzhen.

She had plenty of ways to deal with Gu Ning.

Besides, she knew some gangsters.

It was easy to hurt Gu Ning in Li Zhenzhens eyes.

Thinking of this, Li Zhenzhen felt comfortable and relaxed.

“No, thanks.

I have something else to deal with.

Thank you,” Gu Ning rejected Qin Yifans invitation.

“Fine.” Qin Yifan didnt insist.

He asked later, “Will you be here later”

“No, I wont come again,” Gu Ning said.

All the great jade was in her hands now.

There werent many left in the shop after all.

She had used her Jade Eyes to earn a fortune.

It would be too selfish if she collected all the valuable jade in the shops.

Qin Yifan had to give up at the end.

He only reminded Gu Ning to turn to him if she had any trouble.

“Miss Gu, lets go transfer the money.” Zhou Zhenghong stayed by Gu Nings side all the time.

Knowing she was leaving, he asked on his own initiative.

“We dont need to rush.

Uncle Zhou, lets have lunch together,” Gu Ning said.

“Great.” Zhou Zhenghong didnt reject.

Gu Nings money was still in his account after all.

While they were leaving, Zhou Zhenghong helped Gu Ning take her raw materials which hadnt been cut open.

After Gu Ning and the others were gone, the shop became popular and well-known.

Everyone now knew there were two high-level jade that had been cut out in the shop.

When people heard the owner of those two high-level jade was a young girl, everyone was amazed.

Gu Ning didnt plan to leave the antique market now.

Thus she chose a restaurant right in the antique market and booked a private dining room.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for helping me this time! If it hadnt been for you, I would have abandoned that raw material.

Then I would have lost so much money,” Zhou Zhenghong thanked Gu Ning the minute they sat down.

Gu Ning smiled.

She didnt want to hide her real purpose, so she said straightforwardly, “Uncle Zhou, I dont want to lie to you.

Let me tell you the truth! I helped you for a reason, especially when I found out your identity.”

Hearing that, Zhou Zhenghong was surprised, and puzzled.

She did it for a reason For what Why

Even though she knew his identity, it wouldnt be of great help.

He had lost everything, and was a poor, ordinary man now.

What was Gu Nings purpose

Although knowing the young girl had helped him for a reason, Zhou Zhenghong wasnt mad.

He knew Gu Ning wasnt a bad person.

“Why” Zhou Zhenghong asked.

“Because Ill be involved in the jewelry and jade industry, but I am still a student, I cant do it myself.

I need a professional and competent manager.

Although I dont know much about you, you didnt run away with the money just then.

Youre not a malicious man.

And from the development of Zhoufu jewelry, your ability is also affirmed.

So, after knowing your identity, I want you.”


Zhou Zhenghong rounded his eyes in shock.

He didnt expect a teenage girl would be so ambitious as to run a company, and had even tested him before choosing him to be the manager.

But, they were merely strangers who had only met each other once! Why would she trust him

“We just met for the first time.

Were not acquaintances even.

Why do you trust me” Zhou Zhenghong asked.

“Yes, we met for the first time.

Were not acquaintances even.

I completely have no reason to believe you, but I am willing to believe you.

The employer cant be suspicious, and the suspect cant be used.

Although I care about my people very much, I never accept betrayal.

If one treats me with sincerity, Ill give him or her a bright future.

If one betrays me, he or she will be dead.

No way around it.”

Saying the “dead” word, Gu Ning seemed murderous.

Zhou Zhenghong was stunned, as if he was surrounded by the feeling of death.

He held his breath.

Zhou Zhenghong was a sophisticated businessman.

He had met a variety of people, and he could judge from Gu Nings air that she was a powerful as well as cruel person.

Of course, she was only cruel to her opponents.

She cared about her people very much.

Facing Gu Nings warning, Zhou Zhenghong didnt feel reluctant, instead, he trusted Gu Ning.

As for Zhou Zhenghong, if he chose to follow Gu Ning, he would no betray her.

He was an upright and loyal people himself.

“Perhaps, youre not optimistic about me, and dont want a young girl to be your boss.

Or, you want to be the boss yourself, and restart your business, but, I believe youre a smart man, who knows clearly about the pros and cons.

You need a lot of money and supplies to restart your business.

However, let alone your lack of both of them, Shao Ping wont stand aside and let you start your own business.

You probably couldnt register! Of course, you can avoid Shao Ping and go to other places, but if you dont have enough funds and supplies, itll be very hard for you to develop.”

That was exactly what was on Zhou Zhenghongs mind.

Although he wanted to restart his business, he also clearly knew it wouldnt be easy.

Even if he avoided Shao Ping, and went to another place, he lacked the money and supplies.

He could fail again.

“And I can provide enough money and supplies for you.

Probably in your eyes I was just lucky today, but its not.

I have my own unique skills, so I dont have to worry about money and supplies.

If youre willing to accept my offer, you can have 20% shares of my jewelry company.

Youll be fully responsible to run the company.

To the public, youre the chairman and have all the rights of the chairman.

Ill be a behind-the-scene boss.

You can discuss with me on things you cant decide.”


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