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Chapter 671 A Competition of Stone Gambling

“How do you want to compete” Gu Ning asked with a calm face.

“I brought a truck full of jade raw materials with me.

Each of us can choose three out of them.

Whoever cuts out the most valuable jade will be the winner,” Wu Yuanping said with a serious face.

It seemed that he wasnt causing Gu Ning trouble, but simply wanted to challenge Gu Ning, which changed Gu Nings impression of him.

Other people in the store were looking forward to the competition.

“I accept your challenge, but you cant set the rules alone.

Since its a competition, there must be a bet,” Gu Ning said.

“What bet” Wu Yuanping asked.

He didnt mind Gu Nings condition.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “Ill pay you for the raw materials, and those raw materials along with the jade cut out from them will be mine.

If neither of us can cut out jade, its even.

If both of us cut out jade, the loser should pay five million yuan.

How is it”

Actually, Gu Ning wanted to say that the loser should pay the price of the jade the winner cut out, but Wu Yuanping could end up paying dozens of millions of yuan in that case.

That wasnt what Gu Ning wanted.

She knew that Wu Yuanping was doomed to failure, and she didnt have the heart to deprive him of his wealth.

However, it was still unknown whether there was high-level jade among Wu Yuanpings raw materials.

“Deal!” Wu Yuanping agreed with alacrity, because he could afford five million yuan.

Many people in the store werent very rich, so they believed that Wu Yuanping must be crazy to set a bet of five million yuan just for a competition.


Wu, I think that we better sign an agreement beforehand,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” Wu Yuanping said.

After that, Gu Ning and Wu Yuanping signed an agreement.

“Why dont we have a bet on the result of the competition” Xu Jinchen gently knocked Xin Beis arm.


I bet on Gu Ning, and you bet on Wu Yuanping.

The loser must do the laundry 10 times for the winner.

How is it” Xin Bei asked.

Xu Jinchen was struck dumb for a second, then argued.

“I want to bet on Gu Ning!”

“Are you kidding me Since both of us believe that Gu Ning will win, why would we bet” Xin Bei gave Xu Jinchen a glance of disdain.

“Fine.” Xu Jinchen gave up.

Pan Zirui and his friends also want to have a bet, but they gave up too after hearing the talk between Xin Bei and Xu Jinchen.

Almost everyone who knew Gu Ning believed that she would win.

Nevertheless, some in the crowd began to bet on the result of the competition, and most of them bet on Gu Ning given her unbelievable achievement today.

Wu Yuanping, on the other hand, was a stranger.

Before long, the competition began.

Wu Yuanpings truck was parked in the parking lot outside of the shopping mall, so the group of them walked to his truck together.

Wu Yuanping told the two stone cutters who came with him to open the truck, and move the stone-cutting machines down.

In order to save time, Wu Yuanping brought two stone-cutting machines.

Onlookers took out their phones to take pictures, and some even opened live streaming

Gu Ning has gained a lot of attention these days, so many Internet users were watching the competition on-line once they saw Gu Ning in the video.

Although the network anchor knew that Gu Ning was very famous now, she was still shocked by the number of Internet users who swarmed into her channel within just a few minutes.

The camera of the network anchors phone was facing the area of stone-cutting, so the incoming Internet users were able to see Gu Ning, the stone-cutting machines and those raw materials in the truck.

“Wow, Goddess Gu is really in a competition of stone gambling now!”

“Im so excited!”

“Im curious who will win.”

Once the stone-cutting machines were moved down, there were over a hundred jade raw materials left in the truck.

“Miss Gu, after you,” Wu Yuanping said politely.

Gu Ning didnt hesitate, and went into the truck.

She used her Jade Eyes to glance around the raw materials.

The majority were stones without any jade inside, and there were only two pieces of medium-level jade.

Gu Ning took the only two raw materials with medium-level jade inside.

One raw material was as large as a football, while the other was half the size of a football.

The jade inside accounted for one third of each raw material.

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