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816 Argument with Zi Beiying

However, it wasnt the end of the day yet.

When Gu Ning drove home, she was caught in an accident halfway.

A bunch of people were fighting against each other on the sidewalk, but a man was kicked all of a sudden, and fell on the hood of Gu Nings car.

It happened too fast and Gu Ning didnt have time to avoid it.

“F*ck!” She couldnt help but say a dirty word.

Her car cost over ten million yuan, and it cost several million yuan to change a hood! Even though Gu Ning didnt lack money at all, it didnt mean that she would waste her money.

The man rolled onto the ground after falling on the hood of Gu Nings car.

Luckily, Gu Ning had slammed on the brakes in time, or the man could have been run over by her car.

Seeing the large dent in the hood, Gu Ning got angry.

She got out of her car at once and pulled the man up to discuss compensation.

The man was heavily hit, but wasnt seriously injured, and he was able to run away after breathing in a few times.

It showed that this man had received professional training.

Just as Gu Ning pulled the man up, another man was kicked over.

She subconsciously kicked him back, and the man flew back following the same direction, then knocked over a person in black.

The scene amazed everyone on the road, and they turned to look at Gu Ning.

Seeing that Gu Ning was a young girl, they were all surprised.

To their astonishment, this young girl was so agile and strong.

They didnt have much time to pay attention to Gu Ning now though, and soon focused on the fierce fight.

Gu Ning then stood aside watching them fight against one another.

She decided to deal with it when they were done.

There were two groups of people involved in the fight.

One group was made up of seven men who were all in black, and they looked like bodyguards or something, while the other group consisted of two women and a man.

The two women and the man were excellent at fighting, and they didnt seem stressed at all in a fight against seven men.

Around five minutes later, the group of seven men were beaten down on the ground, and the two women along with the man were about to leave, but Gu Ning stopped them.

“Hey, whoever kicked the man just then should pay the compensation! He just damaged my car.” Gu Ning wouldnt let them get away with it.

“Mengda, give her two hundred thousand yuan,” a beautiful young woman said.

It was Zi Beiying, and the man with her was her bodyguard, Mengda.

Mengda was a man around 30 years old.

He had a medium build, but was a martial arts expert.

The woman standing by Zi Beiyings side was Nan, who was 27 years old.

She was petite, but was also good at fighting.

Zi Beiying was born in a family which was one of the three biggest munitioners in Southeast Asia, so her bodyguards were ace fighters.

If they met Gao Yi and Qiao Ya in a fight, it was hard to tell which group would win.

Zi Beiying had no intention to leave without paying the compensation.

Two hundred thousand yuan was nothing in her eyes.

“Two hundred thousand yuan Thats not enough,” Gu Ning said.

“Not enough” Zi Beiying frowned.

She didnt think that a hood was worth much.

“You can have a look at my car, and youll know whether its enough or not,” Gu Ning said.

Zi Beiying gave Mengda a look, and he walked forward.

After a while, Mengda walked back to her and said, “Lady Beiying, its a limited edition Lamborghini, and it costs nearly twenty million yuan.

Its hood costs around three million yuan.”

“Three million yuan” Zi Beiying frowned.

She was amazed by the price of the car.

Although three million yuan was still nothing in her eyes, she wasnt willing to pay the full compensation alone.

It wasnt completely her fault anyway.

“Im willing to pay the compensation, but I can only give you 1.5 million yuan.

As for the rest, you can ask him for it.” Zi Beiying pointed at the man in Gu Nings hand.

“I dont care how you split the compensation.

I demand three million yuan right now,” Gu Ning said.

“I dont have money,” the man who was caught by Gu Ning said.

“Its none of my business that you dont have money,” Zi Beiying said and lost patience.

“Ill only give you 1.5 million yuan.

Take it or leave it.”

“I already told you that I dont care how you split the compensation.

I just demand three million yuan right now.

And you cant leave right now, because I have to call the police,” Gu Ning said.

Both of them should take responsibility.

“Dont take my kindness as tolerance.

Do you think that you can stop us if we want to leave” Zi Beiying was mad.

Right now she looked very different from her cute and kind face that she showed in the Zi familys house.

“Try it,” Gu Ning said coldly.

“Lets see!” Zi Beiying said, and made up her mind to not give Gu Ning the 1.5 million yuan.

Gu Ning threw the man in her hand away without hesitation, then went straight ahead to block their way.

“Get out of my way right now!” Zi Beiying warned.

Although Zi Beiying knew that Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl because she just had easily kicked a man away, they didnt think that Gu Ning could beat the three of them in a fight by herself.

In fact, they thought that any of them would be able to beat Gu Ning down.

“You must stay until the police arrive,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Zi Beiying was annoyed, then gave an order.

“Nan, teach her a lesson.”

“Sure,” Nan said, then attacked Gu Ning without delay.

Gu Ning also fought back at once.

From the very beginning, Gu Ning already got complete control of the fight.

Nan, on the other hand, failed to hurt Gu Ning after a long while.

“Mengda, go help Nan.” Zi Beiying got anxious.

To her surprise, this young girl was much better than Nan at fighting.

Mengda joined Nan the next second.

However, they still couldnt hurt Gu Ning at all, and Mengda was punched by Gu Ning several times.

Seeing that, Zi Beiying was shocked and mad.

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