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Chapter 833: Zhang Zikai VS.

Song Siyao

Shouldnt we all stay in this hotel Why can this female student live in her home

When they saw that Gu Ning was such a stunning girl, they were all impressed.

Shes so gorgeous!

Most of the boys kept appreciating her beauty, while most of the girls started to get jealous of her, especially Song Siyao whose eyes were full of hatred now.

Song Siyao was always the beauty in everyones eyes, and she was used to being the most beautiful girl in the school.

However, now she met Gu Ning who was much prettier than her.

Song Siyao had to admit, although she hated to, that Gu Ning was indeed unusually beautiful.

More beautiful than any other girl that she had ever seen before.

The male teacher walked towards Gu Ning and asked her with a serious face.

“May I know which city you are from Did your teacher agree with it”

“Im from City F, and my teacher has already agreed,” Gu Ning replied staying calm.

City F A third-tier city

The male teacher frowned and showed a little disdain on his face.

“Your teacher agreed Why Its the rule set by the Education Bureau, that all the participants must stay in this hotel.

If you stay somewhere else, will the Education Bureau allow you to do that”

He hated those who thought that they were different and should be treated differently the most.

In addition, Gu Ning was from a third-tier city, while Song Siyao was from the capital.

Song Siyao was born in a super-rich family in the capital, and even she had to stay in this hotel in the end.

Why could Gu Ning disobey the rule The male teacher blamed Gu Nings teacher for it.

“Well, if it were possible, I would obey the rule, but I have something else to deal with, so I cant stay here with the other students,” Gu Ning explained politely.

She understood that this male teacher was just doing his job.

“You have something else to deal with” The male teacher frowned again with obvious dissatisfaction.

“Youre a student, and the only thing you should deal with is your studies.”

“Right! Youre just a student.

What else should you focus on except studying I think you just want to play!” Song Siyao said.

After that, some girls who were also jealous of Gu Nings outstanding appearance began to criticize her.

“I think that she is refusing to stay in this hotel because she comes from a powerful family.”

“Some people are so arrogant just because of their family background.”

“Shes from a third-tier city.

How powerful could her family be”

“Shes flattering herself.”

“How shameless she is!”

“She knows nothing about this society!”

Hearing their criticisms, Gu Ning was annoyed.

“If youre dissatisfied with it, you can report it to the Education Bureau.

Shame on you for attacking me right now.

Do I have to tell you everything that I do”

Gu Ning hated people who were always criticizing and blaming others.

Even though she did disobey the rule, she was in a special situation.

“You can go report it to the Education Bureau if youre not satisfied with it! Stop criticizing her.

Arent you well-educated, top students” Su Anya said in anger.

Hearing that, those girls closed their mouths, and felt a little embarrassed.

However, they still disliked Gu Nings behavior.

“Alright, do whatever you need to do now,” the male teacher said to them, so they left to do their own things.

All of a sudden, a girl walked in front of Gu Ning and asked, “Are you Goddess Gu” The girl looked excited.

Gu Ning had never met this girl before, but she knew that this girl must have read some news about her on the Internet from the way the girl addressed her.

“What Goddess Gu Zhang Zikai, although shes beautiful, she isnt a goddess!” Song Siyao snorted with disdain.

She felt quite displeased when Zhang Zikai called Gu Ning Goddess Gu, because she believed that she was the only girl who could be called a goddess.

“Its none of your business!” Zhang Zikai retorted, then sneered at Song Siyao, “You must be super jealous of Goddess Gu now.

Do you really think that youre the prettiest girl in the school just because you have several admirers People with eyes can all see which one is more beautiful here!”

“You…” Song Siyao was mad, because Zhang Zikai saw through her.

The two girls had grown up together, arguing against each other along the way, so they knew one another better than anyone else.

Song Siyao was indeed an unkind and mean narcissist.

Zhang Zikai, on the contrary, was a kind and straightforward girl.

She never liked the way Song Siyao behaved, but she wouldnt argue against Song Siyao either as long as Song Siyao didnt annoy her.

Hearing their argument, some students who didnt leave the hall yet turned to glance at Gu Ning and Song Siyao.

It was true that Gu Ning was more beautiful than Song Siyao.

Moreover, Song Siyao looked arrogant and aggressive, while Gu Ning was gentle and elegant.

All in all, Gu Ning was more attractive than her.

“Enough! Stop arguing here!” the male teacher snapped at them once more.

Both Song Siyao and Zhang Zikai were born in super-rich families, so he couldnt side with either of them.

Zhang Zikai was in no mood for an argument, so she turned to look at Gu Ning again.

“Youre Goddess Gu, right”

Gu Ning was amused.

“You already called me Goddess Gu.

What else can I say”

“Ha-ha.” Zhang Zikai laughed a little.

“I just want to hear the answer from your mouth in case Im wrong.”

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