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Li Maosong and his friends were concerned about their safety at the beginning, but were now totally relieved since Gu Ning was going there with them.

They completely trusted Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, I heard the news from my friend, so he and his friends will go with us.

If we find anything valuable, theyll share it with us too.

Do you mind” Li Maosong asked.

“Of course not,” Gu Ning said.

In fact, if there were really valuable objects in the ship, Gu Ning would put them into her telepathic eye space first, and shared the rest of the antiques with them.

They knew that Gu Ning was generous, but they still needed to ask for her agreement.

“Well set off at 7 am tomorrow from this hotel.

Will you come here to meet us, or do you need us to pick you up” Li Maosong asked.

“We can meet here before 7 am tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

It was settled like that.

After the serious business, they began to chat casually.

Guo Yiyang said with excitement, “Miss Gu, I read many pieces of news about you on the Internet these days, and your achievements really impress me.”

“Exactly! Miss Gu, is there anything you cant do” Zhao Jiangquan joked.

Gu Ning smiled.

“Well, I am better than most of the ordinary people at many things, but it doesnt mean that I can do everything.”

“Your parents must be super proud of you,” Li Maosong said, then felt sad because he thought of his own daughter and wife.

He used to have a loving family, but he lost his beloved daughter and wife 10 years ago in a car accident.

It had taken him a long time to move on.

He still had to take care of his aged parents, so he had to be strong and continue to live his life.

However, because he loved his deceased wife, he never married again.

Li Maosong used to be an owner of an antique store which was his familys property for many generations, but it wasnt profitable.

His father got seriously sick afterwards, and was badly in need of a large amount of money for medicine, so he was forced to be a gravedigger to make more money.

And now, his parents were both healthy and lived a good life.

When He Yixi was admitted into the hospital, her ankle was moved back to its normal position, and she could soon walk on her own.

Hong Yuefei, however, had to stay in bed for a couple of days.

It was something completely unacceptable in his eyes.

Therefore, he kept swearing at Gu Ning.

“Damn it, I must pay them back!”

“How dare they humiliate and hurt me!”

Gu Ning and the others left a while later.

When they had almost entered the hotel, a bunch of men surrounded them.

Gu Ning understood that they must have been sent by Hong Yuefei.

Without delay, they began to attack Gu Ning, Qiao Ya and Gao Yi, and none of them were bad at fighting.

Hong Yuefei wasnt too dumb, and he gathered over a dozen of the most skilled fighters in the Tiandihui to beat them.

However, they were still barely comparable to Gu Ning, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

Within a minute, the three of them beat the bunch of men down on the ground.

Those men were struck dumb, because they couldnt believe that they failed so soon.

In a room on the 16th floor of the Gonghao Hotel, two men were standing in front of the French window, and both of them were amazed by the scene.

One of them was Gong Zehan that Gu Ning had just met in the hall, while the other was around 30 years old with an unusually handsome face.

Most importantly, he resembled Xu Jinchen a lot.

In fact, he was Xu Jinchens older brother, Xu Jinlin.

“Can your younger brother do better than them” Gong Zehan asked.

“They moved too fast, so its hard to tell,” Xu Jinlin replied.

It was the truth that Gu Ning and the others moved too fast to let others see exactly how good they were at fighting.

Xu Jinchen was probably a match for Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, but he couldnt do better than Gu Ning.

Once Gu Ning and the others beat those men down, they entered the hotel.

The leader of those men called Hong Yuefei at once, and told him the result.

“What Seriously They beat you all down within just a minute Are you all trash”

Hong Yuefei was even angrier.

To his astonishment, Gu Ning and the others were able to beat some of the most skilled fighters in the Tiandihui down within just a minute!

Should he send out the top fighters in the Tiandihui However, the top fighters in the Tiandihui only followed the orders of his father and older brother.

Hong Yuefei was reluctant to give up, so he called his older brother afterwards.

Hong Yuefeis older brother, however, refused to help him and criticized him for a long time on the phone.

He knew Hong Yuefei too well.

If Hong Yuefei hadnt caused others trouble, Hong Yuefei himself wouldnt be in trouble now.

Obviously, the girl wasnt someone Hong Yuefei could mess with.

Although the Tiandihui was an influential gang in HK, times were different now.

If they caused too much trouble for the government, they would be punished too.

The government would only turn a blind eye when it wasnt serious.

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