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Chapter 682 Supporters VS.


“Jade Beauty Jewelry is already very popular now!”

There were many haters too on the Internet.

“I think Gu Ning thinks too highly of herself.

Although Jade Beauty Jewelry has gained some fame, nobody knows whether it can become a high-end brand.

Its much easier said than done.”

“Exactly! Shes just bragging.”

However, once the two haters appeared, they were attacked by Gu Nings fans.

“Are you insane How do you know that it cant happen”

“They cant achieve anything, so theyre jealous of others achievements.

“Goddess Gu is just 18 and she already owns over a hundred million yuan in wealth.

Can any of those haters do that Even those international business groups, like Shengshi Group, Jinlin Group and Tanghuang Group, have a good relationship with Goddess Gu.

I believe Goddess Gu is much more outstanding than her peers.”

Many Internet users didnt know that Master Tang and Master Lei had attended the opening ceremony of Gu Nings jewelry store, and they were all astonished when they found out.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was able to know so many important figures.

Not only Shengshi Group, Jinlin Group and Tanghuang Group, but the businesses of the two biggest gangs in this country also showed up! Gu Nings business partners were so powerful!

When they watched the reporters interview with Gu Ning, they were all excited.

When Zhou Zhenghong told his story, they all admired Gu Ning for her kindness.

After that, it was Su Tongnuos interview.

“Goddess Su, fighting! I support you!”

“Me too!”

When they heard Su Tongnuos answer to the question about why Lu Zhan had been shut out, the Internet users held two different opinions.

Some were supportive and agreed with Su Tongnuo on her answer.

Others, however, thought that Su Tongnuo was too innocent to know that power was beyond the law in todays society.

Although they didnt know who the important figure Lu Zhan had annoyed was, the person must be very powerful because he could shut Lu Zhan out, given that Lu Zhan had been a very famous director back then.

At the same time, some Internet users also believed that Fenghua Entertainment had the ability to solve the problem since the company dared to sign Lu Zhan.

After a while, Yu Zi was the interviewee.

After hearing Yu Zis answer, many Internet users became Gu Nings fans, because Gu Ning was really a good idol in their eyes.

Pictures of Charms gowns were everywhere on the Internet, and most people liked them.

Lin Tianyou and Zhao Xiaoxuan just got off a plane when Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm became the hot topics again on the Internet.

While they were waiting for their baggage, Zhao Xiaoxuan received a message from her close female friend.

Zhao Xiaoxuans friend: Xiaoxuan, have you watched the video of the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm yet Yu Zi is the designer for Charm! (Website Link]

“What Yu Zi is the designer for Charm!” Zhao Xiaoxuan exclaimed in shock, and opened the website link at once.

Hearing that, Lin Tianyou was surprised too, and couldnt believe his ears.

They had seen the ads for Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm, and also heard that Yu Zi was involved in them, but they didnt know that Yu Zi was the designer and a shareholder of Charm.

Before Lin Tianyou could ask Zhao Xiaoxuan for the answer, Zhao Xiaoxuan played the video on her phone.

It was Yu Zis interview.

After watching it, both Lin Tianyou and Zhao Xiaoxuan were astonished, and couldnt accept the fact.

Yu Zi was really the designer and a shareholder of Charm! How was it possible They refused to believe it.

Although Charm was a newly-established brand, it quickly became popular because its gowns were very attractive.

Even Zhao Xiaoxuan was a fan of it.

However, Yu Zi was the designer and a shareholder of Charm, and Zhao Xiaoxuan couldnt accept it.

In Zhao Xiaoxuans eyes, Yu Zi was and should always be inferior to her.

Lin Tianyou, on the other hand, felt quite regretful now.

He regretted that he had dumped Yu Zi.

If he had known that Yu Zi would be so successful now, he wouldnt have done that.

If he was still Yu Zis boyfriend, he would be able to know Miss Gu, who was the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

After all, Jade Beauty Jewelry had over a hundred million yuan in assets, while the Zhao family only owned dozens of millions of yuan in wealth.

Seeing the ads for Charm, Lin Tianyou believed that Yu Zi could become even richer than his family.

In the video, the runway show began, and many Internet users complimented the gowns.

“Wow, the gowns are so beautiful! I must book a set for my birthday.

Ill be stunning that day!”

“I love the first set!”

“My mother booked the fifth set along with the jade jewelry!”

“Your family is so rich! I want to book a set too, but Im too poor to afford it.”

“The gown costs at least dozens of thousands of yuan each!”

“I think only rich people can afford it.”

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