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Chapter 640 Search Your Body

“Give it to me yourself, or do you want me to search for it on your body” Xin Bei asked staring straight at her.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin couldnt believe her ears.

However, she didnt feel offended at all, but flushed again.

Xin Bei waited for a few seconds.

Seeing Cao Wenxin still standing there, he said, “You remain silent, so then I guess Ill search your body.” Saying that, he stepped forward.

“Ill give it to you.” Cao Wenxin gave up at once.

She took out the porcelain bottle from her pocket and Xin Bei grabbed it at once, then applied the medicine to the cut on her finger.

Seeing Xin Bei being so cautious, Cao Wenxins heart pounded fast and she enjoyed it very much.

Once the liquid medicine was applied to Cao Wenxins injured finger, she felt the flow of coldness into it.

Within seconds, the pain was reduced, the wound stopped bleeding and the cut healed too.

There was only a light mark left on her finger, like a scar.

Although they knew that Gu Nings medicine was very effective, Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin were still astonished.

However, right at this moment, the door was kicked open with a loud sound, and a man who was around 30 years old dashed inside with his face full of anger.

Seeing Xin Bei being so close to Cao Wenxin, he was mad at once.

“Xin Bei, how can you hurt my younger sister like that!” He said that, and was about to punch Xin Bei.

However, it was impossible that he could beat Xin Bei.

In case the man would hurt Cao Wenxin, Xin Bei caught the man and got control of him at once.

“Xin Bei, let me go!” The man struggled, but it was useless, which made him even angrier.

“Xin Bei, are you a real man or not How could you let another woman kick my younger sister Although you broke up with my younger sister, you cant be so cold-blooded given that she was your girlfriend!”

“Yu Wenkang, I thought that youre a sensitive man, but unexpectedly you cant distinguish right or wrong.

You only see that your younger sister is injured, but do you know what happened before that” Xin Bei questioned him in anger.

Yu Wenkang was exactly Yu Wenjings older brother, and he came here to cause trouble once he heard that his younger sister was hurt by a woman with Xin Bei.

“No matter what happened you shouldnt have watched another woman kick my younger sister and done nothing! My younger sister loves you so much, and you treat her like that” Yu Wenkang argued, like Xin Bei should feel honored that his younger sister loved him.

“It was the worst decision Ive ever made to be with Yu Wenjing,” Xin Bei sneered.

“Yu Wenkang, I bet that you must know what kind of person your younger sister is.

I dont want to judge her, but please tell her to stop harassing my friend.

She attacked my friend with an ashtray in a public place.

If you were me, would you let a stranger hurt you and not resist at all”

“What” Yu Wenkang was shocked.

He had no idea what Yu Wenjing had done.

Yu Wenjing only told him that a woman who was with Xin Bei kicked her and she was badly injured now.

Yu Wenkang was actually aware of the fact that it was Yu Wenjing who had dumped Xin Bei.

However, he also supported Yu Wenjing getting Xin Bei back after finding out that Xin Bei was a military officer of high rank.

He was also selfish, but he wouldnt force Xin Bei if Xin Bei rejected.

In addition, he was so mad now only because he thought that Yu Wenjing was badly injured after arguing with the woman who were with Xin Bei.

If what Xin Bei told him was true, it was Yu Wenjings fault.

When he calmed himself down, he saw that Xin Beis forehead was wrapped in bandages.

Xin Bei must have protected the woman when Yu Wenjing attacked her with an ashtray.

“Are you sure” Yu Wenkang asked with doubt.

“You can go check the surveillance video of that café,” Xin Bei said, then let Yu Wenkang go.

Yu Wenkang didnt say anything further, and turned around walking out.

“Wait a second.” Xin Bei stopped him.

“Tell Yu Wenjing to stop harassing my friend.

My friend isnt someone she can mess with.

She cant bear the result if my friend takes revenge, and your family will also be involved.”

Hearing that, Yu Wenkang panicked a little.

The woman with Xin Bei must be from either a rich or powerful family.

He believed Xin Bei, and he knew that Xin Bei wouldnt lie to him.

Moreover, Xin Bei was a military officer of high rank now, so he, of course, knew many important figures.

Yu Wenkang, on the other hand, was from a very common family, and didnt dare annoy anyone with power or wealth.

After he left Xin Beis patient room, he didnt go to the café, but went to visit Yu Wenjing, and told Yu Wenjing what Xin Bei had said to him.

Yu Wenjing didnt deny that she had attacked Xin Beis friend, and Yu Wenkang was mad at her.

“Yu Wenkang, youd better stop now.

The woman is from a powerful family.

If you annoy her, our family could be punished!” Yu Wenkang said in anger.

Yu Wenjing now got her reason back, so she was scared too and remained quiet.

However, she was unwilling to give up now.

Even so, there was nothing she could do about it.

Leng Shaoting drove Gu Ning back to his house, and then went to the Leng familys house.

Leng Shaoting told Gu Ning that he would dine with her later.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, thought that he should share dinner with his grandpa.

Leng Shaoting finally agreed.

Before Leng Shaoting left, Gu Ning gave him eight gold bars and told him that it was a gift for Master Leng.

Although gold wasnt worth much nowadays, an ancient gold bar was a precious collectible.

Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning got them from an ancient grave, so he didnt ask further.

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