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Chapter 691 Yu Zis Fault

Gu Ning thought for a while, then agreed.

With Gu Nings permission, Leng Shaoting couldnt wait a second longer and opened the car door at once.

Although the space in the car was quite small and their movements were limited, it was unusually exciting.

Leng Shaoting hugged Gu Ning in his arms and let her sit on his legs.

They stared at each other with burning desire in the moonlight.

Everything looked so beautiful tonight.

Gu Ning couldnt move her eyes away from his handsome face.

His delicate features, especially the faint smile on his sensual mouth, attracted her full attention.

Every time she saw him, she was stunned by his striking appearance.

“What You cant move your eyes away from me” He smiled, which was so charming.

Leng Shaoting seldom smiled, but Gu Ning was even more attracted to him once he smiled at her.

“Yeah, youre stunning,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting got excited and kissed her without hesitation.

To the world, she might just be a normal human being, but in his eyes, she was his entire world.

Lin Lijuan wandered on the street after she ran out of the Lin familys house.

She didnt have her phone with her, nor money, and she had no idea where she was right now.

She just walked and walked along the street.

Seeing the sky becoming darker, Lin Dechang was slightly worried that Lin Lijuan was still out.

He called Lin Lijuan in the end, but her phone rang in the house.

“She doesnt have her phone, or money.

Will she be safe” Zhang Meiyu was worried too.

Although they had conflicts, they were a family after all.

Lin Dechang thought for a while, then said to Lin Yuehao, “Yuehao, go out to find your aunt.”

Lin Yuehao didnt want to, but had to listen to his father.

However, in the end, Lin Yuehao searched for Lin Lijuan for nearly two hours, but it was in vain, so he gave up and went back home.

City F was a large city, so it was very difficult to find a person on the streets.

Lin Dechang didnt know what else he could do.

He thought that Lin Lijuan was an adult and she could take care of herself, so he went to bed as usual.

In the clubhouse, Zhao Xiaoxuan and her friend were about to leave around 12 am.

She seemed to be in a good mood after satisfying her sexual needs, and she completely forgot about Lin Tianyou.

However, once she walked out, she noticed Yu Zi, and her good mood was instantly replaced by anger and jealousy.

Without delay, Zhao Xiaoxuan ran to Yu Zi.

“Hey, Xiaoxuan, where are you going” Zhao Xiaoxuans friend asked, but she soon realized what was going on when she saw Yu Zi not far away.

Yu Zi just had a party with Cao Wenxin and their friends.

They had already walked to an elevator, but Yu Zi left her phone in the private room, so she walked back to fetch it.

“Yu Zi, stop right there!” Zhao Xiaoxuan dashed ahead and stood in Yu Zis way.

Seeing Zhao Xiaoxuan, Yu Zis good mood was ruined at once.


“Did Lin Tianyou call you or find you” Zhao Xiaoxuan asked, but she believed that Lin Tianyou must have contacted Yu Zi behind her back.

Yu Zi was struck dumb for a second, because she had already broken up with Lin Tianyou for a long time.

“Zhao Xiaoxuan, whats wrong with you Ive broken up with Lin Tianyou for a long time.

Why would he call or find me” Yu Zi said.

“Really” Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt believe it.

“Whatever.” Yu Zi ignored Zhao Xiaoxuan and walked away.

Zhao Xiaoxuan, however, remembered the news she had read today, and her jealousy of Yu Zi got the better of her.

She was afraid that Yu Zi would steal Lin Tianyou from her once she became rich.

Thinking of that, Zhao Xiaoxuan felt a strong sense of crisis and pulled Yu Zi back.

“You cant leave!”

“What do you want” Yu Zi was annoyed.

Zhao Xiaoxuans face was twisted in jealousy.

“Yu Zi, I didnt expect that you would be so successful now.

You became a boss after being a poor girl, all within a few days.” Yu Zi was a shareholder of Charm, so she was the boss of it to some extent.

Yu Zi wasnt surprised that Zhao Xiaoxuan had already heard of the news.

“Its none of your business.”

“It is my business! Tianyou and I argued precisely because of you!” Zhao Xiaoxuan shouted in anger.

Yu Zi actually had no interest in their relationship.

“Is it my fault that you argued with each other” Yu Zi couldnt understand why Zhao Xiaoxuan wouldnt let her go.

“Youre successful now, so you attract Tianyous attention,” Zhao Xiaoxuan said.

“Im sorry.

I seriously dont understand why you are blaming me for everything.

Its not my fault!” Yu Zi argued.

Lin Tianyou was a terrible man, but Zhao Xiaoxuan cherished him very much.

“Yes, it is your fault! If you were as poor as always, Tianyou wouldnt pay any attention to you!” Zhao Xiaoxuan almost shouted.

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