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Chapter 631 My Girlfriend, Gu Ning

Some women also walked into the store to be near to them.

Seeing the effect of those handsome men, Gu Ning said half seriously half jokingly, “You may attract many customers for me today by simply standing here.”

“My pleasure to help.” Xu Jinchen smiled.

He didnt feel embarrassed at all, neither did Xin Bei.

Leng Shaoting followed Gu Ning the entire time.

Once Xu Jinchen smiled, a group of women screamed with excitement.

“Oh, Im dead now.”

“His smile is killing me.”

“Me too!”

“Hey, ladies, why dont you come on in and have a look You may try things before buying it,” Xu Jinchen said to those women who were still standing outside hesitating to walk in.

Hearing that, a lot of them ran inside at once, not for the skincare products, but because of the irresistible charm of handsome guys.

Afterwards, more and more women were attracted by this popular store.

Before long, Xu Qinyin came with her mother with bunches of flowers in the car.

When Mrs.

Xu saw Leng Shaoting standing with a girl, and they seemed quite close, she rounded her eyes in shock, and couldnt believe it.

“Qinyin, is the man standing by the girl in black Shaoting” Mrs.

Xu asked with doubt, because she couldnt believe that Leng Shaoting would stand so closely to a girl and he was even carrying a female backpack in his hand.

Since it was a female backpack, it couldnt be Leng Shaotings.

And there was only one girl beside Leng Shaoting, so it must be the girls.

“Yeah!” Xu Qinyin said.

“Who is the girl” Mrs.

Xu asked again.

“Shaotings girlfriend.

Her names Gu Ning, the boss of this store,” Xu Qinyin said with pride.

“What Shaotings girlfriend He has a girlfriend” Mrs.

Xu was shocked to hear that, because she knew that Leng Shaoting never seemed to be interested in women, and Master Leng had even turned to her for help introducing a girl with a good reputation to Leng Shaoting.

However, Leng Shaoting never showed much interest in blind dates.

Therefore, Mrs.

Xu was really surprised to hear that he had a girlfriend now.

Xu Qinyin finally understood why her mother seemed so astonished, because her mother had no idea about it.

Xu Qinyin and Mrs.

Xu walked to Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning later.

Leng Shaoting greeted Mrs.

Xu with respect, “Nice to see you, Aunt Tan.”


Xus surname was Tan, so Leng Shaoting called her Aunt Tan.

“Shaoting, its been a while!” Mrs.

Xu said with a smile, then looked to Gu Ning.

“What a pretty girl! Why dont you introduce her to me”

“This is my girlfriend, Gu Ning,” Leng Shaoting said with happiness.

Whenever he introduced Gu Ning to his friends or relatives, he felt proud and happy.


Xu also noticed Leng Shaotings love for the girl.

It seemed that Leng Shaoting loved her a lot.

“Its so nice to meet you, Aunt Tan!” Gu Ning greeted Mrs.

Xu with great respect.

“Nice to meet you too,” Mrs.

Xu said.

Although it was the first time that she met Gu Ning, she somehow already liked her.

“Oh, I heard from Qinyin that youre the boss of this store” Mrs.

Xu asked.


Aunt Tan, please look around as you like, and you can have 20% off no matter what you want to buy,” Gu Ning said kindly.

“Well, I came here to shop.

To be honest, the facial masks you sent Qinyin are really good! My skin is much better now after using the skincare products than it was before,” Mrs.

Xu said with excitement, like a young girl who just got her favorite candy.

In fact, Mrs.

Xu couldnt wait to look around the store.

Women all cared about their appearances.

“Its my honor to have your approval, and I do hope that people will like this brand,” Gu Ning said with sincerity.

“Of course they will! Is this brand new” Mrs.

Xu asked.

“Yes, Its a newly-established brand by myself and all the skincare products are produced by my own medical factory,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Mrs.

Xu was surprised again.

In the beginning, she thought that Gu Ning was just running this small store.

To her astonishment, Gu Ning established this brand on her own and she also had a medical factory! She was so unbelievable! Most importantly, Gu Ning looked so young.

“Wow, its amazing! You seem even younger than Qinyin, but Qinyin has achieved nothing at all!” Mrs.

Xu complimented Gu Ning right in front of her own daughter.

“Mom, please,” Xu Qinyin said with a resigned look on her face.

Although she hadnt achieved anything yet, it didnt mean that she wasnt working hard to achieve something.

She just wanted to do something on her own, and not to rely on the Xu familys influence, but she failed till now.

Fine, Gu Ning relied on herself to build her business empire, and Xu Qinyin had to admit that Gu Ning worked much harder than her, but she wouldnt give up.

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