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Smart businessmen all knew that it wasnt likely that a dominant business group like the Tanghuang Group would fail within a short time, even though several members of the Tang family were caught in an accident one after another.

It was just the beginning, and the Tanghuang Group was running well as usual.

Therefore, those who had picked on Tang Jiayang all had a relationship with Tang Deming.

Tang Jiayang glanced around at them after he sat down on the chairmans seat.

His sight stopped for a second on Tang Deming, then moved away.

“I bet you must be very curious about who tried to kill me.”

“Who” Hearing that, everyone was all ears, except for Tang Deming.

Tang Deming was in a panic all of a sudden.

Tang Jiayang was paying special attention to him, which meant that he could have been exposed.

However, he didnt believe that Tang Jiayang had solid proof, because he had been extremely careful.

Even so, he was still restless.

At the same time, he also wondered why Tang Jiayang could be fine after just being shot.

“Hi, Uncle Deming, you seem distracted.

What are you thinking” Tang Jiayang looked at Tang Deming.

“N-nothing.” Tang Deming swallowed, and his voice trembled a little.

He realized that he was behaving abnormally, so he forced himself to calm down, and kept telling himself that Tang Jiayang didnt have solid proof.

Tang Deming sat there with a calm face, but the others all knew clearly that there must be something wrong with Tang Deming.

It might turn out to be a long day for Tang Deming.

“Uncle Deming, arent you curious about who tried to kill me” Tang Jiayang asked again.

It was obvious that he wouldnt let Tang Deming have a break.

Tang Deming frowned and seemed displeased.

“Tang Jiayang, do you have to bombard me with questions”

Tang Jiayang pulled his lips.

“Uncle Deming, I think you know the reason clearly.”

“You…” Tang Deming was annoyed, and got nervous.

“Tang Jiayang, if youre suspicious of me, show me the evidence.

If you dont have any solid proof, its slander, and I can sue you for that.”

“You want to see the proof No problem.

I have several pictures with me, and youll know what happened the moment you see them,” Tang Jiayang said, and his secretary took out a file and opened it at once.

Tang Deming, on the other hand, got anxious.

Does he really have evidence

If Tang JIayang really had evidence, what should he do Its impossible for him to call Tang Weiyong now.

Seeing Tang Demings unusual reaction, the others all believed that he must be guilty, and they looked at him with dislike.

The secretary took out a pile of photos from the file, and handed them to those directors around the table.

When they saw the people in the photos, they were all shocked.

“I-is this Tang Weiyong Isnt he dead” Tang Zhilin exclaimed.

Those directors had worked in Tanghuang Group for nearly 20 years, so they clearly knew what had happened 19 years ago.

“Tang Deming is with him,” the ninth director said, and looked annoyed.

The truth was exposed now.

They were all familiar with Tang Weiyong, and knew that he was a selfish, self-centered, and cunning man.

He had failed to steal Tang Haifengs family business 19 years ago, so he had turned to scheme against Tang Yunfan.

Afterwards, Tang Weiyong faked his death, and appeared again, then several members of the Tang family were caught in an accident one after another.

The answer couldnt be clearer.

Besides, Tang Deming had secretly met Tang Weiyong many times.

Nobody would believe it if he said that there was no relationship between them.

With a loud sound, Tang Zhilin hit the photos on the table, and questioned Tang Deming in anger, “Tang Deming, tell us why you secretly met Tang Weiyong Are you scheming together against the Tang family”

Tang Deming was struck dumb, because he didnt expect that they would have the surveillance videos of that club.

Not only him, but Tang Weiyong was also exposed right now.

“I think they just want to get control of Tanghuang Group.

They must be involved in the accidents which happened to Chairman Yunfan, Master Tang and Jiayang!” The ninth director was also in a rage.

“Those are just some photos, which cant prove anything.

You cant blame me for everything just because of several photos.

Do you have other solid proof” Tang Deming argued.

He still tried to get away with it.

However, it turned out that he couldnt.

“Although youre not the mastermind, youre an accomplice.

You knew that Tang Weiyong was still alive.

Why didnt you tell us Did you think that you could get away with it” Tang Jiayang said in a cold tone.

Tang Deming was in despair, and didnt know what to say.

It was the truth.

Although he wasnt the mastermind, he was an accomplice, and he would still be punished according to the law.

Since Tang Jiayang was able to get those photos, it wasnt difficult for him to find other solid proof.

Tang Jiayang added, “We also found out that you have 10% shares of Jazz Club.

Jazz Club isnt a good place, and there are many illegal deals being done every day.

To be honest with you, the police are on their way there now.”

Jazz Club was the club owned by the person from Country Y, and it was Tang Weiyongs place as well.

Hearing that, Tang Deming understood that he was doomed.

Jazz Club was owned by a foreigner, and they had done many illegal deals there, so the government would punish its owner and shareholders without doubt.

Tang Deming collapsed on his chair, and didnt know what he should do now.

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