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Chapter 694 Dont You Feel Bored

Hearing peoples discussion, Yu Zi panicked, because she was afraid that this rumor might affect the reputation of Charm.

“Lin Tianyou, weve broken up for a long time…” Yu Zi tried to argue against him, but she was interrupted by Lin Tianyou again.

“Yu Zi, I promise that Ill treat you well for the rest of my life.

Please give me a chance,” Lin Tianyou said.

It was obvious that Lin Tianyou was forcing Yu Zi to yield to his request by making full use of the onlookers attention.

“Really” Someone questioned Lin Tianyou.

It wasnt Yu Zi, but Zhao Xiaoxuan who just arrived here.

Zhao Xiaoxuan had a premonition that Lin Tianyou would come to Yu Zi, so she came here to have a look.

To her surprise, Lin Tianyou was begging Yu Zi to forgive him in a public place.

Besides, Lin Tianyou had never made that promise to her.

Hearing Zhao Xiaoxuans voice, Lin Tianyou frowned.

Zhao Xiaoxuan was the last person he wanted to see right now.

“Lin Tianyou, you did come here trying to get her back! No wonder you refused to swear an oath of loyalty to me yesterday.

You even abandoned me alone at the airport!” Zhao Xiaoxuan criticized him, feeling very hurt.

This reversal shocked those onlookers.

In the beginning, they believed that it was Yu Zis fault because she wanted to dump her boyfriend once she was successful.

However, it turned out that the woman who came later was this mans girlfriend.

In addition, from the womans complaint, they got to know that this man had abandoned his girlfriend alone at the airport yesterday, then came to beg Yu Zi to forgive him.

Everything was clear now.

Yu Zi was this mans ex-girlfriend.

If this man still loved Yu Zi like he claimed, why was he still dating another woman Did he want to get Yu Zi back just because Yu Zi became a famous designer now Thinking of that, those onlookers looked at Lin Tianyou with obvious disdain.

Lin Tianyou felt embarrassed amid peoples accusatory looks, so he snapped at Zhao Xiaoxuan, “Zhao Xiaoxuan, weve already broken up with each other, and you said so yourself.

Stop acting like Ive betrayed you!”

Lin Tianyou was humiliating Zhao Xiaoxuan without hesitation.

“You…” Zhao Xiaoxuan became angry.

Although she had said that herself, she didnt actually mean it.

“Lin Tianyou, do you really want to break up with me” Zhao Xiaoxuan asked.

“Its not that I want to break up with you, but weve already broken up! Dont put it like Ive abandoned you.

Itll damage my reputation,” Lin Tianyou said.

“Ok, very well.” Zhao Xiaoxuan was heartbroken now.

“Lin Tianyou, how could you do this to me”

At this moment, she suddenly realized that he only loved Yu Zi.

It didnt matter how much she had done for him during the past few years.

She always thought that they would be together forever because they were born in families of equal social status.

However, she was wrong.

Maybe it was time for her to give up.

Although she loved Lin Tianyou very much, she felt very tired being in a relationship with him.

“Great, Lin Tianyou, we officially broke up now.” Zhao Xiaoxuan gave up this time, even if she was reluctant to do so.

She was selfish and self-centered, but not dumb.

Given what Lin Tianyou had done, there was no need for her to get him back.

Lin Tianyou agreed in silence.

“Oh, by the way, do you believe that Yu Zi would be willing to be your girlfriend again In your dream! Shes so successful now, and its very easy for her to find a much better man than you.

Youre merely a snobbish, terrible man without any sense of loyalty!” Zhao Xiaoxuan said, then turned around walking away without hesitation.

What Zhao Xiaoxuan had said threw a bomb among the crowd.

“A snobbish, terrible man without any sense of loyalty”

“Is this man used to cheating on his partner” “I believe so, because his girlfriend just said that.”

“Well, does it mean that he slept with that woman when he was with Yu Zi”

“Shut up!” Lin Tianyou shouted at the crowd.

Those onlookers closed their mouths at once.

When he turned to find Yu Zi, Yu Zi was already gone.

He knew that Yu Zi went to work in her store, but he felt too ashamed now to meet her in the store.

When Yu Zi walked into her store, there were many customers inside.

They all came here after watching the release conference of Charm.

However, there were only 10 gowns which the models had put on for the runway show in the store for easy reference.

Yu Zi had some other gowns left undone, so she couldnt show them right now.

Therefore, customers could only book for customized gowns today.

In fact, those customers preferred customized gowns too, because they could afford it.

Gu Man went upstairs to spend some time with Tang Yunfan when they arrived at the Tang familys house, because Tang Yunfan couldnt often show up in the living room in case someone else saw him.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting stayed in the living room watching TV along with Tang Jiakai.

Today was Sunday, so Tang Jiakai didnt go to school.

He planned to hang out with his friends in the beginning, but gave up since Gu Ning came, especially with a man.

He asked Gu Ning who this man was.

Gu Ning told him that he was her boyfriend.

Tang Jiakai tried to chat with Leng Shaoting, but Leng Shaoting seemed unwilling to talk with him.

“Ningning, dont you feel bored seeing that hes so quiet” Tang Jiakai approached Gu Ning and asked in a low voice.

Even though his voice was low, Leng Shaoting was still able to hear it, and he frowned.

Gu Ning gave Leng Shaoting a glance.

Seeing that he was upset, Gu Ning was amused, and said on purpose, “Yeah, a little.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting felt aggrieved looking at Gu Ning, because she had said something different to him before.

“Since you feel bored, why are you staying with him” Tang Jiakai asked worriedly.

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