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Chapter 693 Lin Tianyou Tries to Get Yu Zi Back

When Zhao Xiaoxuans friend met Cao Wenxin for the first time, it wasnt a pleasant experience, but she bore in mind that Cao Wenxin wasnt someone she could mess with ever since.

Zhao Xiaoxuan remained silent, but she was still unwilling to accept it.

Zhao Xiaoxuans friend had already said and done what she could.

If Zhao Xiaoxuan still wanted to dig her own grave, nobody could stop her.

“I have an appointment with several sexy young men.

Wanna go with me” Zhao Xiaoxuans friend asked her.

Zhao Xiaoxuan gave her a side glance with disdain.

“No, I want to go home now.”

Gu Ning received Tang Haifengs call at 7 am the next morning.

She heard a piece of bad news from him.

Xiang Dongping died of suffocation because his oxygen mask had fallen off in the middle of the night, however it wasnt noticed until this morning.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised, and the first thought she had in her mind was that the mastermind behind the car crash must have killed Xiang Dongping to prevent Xiang Dongping from betraying him.

Either way, Gu Ning didnt have any sympathy for Xiang Dongping because he had tried to murder Tang Haifeng.

In addition, Gu Ning had no intention to force Xiang Dongping to tell her the truth, so it wouldnt affect her plan even if he was dead now.

They were going to find out who the person behind Tang Deming was, not Tang Deming.

It was obvious that Tang Deming was just the persons shield, and it was hard to find out who the person was unless Tang Deming told them himself.

However, it wasnt likely that Tang Deming would do that.

That being the case, they couldnt take action to punish Tang Deming right now, in case the person behind his back would be alerted.

After eating breakfast, Gu Ning went to the Tang familys house along with Gu Man as usual.

When Yu Zi arrived at the shopping mall at 9 am, Lin Tianyou stopped her at the door.

Seeing Lin Tianyou, Yu Zi felt disgusted.

“Yu Zi, can we talk” Lin Tianyou asked.

“No,” Yu Zi said without hesitation.

She didnt think that there was anything she needed to talk to Lin Tianyou about.

Lin Tianyou, however, didnt feel embarrassed at all.

“Yu Zi, Im still in love with you.

Can we get back together”

“No, no!” Yu Zi rejected again.

“Lin Tianyou, please leave me alone, thanks.”

After that, Yu Zi tried to walk away, but was stopped by him again.

“Lin Tianyou, get out of my way.” Yu Zi stared at Lin Tianyou with a cold face.

“Yu Zi, I was forced to be with Zhao Xiaoxuan, and I already broke up with her.

As long as youre willing to forgive me, Ill treat you well for the rest of my life.

I promise!” Lin Tianyou said, and seemed petty and low for the first time in front of a woman.

Although Lin Tianyou did it for his own benefits, he indeed still loved Yu Zi, so he sounded sincere when he said that.

However, Yu Zi still only felt disgusted.

“Lin Tianyou, both you and I clearly know why you dumped me,” Yu Zi sneered.

“Didnt you dump me because Zhao Xiaoxuans family is rich You thought that I was too poor to be your girlfriend, and you came back to me right now just because Im the designer and a shareholder of Charm.

You simply want to make use of me for your familys good.” Yu Zi wouldnt be deceived by this terrible man anymore.

Hearing that, Lin Tianyou panicked, but still made up an excuse.

“I wont deny it, but please believe me, I still love you.

Its all my mothers fault.

You know that my mother is a snobbish person and she would only accept a properly matched marriage.

I did stand up to her, but she used her life to threaten me.

I had to listen to her, because shes my mother after all, but she will allow us to be together now!”

Yu Zi let him finish, but still ignored him.

Only an idiot would believe that bull**! Yu Zi thought to herself.

She made up her mind not to forgive him.

She had her own principles, and she wouldnt tolerate betrayal.

A good woman never backtracks!

“Yu Zi!” Seeing Yu Zi walking away, Lin Tianyou pulled her back, but Yu Zi got rid of his hand with great force.

“Dont touch me.

Youre so disgusting!”

Yu Zis angry loud voice attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

“You…” Lin Tianyou changed his expression.”Yu Zi, why must you be so cold-blooded” Lin Tianyou said, like he was the victim.

“Yu Zi Is she the designer of Charm”

“I think she is.”

“Why is the man saying that shes cold-blooded What has happened”

Onlookers discussed it.

“I am cold-blooded Are you insane Why you…” Yu Zi argued, but Lin Tianyou interrupted her.

“I know that youre successful now, and that you think that Im not capable of being your boyfriend so you want to dump me, right” Lin Tianyou said with a sad face like he felt so hurt.

“What Yu Zi is successful now, so she wants to dump her boyfriend”

“Shes so cold-blooded!”

“How can she do that!”

“Although shes famous now, I dont like her.”

“Me either!”

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