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769 Share Donation Agreemen

Although Tang Yunhang stayed neutral in politics, there were people who still tried to convince him to join them.

Coercion and bribery were just common ways of drawing someone over to their side.

Sometimes, they would slap you at first before they gave you a candy.

In other words, they would cause you trouble or scheme against you at first, then gave you a helping hand when you were in danger.

Of course, they would hide their real identities when they dealt with you.

Since they helped you, you owed them a favor.

Luckily, Tang Yunhang was an upright man who always acted according to the rules, so he gave nobody any ammunition.

In addition, he had the Tang familys support, so coercion and bribery didnt work for him.

Mu Xuxin understood Tang Yunhangs explanation, but he didnt think that it was a big deal given Tang Yunhangs position and the Tang familys influence.

Therefore, Mu Xuxin felt that Tang Yunhang was unwilling to help Mu Wenqi because he didnt believe that Mu Wenqi was innocent.

Without solid proof, it was understandable that Tang Yunhang didnt believe Mu Wenqi.

Since Tang Yunhang declined to bail Mu Wenqi out, Mu Xuxin had to give it up.

Qi Ziyue also heard the news, and went to the Public Security Bureau to visit Mu Wenqi at once.

However, Mu Wenqis father had just visited him, so the police wouldnt allow others to meet him again.

Qi Ziyue was confused.

Since Mu Wenqis father had been here before, why didnt his father bail him out It wasnt a serious crime after all, and it was merely nothing in the eyes of the high class.

The Mu family was an influential family in City B, so it should be very easy for them to bail Mu Wenqi out, but Mu Wenqi was still locked in the Public Security Bureau.

Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi were close friends, and he had visited the Mu familys house many times before, so he was familiar with Mu Xuxin as well.

Without delay, Qi Ziyue called Mu Xuxin to figure out what had happened.

After talking with Mu Xuxin on the phone, Qi Ziyue got to know that the Tang family in City B was also involved in this case.

It was a tricky problem.

Qi Ziyue wanted to help them, but he could do nothing about it now.

The crisis confronting the Tanghuang Group came to an end right after it began, but the Tang family had been through a lot behind the scenes.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, Tang Yunfan, Tang Haifeng and Tang Jiayang could have been killed.

Compared with their lives, the Tanghuang Group was nothing.

If they could stay alive, everything was possible.

If they were killed, the Tanghuang Group was meaningless to them.

Tang Yunfan came back to the Tanghuang Groups building right after Tang Weiyong was killed, because only he could handle the situation.

The moment Tang Yunfan showed up, everyone was excited and shocked, because they just heard the news that Tang Yunfan was still unconscious this morning.

Since Tang Yunfan appeared now, they believed that it must have been fake news.

Some also believed that it was the truth that Tang Yunfan had been caught in a car accident, but he turned it to his own use in order to catch the mastermind behind the scheme against Tanghuang Group.

Once Tang Deming was caught, Tang Yunfan came back.

The news that Tang Yunfan came back to work in the company went abroad within a short time, and people all believed that they had been deceived by those previous rumors.

Anyway, the Tang family overcame the crisis, and Tang Yunfan got control of the Tanghuang Group again.

In the afternoon, Tang Haifeng also left the hospital for the Tang familys house.

It wasnt a pleasant experience that he had stayed in the hospital for so many days, and he felt much more relaxed in his own home.

The Lei family came to visit him a while later.

Zhao Yiru also came along with Master Lei and Lei Haowei.

Zhao Yiru wasnt worried at all, because he knew everything, but the Lei family was deeply concerned about the Tang family.

They thought that Tang Yunfan had gone abroad, but heard that he was caught in a car accident today.

Lei Haowei called Tang Yunhang for confirmation the moment he heard the bad news.

The problem was almost solved when Lei Haowei called Tang Yunhang, so Tang Yunhang didnt keep it a secret from him anymore, and told him the truth, but didnt tell him many details.

Lei Haowei also understood that it was their family conflict, so he didnt ask further as long as Tang Yunfan was fine.

Lei Haowei, Master Lei and Zhao Yiru left after sharing dinner with the Tang family.

Tang Yunfan then told Gu Ning to follow him to the study.

When they were alone in the study, Tang Yunfan took out a file and gave it to Gu Ning.

“Sign this.”

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, then used her Jade Eyes to see what was inside.

She was surprised to see that there was a share donation agreement.

Tang Yunfan was going to give her 8% shares of the Tanghuang Group, which he bought from Tang Deming.

Gu Ning had no intention to take it, but she still opened it.

“I cant take this,” she said afterwards.

She put it back on the table and pushed it back in front of Tang Yunfan.

“Why” Tang Yunfan wasnt very surprised, because he knew that Gu Ning wouldnt take it, but he sincerely wanted her to accept it.

“Its too much, and I prefer to build my career on my own,” Gu Ning said.

“You deserve this.

If it hadnt been for you, our family could have been ruined.

You can take this as a reward,” Tang Yunfan said.

“Were a family, and we dont talk about rewards with family members,” Gu Ning said.

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