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Chapter 843: Bribery

If it was a common test, it wasnt hard to get full marks, but it was a national math competition! The questions were much more difficult than those of common tests, so the best score other than Gu Nings was 96.

Moreover, only 36 students out of 108 participants scored over 90, and only 67 had a score over 80, while the rest of the students scores were all lower than 70.

Students who came to attend todays competition were all top students from different cities around the country, but there was still a gap between them.

It was also possible that some of them had failed to do the test to the best of their ability.

Their scores were out at 1 pm, and everyone was shocked by Gu Nings score.

They all believed that Gu Ning had to be a genius.

Song Siyao, however, couldnt accept it.

Gu Ning had handed her paper in after just half an hour, and Song Siyao didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to get full marks.

Because of jealousy and hatred, Song Siyao reported her suspicion.

“I think Gu Ning must have bribed the Education Bureau, and gotten the answers beforehand.

I dont believe that she could finish the paper within just half an hour and even get full marks! Were all top students selected from thousands and thousands of high school students, but we all failed to finish the paper and get full marks within 80 minutes.

Why could Gu Ning” Song Siyao said.

Song Siyao was criticizing the Education Bureau now.

Although what Song Siyao said was a little offensive, it was indeed what everyone thought.

“What She handed her paper in after just half an hour”

“No way!”

“I dont think its possible.”

“She also got full marks!”

“I cant believe it either.”

After knowing that Gu Ning had handed her paper in after just half an hour, many people became suspicious of Gu Nings score.

“Song Siyao, stop spreading rumors! Gu Ning is an outstanding student and none of us is comparable to her! Face and accept this truth.” Zhang Zikai was still the first one who stood out to defend Gu Ning.

Su Anya followed her up.

“Right! Ningning always gets full marks back in her own school.”

Hearing that, everyone was shocked again.

“I choose to believe Goddess Gu too.”

“Me too!”

Some students who had learned what Gu Ning had done supported her as well, and they all called Gu Ning “Goddess Gu”.

Song Siyao, however, still refused to accept it.

“Its something you believe, not the truth!”

It was not only Song Siyao, but also many other students who couldnt believe it.

They were all top students, but the gap between them and Gu Ning was too obvious!

“I support Siyao.”

“I doubt the result too!”

“Its impossible that Gu Ning could finish the test within just half an hour and even get full marks!”

Seeing that many students chose to side with her, Song Siyao was more confident.

“Zhang Zikai, you just met the girl named Gu Ning a short while ago.

I think you better be cautious.”

“I trust her, and you dont have solid proof to prove that Gu Ning used bribery to win this contest!” Zhang Zikai argued.

“I just dont believe that she could do that!” Song Siyao retorted.

“Song Siyao, enough!” Su Anya was mad.

“Is it” Song Siyao raised her jaw with arrogance.

“It is enough!”

At this moment, a serious male voice sounded from outside of the crowd, which surprised everyone.

The man was Song Siyaos teacher, followed by all the other teachers, so the students stood aside at once.

“What else can you do apart from causing trouble” The male teacher was quite displeased, staring at Song Siyao.

Song Siyao panicked a little, but was unwilling to retreat.

“Im not the only one who holds that suspicion here,” Song Siyao said.

“Suspicion You dont have any proof.

Do you understand that its slander Have you ever thought of the result of it” The male teacher was in a rage.

“Or, do you think that youre the best student in this world, and nobody can be better than you”

In fact, he was also amazed by Gu Nings score, but he wasnt dumb enough to question the Education Bureau.

“I…” Song Siya wanted to say something else, but her teacher gave her a furious gaze, so she had to shut her mouth.

Right at this time, a middle-aged man of power walked over, and said to Song Siyao with a serious face, “Nice to see you, Im the vice director of the Education Bureau.

I can promise that its a fair contest.

You dont have any proof, but keep slandering the Education Bureau, so we have the right to sue you.

If you can prove that what you just said was true, were more than willing to accept the criticisms and advice.”

The vice director of the Education Bureau

Everyone was shocked, especially those students who had just questioned the Education Bureau.

They only dared to vent their anger by criticizing others without any proof, but had no courage to challenge the Education Bureau.

“I-I…” Song Siyao stammered.

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