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Chapter 726 I Won Five Hundred Million Yuan!

On the way home, Cao Wenxin suddenly asked Gu Ning, “Ningning, Aunt Man is back to City F, and you are alone with Shaoting now…”

Although Cao Wenxin didnt finish her sentence, Gu Ning understood her meaning very well.

She flushed, and avoided Cao Wenxins question.

However, Cao Wenxin wasnt willing to give up.

She gently knocked Gu Nings arm and asked again, “Ningning, have you done that with Shaoting yet”

That meant sex of course.

Cao Wenxin was a virgin, so she felt shy when she asked Gu Ning about that.

Moreover, she couldnt help thinking of Xin Bei and picture them having sex…

When Cao Wenxin realized what was on her mind, she flushed red and her heart was pounding.

Gu Ning felt a little uneasy when Cao Wenxin asked her about that.

Even so, she did her best to calm down.

“Why did you ask that all of a sudden”

“Nothing, Im just a little curious.

Its fine if you dont want to tell me,” Cao Wenxin said.

It took them around 20 minutes to walk back to their houses from the night-snack street, and the lights were already on in Gu Nings house when they got back, which meant that Leng Shaoting was home.

“Why are the lights on in your house” Cao Wenxin was surprised, then soon figured out the reason.

She looked at Gu Ning with envy on her face and said, “Im so jealous of you that you have a loving boyfriend waiting for you at home.

Well, Ill go back to my place and sleep alone as usual.”

Saying that, Cao Wenxin walked towards her house.

When she turned around, she put on a sad expression.

She had never felt so lonely before.

Right when Gu Ning was about to open the door, the door was opened and Leng Shaotings tall strong figure appeared in Gu Nings sight.

Gu Ning smiled at him, then walked inside.

The moment she entered the house, Leng Shaoting pressed her against the wall and kissed her without hesitation right at the entryway.

Gu Ning was surprised and struggled.

“Its the entryway!”

“Its fine, and its not a bad thing to do it in a new place,” Leng Shaoting said.

He was growing interested in new ways of having sex.

Gu Ning still felt a little uneasy, but didnt reject him.

They didnt go back to the bedroom until they finished a round of sex.

At this moment, Leng Shaoting finally had time to ask Gu Ning.

“What did you do to her”

“I left two cuts on each of her cheeks with a knife, and I also forced her to drink a glass of drugs,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning never disguised herself in front of Leng Shaoting.

She wasnt worried that Leng Shaoting would think that she was malicious either, because that was what she was like, and she wouldnt change just because of a man.

Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl in this lifetime or her previous incarnation.

There was something in her blood that would never change.

Although she knew that Leng Shaoting wouldnt mind, she still asked him, “Do you think that Im vicious Will you mind if my hands are completely covered with blood” She still wanted to hear the answer from his mouth.

“Would you mind if my hands were fully covered with blood” Leng Shaoting asked her the same question.

As a member of the special forces, he had killed no fewer people than Gu Ning in her previous incarnation.

“Of course not.

Not at all,” Gu Ning said.

“I wont either,” Leng Shaoting said.

They chose each other and were ready to accept one anothers good points and shortcomings.

It wasnt a surprising answer, but Gu Ning was still delighted.

Even though they were in love with each other, and both of them knew it very well, it was still different to hear it.

To feel it was one thing, while to hearing it was another thing.

It would be super boring if a couple didnt say any sweet nothings to each other.

“How did you deal with the rest of the things in the Earth Nightclub” Leng Shaoting asked.

“I ran into Qi Tianlin there, and I agreed to gamble with him, so he helped me deal with the rest,” Gu Ning replied.

“We had 10 rounds of gambling, and the bet was a hundred million yuan a round.

Five were draws, and I won the other five.

All in all, I won five hundred million yuan today! Isnt it cool” Gu Ning looked at Leng Shaoting with excitement in her eyes.

Seeing Gu Ning being excited, Leng Shaoting was aroused once again.

The next day, the news that Tang Yunfan and Tang Haifeng had successively been caught in a car accident and was now still unconscious went abroad all of a sudden, and it threw a bomb into the market at once.

The staff of Tanghuang Group also felt nervous.

Many people might have heard of what had happened to Tang Haifeng, but few knew that Tang Yunfan was also in danger.

A team without a leader would fall into a mess sooner or later.

Gu Ning knew clearly that the mastermind behind the leak problem would take action again.

Facing the crisis, Tanghuang Group held another urgent meeting among the board of directors.

“Who spread the news abroad”

Although Tang Yunhang seldom interfered in the companys business, he would stand out when it was an emergency.

Those directors all felt quite stressed at this moment.

However, all of them denied it.

“Yunhang, I know that youre suspicious that one of us has spread the news abroad, but dont forget it only hurts us.

Besides, Tanghuang Group has many enemies in business.

Although the Tang family has a high-level security, it isnt fully closed.

If someone wants to find out some confidential information, he could figure out a way or two,” Tang Deming said in annoyance, as if he shouldnt be blamed.

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