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Chapter 750 A Mistresss Daughter

“I just thought that Mr.

Qi looks familiar and now I realize why,” Gu Ning said all of a sudden, like an idea just dawned on her.

Qi Ziyue was surprised, and asked with curiosity, “Oh, where have you seen me before, Miss Tang”

Although Gu Ning wasnt flirting with Qi Ziyue, Tang Yaxin somehow disliked her way of talking with him.

There was no woman who would tolerate her man talking frequently with another woman after all.

Gu Ning wore a meaningful smile, then said, “It was a coincidence, but I was rescued by a woman whose name is also Tang Aining one day in the capital.

I was surrounded by a bunch of hoodlums that day, and she helped me out.”

Hearing that, both Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin were shocked.

In the capital, Tang Aining Is that woman her Although they werent very sure, they had a feeling that the woman was her.

Seeing their reaction, Gu Ning was satisfied, and added, “After that, we sometimes contacted each other and I saw Mr.

Qis photo on her phone once before, and she told me that youre her boyfriend.”

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin got nervous.

How much does she know about Tang Aining

Gu Ning asked, “Mr.

Qi, are you still together with her I lost touch with Aining since August last year.”

“Um, we already broke up, and we didnt keep in touch,” Qi Ziyue said and felt uneasy.

“Oh, fine.” Gu Ning sounded disappointed.

“Well, what did you normally talk with her about” Qi Ziyue suddenly asked.

“We just talked about our life experiences.

Speaking of that, we even share a common experience.

You know I have a unique skill to gamble on jade raw materials, but actually its my father who sent me to learn it from a master when I was just a little girl.

It wasnt a pleasant experience, and I gave my father all the money I won.

Aining told me that she had the same experience, because her father sent her to learn kung fu when she was just a kid too and shes done a lot for her familys company,” Gu Ning said.

With a clear sound, Tang Yaxins hand trembled and a cup fell onto the table.

Even Qi Ziyue panicked at this moment.

How could she know about it What else does she know

“Miss Tang, are you alright” Gu Ning pretended that she was worried about her.

“I-Im fine.” Tang Yaxin did her best to calm herself down.

“No pain, no gain.

Miss Tang, I do admire you for everything youve done,” Secretary Zhang said.


Qi, if you hear from Aining, please let me know,” Gu Ning said on purpose.

“Sure,” Qi Ziyue replied.

In fact, it was impossible, because she was already dead.

“She left something with me.

If I cant find her, I dont think its appropriate for me to keep it all the time,” Gu Ning said.

“What is it” Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin asked in a hurry at the same time.

Seeing their unusual reaction, Gu Ning wore a confused face.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin realized that they were acting in an impolite manner as well, and calmed down at once.

Qi Ziyue explained.

“Im also worried about her after hearing that you lost touch with her, and I want to know more about her too.

Although weve broken up for a long time, we were boyfriend and girlfriend before after all.”

“Oh.” Gu Ning nodded.

“She gave me a USB flash disk, but I dont know whats inside, because its her privacy.”

Hearing that, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin couldnt stay calm anymore.

“Well, to be honest, Im her younger sister.

Can you give me the USB flash disk” Tang Yaxin asked.

“Youre Ainings younger sister” Gu Ning, instead, seemed displeased.

“If youre her younger sister, I cant give it to you, because I hate a mistresss daughter the most.” Gu Ning said it plainly in front of everyone.

“You…” Tang Yaxin was mad.

“Mind your language!”

Tang Yaxin hated people saying that she was a mistresss daughter.

Even though it was an unchangeable fact, she still couldnt accept it.

Mu Wenqi and Secretary Zhang were both shocked, because they didnt know yet.

Afterwards, they felt embarrassed.

Qi Ziyue was also annoyed, but didnt know what to say.

“Its the truth!” Gu Ning said again.

“You…” Tang Yaxin abruptly stood up and wanted to beat Gu Ning, but was stopped by Qi Ziyue.

“Yaxin, calm down.”

Thinking of the USB flash disk, Tang Yaxin had to listen to him.

However, she had a grudge against “Tang Aining” now.

In her eyes, all the woman named Tang Aining were unpleasant.

“Miss Tang, Im the general manager of the Tang familys business corporation in the capital.

If you trust me, you can give the USB flash disk to me.

I think that there must be business documents in it,” Qi Ziyue said.

“Im sorry.

Im afraid I can only give it back to her,” Gu Ning said.

“Please dont worry.

I promise that Ill never read the documents inside, and I think that there must be a password if the documents are so important.”

Since Gu Ning was unwilling to give it to him, Qi Ziyue didnt insist, and he also believed that there had to be a password.

No matter what, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin couldnt live a peaceful life from now on because of the USB flash disk.

During this meal, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin lost their appetite.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, enjoyed it very much.

She did it on purpose to scare them.

Sometimes, mental torture was more unbearable than physical.

After the meal, Gu Ning left, and Qi Ziyue stayed to discuss business with the rest of the people in the room.

Gu Ning didnt walk away, but went to sit in the tea hall.

She planned to follow them and teach them a lesson when they left.

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