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Chapter 692 Cao Wenxin Helps Yu Zi

“Its completely ridiculous that you argued with each other just because Im successful now.

Does it mean that you should disappear too if I dislike you” Yu Zi said.

She was unwilling to carry the responsibility.

Although she had been a poor girl, while Zhao Xiaoxuan was born in a rich family, she was a successful designer now and she also had Gu Nings support.

She wouldnt take advantage of others, but she wasnt weak anymore.

Zhao Xiaoxuan, however, lost control of herself.

“Bitch, how dare you talk to me like that!” Saying that, she raised her hand trying to slap Yu Zi.

Yu Zi moved away at once, but Zhao Xiaoxuans hand still hit her face.

Luckily, Zhao Xiaoxuan had drunk a lot of alcohol, so she wasnt able to use her full strength.

It wasnt painful, but Yu Zi was in a rage.

Without hesitation, Yu Zi used her full strength to slap Zhao Xiaoxuan across the face.

Zhao Xiaoxuan shouted because of the pain.

Yu Zi hadnt drunk much, so she was able to slap Zhao Xiaoxuan hard, and Zhao Xiaoxuan fell towards the nearby wall at once.

However, thanks to the wall, she didnt fall on the floor.

“Xiaoxuan!” Zhao Xiaoxuans friend was watching the scene from the side just then, but now ran over in a hurry after seeing Zhao Xiaoxuan being hit by Yu Zi.

Yu Zi snorted and walked away, but was stopped by the woman.

“How dare you, Yu Zi!” She raised her hand, trying to get revenge for Zhao Xiaoxuan.

Before Yu Zi could fight back this time, the womans wrist was caught by another person.

The woman was mad, and abruptly turned around to look at the person who grabbed her wrist.

When she was about to swear at the person, she recognized the person.

She became scared the second she recognized the persons face.

“Mi-Miss Cao.”

The person who caught her wrist was precisely Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin came back after Yu Zi had been gone for a long time, but she saw the women try to slap Yu Zi right as she walked near.

“Well, how dare you do that” Cao Wenxin stared at the women.

“I-I…” The woman didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“She slapped me!” Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt recognize Cao Wenxin, so she wasnt scared of her.

Seeing Cao Wenxin helping Yu Zi, Zhao Xiaoxuan became angrier.

“Oh, then you must have annoyed her beforehand,” Cao Wenxin sneered, because she believed that Yu Zi wouldnt hit someone for no reason.

“You…” Zhao Xiaoxuan panicked a little, then lied.

“She seduced my boyfriend!”

“Xiaoxuan…” Zhao Xiaoxuans friend wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

Cao Wenxin was born in a super-rich dominant family in City B, and their families were hardly comparable to hers.

In Cao Wenxins eyes, they were merely nobodies.

“Yu Zi, did you seduce her boyfriend” Cao Wenxin asked Yu Zi, but sounded like she had just heard a funny joke.

“Of course not.” Yu Zi denied it.

“I know that Im bad at choosing the right man, but Ill never accept such a snobbish and terrible man.” Yu Zi felt disgusted upon thinking of Lin Tianyou now, and it was impossible that she would accept him again, let alone seduce him.

“Did you hear that” Cao Wenxin looked at Zhao Xiaoxuan, like she was a clown.

Cao Wenxin then let Zhao Xiaoxun go and walked away with Yu Zi.

“How can you…” Zhao Xiaoxuan was unwilling to give up.

However, before she could finish her sentence, her friend stopped her at once.

“Xiaoxuan, that woman isnt someone you can mess with!”

Hearing that, Zhao Xiaoxuan was shocked.

“Who is she”

Zhao Xiaoxuan only dared to bully someone who was poorer or weaker than her.

In fact, her friends family was much richer than her.

If her friend didnt dare to annoy the woman, the woman must come from a super rich or powerful family.

“She was born in the Cao family,” Zhao Xiaoxuans friend said.

“What The Cao family Which Cao family” Zhao Xiaoxuan asked with astonishment.

She had only heard of the Cao family in high society.

However, Zhao Xiaoxuan refused to believe that Yu Zi was able to make friends with a member of the Cao family.

It would be a great honor for them if they had a chance to be Miss Caos friends.

Zhao Xiaoxuans friend sneered, “How many Cao families are there in City B She was born in the Cao family which has an alliance with the Tang family in City B!”

“What” Zhao Xiaoxuan was scared and shocked.

Even though she already had the answer, she couldnt accept it.

She couldnt accept the fact that Yu Zi was superior to her now.

“You better stay away from Yu Zi the next time you see her, otherwise youll be in big trouble,” Zhao Xiaoxuans friend said out of kindness.

If they didnt want to cause their families any trouble, they had to learn not to mess with someone who was much richer or more powerful than them.

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