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Chapter 708 Gu Ning, the Perfect Wing Woman

“Well, I invited Miss Yu to watch a film together with me, but Im very annoyed that she was humiliated by someone right in front of my face,” Yang Ziqian said in a cold tone, then turned to Yu Zi and apologized with sincerity, “Miss Yu, Im so sorry about that.”

Hearing that, the young man rounded his eyes in shock.

What Yu Zi came here with Yang Ziqian Yang Ziqian invited her to watch a film together

The young man couldnt believe that Yu Zi, who was just an ordinary person could hang out with Yang Ziqian who was born in a super-rich and powerful family.

“Its fine.” Yu Zi didnt mind it.

Although she was mad at the young mans words, she wouldnt blame Yang Ziqian for it.

“L-Lord Yang, I had no idea that Miss Yu came here with you.” The young man explained at once in fear.

If he had known that Yu Zi came here with Yang Ziqian, he wouldnt have dared to humiliate her.

Even though his family was rich, it was barely comparable with the Yang family.

“Oh, isnt that woman the designer of Charm”

At this moment, someone recognized Yu Zi.

Hearing that, the young woman realized why she felt Yu Zi looked so familiar.

Yu Zi was the designer of Charm!

“She is! I thought that she looked like Yu ZI, but I didnt recognize her just then.”

“Charm What Charm I havent heard of it before.”

“Do you know Jade Beauty Jewelry”.

“Yes, its quite popular and fashionable these


There were many pieces of news about Jade Beauty Jewelry, so most people had heard of it, but its great fame overshadowed Charm at the same time.

Those who hadnt heard of Charm was mostly because they hadnt watched the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm yet.

“You must have missed the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm.

Both Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm are owned by the same boss, and Miss Yu is the designer and a shareholder of Charm!”

“What Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm are owned by the same boss If Miss Yu is the designer and a shareholder of Charm, she must be very rich herself.

I dont think that there is anything wrong with it if she has a rich boyfriend.”

“Exactly! I heard that Charm is always crowded these days! Its very profitable.”

The young man who had just humiliated Yu Zi was totally shocked.

Yu Zi is the designer and a shareholder of Charm Although he didnt know how popular or valuable the brand of Charm was, he had heard that Jade Beauty Jewelry was a high-end brand and its boss had a powerful network.

In that case, Charm couldnt be cheap.

To his astonishment, Yu Zi became so rich within a short time!

“Lets go inside now!” Yang Ziqian said to Yu Zi, and ignored the young man.

“Sure,” Yu Zi said and followed Yang Ziqian walking inside.

The young man felt quite embarrassed, and soon left.

The young woman who came here with him just shrugged.

She felt ashamed too after the young man made himself a joke in a public place.

Once they left, the young man called Lin Tianyou.

“Tianyou, do you know what Yu Zi is doing now” the young man asked.

Lin Tianyou, who was drinking alone in a bar, frowned.

Although he knew what his friend was asking about, he still asked, “What do you mean”

“Shes the designer and a shareholder of Charm!” the young man said.

“Oh, Im aware of that,” Lin Tianyou said.

“Do you know that shes hanging out with Yang Ziqian” the young man asked again.

“What Shes hanging out with Yang Ziqian” Lin Tianyou was surprised.

“I just went to a cinema and ran into them,” the young man said, but he didnt actually know their relationship.

Lin Tianyou felt quite displeased when he heard that Yu Zi was hanging out with a man who was a super-rich heir from the high society.

He was very jealous and regretful now.

He was reluctant to give up, and made up his mind to get Yu Zi back by hook or by crook.

Thinking of that, Lin Tianyou began losing his


Gu Ning stayed in the Tang familys house for a while, then brought Gu Man back to Huafu Hills.

Because Gu Man would be gone for many days, Tang Yunfan didnt want to see her leaving, but he couldnt stop her.

Not only Tang Yunfan, Gu Man didnt want to leave either, but she had to go back to take care of their beauty salon.

On the way back to Huafu Hills, Gu Ning asked Gu Man, “Mom, how is everything going now between you and him”

Gu Man flushed a little with a happy smile, which proved everything.

“Um, not bad,” Gu Man said.

Gu Ning understood that Gu Man was still hesitating to make the decision.

“Do you think that you can fully accept him now Are you willing to marry him and spend the rest of your life with him” Gu Ning asked.

“Well…” Gu Man hesitated.

It seemed that Gu Ning had to do something to help them, so she said, “If youre not willing to marry him, forget it.”

“I didnt say that!” Gu Man retorted at once, in case Gu Ning took it seriously.

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning laughed, and Gu Man realized that Gu Ning was just kidding.

She flushed red and said, “How can you do that! Im your mother!”

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