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Chapter 766 Tang Deming Is Caugh

Tang Deming had agreed to work with Tang Weiyong because Tang Weiyong had saved his sons life before, and even promised to give him 10% shares of Jazz Club.

Many illegal deals were done in Jazz Club every day, so he could get dozens of millions of yuan from it every year.

Although it was barely comparable to his shares in Tanghuang Group, he was unwilling to reject the money.

Most importantly, Tang Weiyong had saved his sons life once before.

However, what Tang Deming didnt know was that it was just a show directed and played by Tang Weiyong in order to make Tang Deming owe him so that Tang Deming would work for him.

“Tang Deming, the Tang family treated you very well.

Why did you have to do this Do you think that Chairman Yunfan isnt aware of what youve done behind his back during the past years He just turned a blind eye on it, but you still want to hurt the benefits of the Tanghuang Group.

How shameless you are!” Tang Zhilin strongly criticized Tang Deming.

Except for Tang Yunhang and Tang Yunrong, Tang Yunfan trusted Tang Zhilin most among the shareholders of Tanghuang Group.

Therefore, Tang Zhilin was very close to Tang Yunfan.

“You shouldnt have worked with Tang Weiyong to scheme against Tanghuang Group!” The ninth director was also loyal to the Tang family.

Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan had stayed neutral all the time, so they didnt criticize Tang Deming now for fear of reprisal, even though they also disliked his behavior.

They remembered clearly that their children had been abducted not to long ago!

Even though they remained silent, Tang Jiayang didnt mind.

Fu Kaiyu was Tang Demings supporter, but he didnt dare to say a word right now either.

“Uncle Deming, I hope that you can give me a reasonable explanation.

Maybe well punish you lightly given your relationship with my family,” Tang Jiayang said.

Tang Deming frowned.

He also understood that he would be put in jail if the Tang family refused to protect him.

If the Tang family wanted to punish him, his whole life would be ruined.

“Uncle Deming, you dont have much time to waste here.

Within half an hour, the police will arrive here too,” Tang Jiayang added.

When Tang Jiayang went back to the Tanghuang Groups building, someone reported that there were many illegal deals being done in Jazz Club, and Tang Yunhang went to inspect it in person.

The report was, of course, also just a show directed and played by them, but it was true that Jazz Club was involved in many illegal activities.

Its senior management was caught at once, and Jazz Club was sealed too.

Hearing that the police would be here within half an hour, Tang Deming finally opened his mouth.

“I wasnt willing to do it myself, but Tang Weiyong saved my sons life before, so I had to work for him.

I have nothing to do with the accidents which happened to Tang Yunfan and Master Tang, because Tang Weiyong wouldnt tell me details.”

In that case, Tang Deming didnt commit a serious crime, but he was still going to be punished.

Tang Jiayang took out a document and threw it in front of Tang Deming.

“Sign it, and we can let you go.”

Hearing that, Tang Deming knew that the document wouldnt do him any good, but he had to accept it.

It was an equity transfer agreement.

The Tanghuang Group would buy Tang Demings shares back according to the market price.

Even so, Tang Deming was still reluctant to sign it.

If he had shares of the Tanghuang Group, he could get an annual dividend of over a hundred million yuan.

If he sold his shares, he could get a large amount of money at once, but he wouldnt get a cent in the following years.

No matter how unwilling Tang Deming was, he had to sign his name on it in the end.

Tang Jiayang also kept his word, and transferred the money to Tang Demings bank account after he signed his name.

After that, the police came to arrest Tang Deming.

Just as Tang Jiayang had said, the police arrived within half an hour.

Tang Deming was arrested by the police, and the meeting was over.

Fu Kaiyu didnt let a long breath out until Tang Jiayang left the meeting room.

He felt quite lucky that he wasnt punished.

The staff working in the building didnt know what had happened, but they understood that Tang Deming must have done illegal things for the police to come arrest him.

“What has Director Tang done Why did the police arrest him”

“Did he betray the company”

“No way! If the company is in danger, he cant gain any benefits.”

“Hard to say.

Once the acting chairman got back, Director Tang was arrested by the police.

I think that he might be involved in those accidents which happened to Chairman Yunfan, Master Tang and the acting chairman.”

“Oh, right.”

“If so, I think that Director Tang must want to be the chairman himself.”

Their guesses were right, because it wasnt difficult to guess correctly given what had happened to the company in the past few days.

Before long, they heard the latest news that Tang Deming was fired by Tanghuang Group, but they still didnt know why the police arrested Tang Deming today.

Tang Weiyong also heard the news, but he couldnt figure out why things changed abruptly.

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