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817 I“m Going to Be Married

Zi Beiying didnt hesitate and joined the fight.

However, the three of them still werent able to hurt Gu Ning.

Someone had called the police when they had fought against those men in black, so the police arrived before the second fight came to an end.

Seeing the fierce fight, the policemen were all shocked, and none of them dared to walk forward to stop them.

Gu Ning stopped when she saw the policemen, and Zi Beiyings group also stopped.

After hearing what had happened, the police made a judgment that Zi Beiying should pay two million yuan, while the man in black should pay a million yuan to Gu Ning.

As for Zi Beiyings grudge against those men in black, the police would get involved in it if they werent willing to deal with it themselves.

Zi Beiying was unwilling to let the police get involved in it.

She already left the ambit of the Zi family, so if she didnt want to cause bigger trouble, she had to give in right now.

She could easily solve this problem by exposing her family background, but it would put her in a more dangerous situation.

Her family had many enemies, and she was reluctant to put her life in danger.

Those men in black were also willing to pay Gu Ning the compensation.

Zi Beiying fixed her eyes on Gu Ning after the judgment.

She was mad at Gu Ning and hated Gu Ning very much, but Gu Ning looked relaxed.

It seemed like Gu Ning didnt care about it at all, which annoyed Zi Beiying.

To protect Gu Nings safety, the police told Gu Ning to leave earlier, so Zi Beiying could only watch Gu Ning driving out of her sight.

When Gu Ning got home, she told Qiao Ya to deal with the dent.

Although Gu Man lived in the Tang familys house right now, she didnt sleep in the same room as Tang Yunfan.

The members of the Tang family went back to their rooms to rest around 11 pm.

Gu Man lay on her bed and thought for a while, then called Gu Qing.

Gu Qing was still awake.

“Hi, Man, are you still up” Gu Qing asked.

“Yeah, how is business going in our beauty salon” Gu Man said.

“Its super good! Were so busy these days, and the new skincare products couldnt be more popular among the customers!” Gu Qing sounded excited.

The new skincare products were about to be out of stock.

“Glad to know that!” Gu Man also felt happy.

“Um, how is Qinxiang doing now”

Speaking of Gu Qinxiang, Gu Qing was a little nervous.

“Man, please dont be mad at me.”

Hearing that, Gu Man frowned.


“Im sorry.

I know you dislike him, but hes my older brother after all.

Hes changed a lot as well, so I lent him two million yuan to help him keep his company afloat, but he has to pay the money back to me in the future.

He still needs to rely on himself from now on,” Gu Qing said.

Gu Qing wasnt as deeply hurt by Gu Qinxiang as Gu Man was, so she was more willing to help him.

At the same time, she felt a little guilty too, so she didnt tell Gu Man.

Since Gu Man asked about Gu Qinxiangs condition now, she thought that she should tell her.

Gu Man remained silent for a while after hearing it, but she wasnt mad.

“Qing, I wont help him myself, but I wont stop anyone else from helping him either.

I understand that you dont have the heart to see him living a poor life.

Its fine.

You dont need to apologize to me.”

“Thanks,” Gu Qing said.

“Oh, are you still in City B” Gu Qing asked all of a sudden.

“Yeah,” Gu Man said.

“Qing, Im going to get married soon.”

Actually, Gu Man called Gu Qing to tell her the good news.

She should have told Gu Qing the news when Tang Yunfan had proposed to her, but she felt too nervous to call Gu Qing back then.

“Really Is the man Ningnings biological father” Gu Qing was surprised.

Although she knew that Gu Man would get together with Tang Yunfan the moment she found out that Tang Yunfan was Gu Nings biological father, she was still surprised that the two were finally going to be married.

She also felt happy for Gu Man.

“Yes, well be married on the 16th of next month.

Do come to City B to visit us beforehand,” Gu Man said.

“Sure!” Gu Qing was delighted, and cried joyful tears.

Gu Man finally found her love, and Gu Ning finally had a father! It had been 19 years, and Gu Man deserved to be happy.

“Its not early now, so Ill call Qinyang tomorrow,” Gu Man said.

Among her relatives, she would only share this good news with Gu Qing and Gu Qinyangs families.

As for her friends, she would call them tomorrow as well.

Gu Man decided to invite several of her close friends to attend her wedding.

The next morning, Gu Ning received Gao Yis call around 8 am.

Gao Yi told her that everything was done, and that Ba Tianyang was working in the club right now.

Chen Cangyi was also efficient, and found a good sports club the next day after Gu Ning told him to do so.

There was nothing else for Gao Yi to deal with, so Gu Ning told him to come back.

When it was around 10 am, Yu Zi called Gu Ning and told her that Jason had made his decision to be her teacher.

Yu Zi couldnt believe her ears when Jason told her his decision.

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