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Chapter 740 Gu Ning Learns What Has Happened to Yu Zi

Hearing that, Mrs.

Yang got nervous and asked with anxiety, “What happened”

Yang Ziqian then told his mother everything, because it wasnt a secret and his mother would hear about it sooner or later.


Yang was scared after hearing the terrifying news.

“Hows Yu Zi now Is she alright No, I think that I should call her right now.”

Saying that, Mrs.

Yang took out her phone and called Yu Zi at once.

She appreciated Yu Zi very much so she cared about her safety.

Yang Ziqian didnt stop her, because he knew his mother very well.

She wouldnt feel comforted if she didnt make the call herself.

When Yu Zi received Mrs.

Yangs call, she was so surprised that her phone almost fell from her hand.

Although Yang Ziqian and her were just friends now, she somehow had a feeling that Mrs.

Yang was her future mother-in-law.

Gu Man and Qiao Ya were already home when Gu Ning got back to Huafu Hills.

The next morning, Gu Ning received Gao Yis call, and he told her that they were going to deliver jade jewelry to the capital today, and that the opening day was the day after tomorrow.

Gu Ning had planned to go there, but now gave it up, because she was worried about the Tang family.

Actually, as the big boss, it wasnt necessary for Gu Ning to show up at the opening day.

In the morning, Qi Tianlin called Gu Ning again, and told her that Zuo Jiangkui hoped to meet her once more.

Qi Tianlin didnt make the decision for her and asked for her own opinion.

Gu Ning understood that Zuo Jiangkui must want to talk with her about the He family, but she still agreed to meet him.

Since she already decided to help He Siyin, she wanted to figure out Zuo Jiangkuis role in this mess.

Therefore, they agreed to meet at 11 am in the Kirin Hotel.

Kirin Hotel was also a five-star hotel, but it wasnt an international one.

After breakfast, Cao Wenxin came to visit Gu Ning, and she seemed displeased.

“Ningning, look at this,” Cao Wenxin said, and gave Gu Ning her phone.

Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow and sensed that something bad must have happened.

After reading the news, Gu Ning was annoyed.

What had happened at Fengshang Shopping Mall yesterday was already uploaded to the Internet by someone.

To Gu Nings astonishment, Lin Tianyou dared to break the law.

Even though Yu Zi was fine now, the cut on her neck would leave a scar, so Gu Ning decided to let Qiao Ya send Gu Man to the Tang familys house, while she went to visit Yu Zi.

It wasnt because Yu Zi was more important than Gu Man in Gu Nings eyes, but because Qiao Ya was able to protect Gu Man well.

There was no need for Gu Ning to follow them every time.

Cao Wenxin also planned to book a customized gown, so she went to visit Yu Zi along with Gu Ning Gu Ning called Yu Zi and asked her where she was before they left to visit her.

Yu Zi was in the factory at the moment, so Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin went straight to the factory.

When they met Yu Zi, they noticed that Yu Zi was wearing a high-collar shirt to cover her neck.

“Wenxin needs a tailored gown.

Please let someone measure her, and you come with me to the office,” Gu Ning said to Yu Zi, then walked towards the office.

Yu Zi arranged someone to measure Cao Wenxin at once before she followed Gu Ning.

“Hi, boss,” Yu Zi said.

Gu Ning took out a bottle with a power crystal in it.

“Apply this medicine with water to the cut on your neck three times a day, and itll disappear soon,” Gu Ning said to Yu Zi.

Hearing that, Yu Zi was surprised.

“Boss, you already heard of it”

“Wenxin told me,” Gu Ning said.

“No matter what terrible thing happens to you in the future, tell me, alright”

Gu Ning understood that Yu Zi didnt want to worry her so she kept it a secret from her.

However, Gu Ning was Yu Zis boss, and she cared about Yu Zis safety.

In addition, it was also necessary for Gu Ning to find out who dared to hurt Yu Zi, because it could be Gu Nings enemy.

Gu Nings enemies might not have the ability to hurt her, so it was possible that they would hurt the people beside her.

In that case, if Yu Zi was hurt because of her, she would feel guilty.

“Sure,” Yu Zi said.

She knew that Gu Ning said it for her own good, and she felt touched.

Yu Zi took the porcelain bottle and walked out to apply the medicine to the cut on her neck.

The moment the medicine was applied to the cut, she felt something cold seeping into her body, which was quite comfortable.

It took awhile for the medicine to come into effect, so Yu Zi didnt see the change right now.

After being measured, Cao Wenxin went to choose the style and color of her gown.

When they left the factory, Cao Wenxin invited Gu Ning to dine together, but Gu Ning already had an appointment, so Cao Wenxin had to dine alone.

It was already 10:30 am when they walked out, and Gu Ning told Cao Wenxin to drive her straight to the Kirin Hotel.

This time, Gu Ning showed up at the last second of their appointed time again, but she didnt do it on purpose.

In the private room, Zuo Jiangkui sat with He Siyin, but Gu Ning pretended that she wasnt familiar with He Siyin.

“Please have a seat, Miss Gu,” Zuo Jiangkui said politely.

Gu Ning didnt hesitate and sat down at once.

After that, Zuo Jiangkui let Gu Ning order first.

Gu Ning then ordered several of her favorite dishes.

Both Zuo Jiangkui and He Siyin ordered several dishes too.

When the waiter left, Zuo Jiangkui opened his mouth without delay.

“Miss Gu, although you declined Siyins offer yesterday, I still hope that you can reconsider it, and we can pay you a higher remuneration if you want.”

“I also understand that you dont lack money, but I think that you wont reject more of it either.

I know that youre busy studying and the National College Entrance Examination is around the corner, but it wont cost you much time.

You can fly to HK on the 7th, and stay there for a day, then come back on 9th.”

Zuo Jiangkui seemed very polite and sincere.

“Im so sorry, Mr.


Im afraid I cant help,” Gu Ning said.

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