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Chapter 728 A Copy Bracelet

Since Tang Jiayang was assigned to be the acting chairman, nobody could oppose it.

However, he still needed to face many challenges ahead.

Therefore, although Tang Jiayang already sat on the position of acting chairman, it was just the beginning.

Once the meeting ended, he had to get to know everything about the Tang familys business group.

Luckily, the Tang family raised Tang Jiayang as the heir of their family business, so he was very familiar with it.

Along with Quan Mingkai and Yan Weiluns assistance, he was able to take over the company smoothly.

Even so, it was his first time being the leader of a large dominant business group after all, so there was a lot for him to learn.

Tang Deming went back to his office later, and used another mobile phone to call Tang Weiyong

When Tang Weiyong heard the news, he was angrier than ever, but could do nothing about it either.

He knew that it wasnt easy to unseat the Tang family, which was the reason why he was the mastermind behind the scene till now.

To his astonishment, Tang Jiayang was able to quietly go back home without anyone knowing about it.

“It seems that I have to use my ace in the hole right now.” Tang Weiyongs eyes were full of viciousness.

He thought that Tang Deming could become the acting chairman this time, and they would carry out their plan at a slow pace, but he was wrong.

Tang Weiyong didnt tell Tang Deming what he was going to do next, and Tang Deming didnt ask further either.

Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan had supported Tang Deming at the meeting, but they werent worried at all after Tang Deming failed, because Quan Mingkai understood the reason why they had done it.

Someone had abducted Cheng Zhongshengs son and Wu Boyans daughter before the meeting, and forced them to side with Tang Deming.

Both Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan planned to stay neutral in this fight for power, but they were forced to make a choice.

They never doubted the Tang familys ability, so they told Quan Mingkai everything.

Quan Mingkai told them to do what they were told to do for their childrens safety.

They had supported Tang Deming today, and it wasnt their fault that Tang Deming failed.


After a while, Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan received a call from their kids, and were told that they were safe back home.

Those abductors had let their children go, not because they were kind, but because it was better for them to avoid unnecessary trouble right now.

Today was also the reopening day of Kamei Beauty Salon in City F.

In the beginning, the majority of their customers were unwilling to accept the new skincare products, especially because they were new and lacked fame.

Nevertheless, more and more people fell in love with them after trying it, and the new skincare products soon became popular.

Some customers who hesitated to try it decided to wait until they were sure that the new skincare products were safe.

What had happened at Kouzi yesterday happened again today at Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Someone took a jade bracelet of low quality to Jade Beauty Jewelry and claimed that Jade Beauty Jewelry had deceived consumers.

The bracelet indeed looked quite similar to the real one.

Although others in the store didnt believe it, the person had the receipt of the jade, which made people wonder whether Jade Beauty Jewelry had really sold fake jade jewelry to its consumers.

Gu Ning was in the store today as well, and she was obviously annoyed.

“Did you say that you bought this bracelet in our store” Although Gu Ning was mad, she didnt show it on her face, and stayed calm.

Since the man had the receipt, it proved that he had bought a bracelet here, but he must have replaced the real one with a fake one.

“Yes, I bought it right here.

I thought that it was a high-end jade bracelet, but it turned out to be fake!” the middle-aged man said.

Gu Ning sneered and asked, “Great.

If you bought this jade bracelet right here, tell me which saleswoman served you”

“She did.” The man pointed at a saleswoman, and the saleswoman seemed a little embarrassed.

It was true that she had served the man.

Gu Ning understood that the man had bought a bracelet here, so she didnt blame the saleswoman, but said, “Since she has served you, her fingerprints must be on this jade bracelet.

We can do a fingerprint authentication to see whether its true.”

Hearing that, the man panicked a little, then soon calmed himself down.

“Many people have touched this bracelet.

Who knows whether hers are still on it!”

“Well find out after the fingerprint authentication,” Gu Ning said.

“By the way, since many people have touched this bracelet, how can you be sure that this bracelet is the same one that you bought here”

“Well…” The man was struck dumb.

He didnt expect that this young girl was so smart.

Other people in the store werent dumb, and realized the mans real purpose given his reaction.

“Exactly! Why do you hesitate to have the fingerprint authentication done”

“Well know whether its real or not after that.”

“I think Miss Gu is right.

This bracelet couldnt be the same one he bought here.”

“I heard from my friend that a woman caused some trouble at Kouzi the same way yesterday.

She claimed that the Kouzi facial mask caused a rash on her face, but didnt dare to try a new piece to see whether she was telling the truth.

I think that they must be jealous of the popularity of Kouzi and Jade Beauty Jewelry.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning wasnt surprised.

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