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He Hongyuan told He Yixi to exchange more chips with five hundred million yuan for him.

Although He Hongyuan was unwilling to lose, he subconsciously thought that it was highly likely.

When He Yixi came back with those chips, He Hongyuan gave Gu Ning 16 of them, which amounted to 160 million yuan.

Everyone was amazed by Gu Nings gambling skills.

She already won 540 million yuan within a very short time! It was so easy for “Tang Aining” to make money!

Hong Yuehuan had mixed emotions now.

It seemed that the He family was going to win, and his father had to apologize to He Hongjie in person.

If the He family ended their cooperation with the He family, it would be the Tiandihuis loss.

However, if He Hongjie couldnt recover from his bad hearing, and He Siyang was still missing, the He family would be in the same crisis.

Even though the Tiandihui agreed to assist He Hongyuan, they knew nothing about He Siyang being missing, and they were unwilling to be involved in it.

“Go on!” He Hongyuan refused to accept the result, and tried to win his money back.

He focused on the sounds of dice rolling in the dice cup.

He Hongyuan bet on 2, 3, and 3.

Gu Ning bet on 2, 3, and 3 too.

Both of them were right this time, so it was a tie, and He Hongyuan relaxed a little.

Nevertheless, a tie wouldnt make any difference.

If he couldnt win, he would lose this game.

He Hongyuan lost a fortune the ninth round once again.

The total score was 16, and the odds were 18-1, while Gu Ning was right on both the total score and the specific numbers, so the odds became 36-1.

In that case, He Hongyuan had to pay her 360 million yuan.

Everyone was shocked.

Jesus! She won 360 million yuan after a single round!

Gu Ning had made nine hundred million yuan in total now.

Everyone was jealous of her.

He Hongyuan couldnt accept this terrible result, and spat out some blood all of a sudden.

People around him were all scared seeing that.

“Father!” He Yixi ran to support He Hongyuan.

If they just lost money today, they could afford it, but it was obviously not the matter of money, but the leading position of the He family.

If they lost today, they lost the whole business and properties of the He family, which was the real reason why He Hongyuan couldnt accept his failure.

He Hongjie had no sympathy for He Hongyuan.

Although they were related to each other, they were also enemies.

He Hongyuan asked for it himself.

“Master Hongyuan, do you need a rest” He Yishao asked.

Although they were pleased to see He Hongyuan spit blood, they should show their manners in this public place.

“No, thanks.” He Hongyuan rejected it at once.

He couldnt be absent.

Since He Hongyuan refused to do so, He Yishao didnt bother to say that again.

He Hongyuan wasnt in a good condition, so Fan Zhihao replaced him to play the last round.

Fan Zhihao was also highly stressed, because he had already lost a lot of money.

If he lost again, he was afraid that he couldnt accept it either.

Anyway, Fan Zhihao forced himself to calm down and stay focused.

The last round was a tie, and Fan Zhihao relaxed a little, but it was too late, and they still lost nine hundred million yuan.

After the first form of gambling, He Hongjie was the winner.

“Shall we begin the second form of gambling right now, or take a rest for a while” He Yishao asked He Hongyuan.

“Lets have a break for half an hour,” He Yixi said.

He Hongyuan agreed.

He also needed time to calm down.

Afterwards, He Yishao arranged private rooms for them to have a rest.

As for the other people, they could have a rest too, or play games in the hall.

He Yishao left right after he guided Hong Yuehuan to his private room.

They didnt talk to each other at all, which upset Hong Yuehuan.

They used to be close friends after all, but now were like strangers.

It was the Tiandihuis fault anyway, so Hong Yuehuan wouldnt blame He Yishao.

He Hongjie thanked Gu Ning in their private room.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, they would have lost the competition already.


He, there is no need for you to thank me.

To be honest with you, I came here just for the money,” Gu Ning said.

Even so, they still thanked Gu Ning for what she had done.

“Oh, Miss Gu, what do you plan to play next” He Hongjie asked.

“Slot machine,” Gu Ning said.

“What” He Hongjie was greatly surprised, and couldnt believe his ears.

Slot machine sounded very childish.

Given Gu Nings previous performance, He Hongjie obviously wouldnt take Gu Ning lightly.

Instead, he believed that she could win again by playing slot machine.

“Well, I dont know much about other forms of gambling except Sic Bo and slot machine.

Im confident that I can win by playing slot machine, but Im not sure what they want to play and whether I can win,” Gu Ning said.

“I think theyll choose from 5 card stud, baccarat, roulette or so forth.

Weve won nine hundred million yuan, which is enough for them to lose,” He Hongjie said.

He was almost sure that they would be the winner today even before the following games began.

From the beginning to the end, He Hongjie didnt ask Gu Ning about her accuracy of the specific numbers in Sic Bo, because it was her personal affairs.

He Hongyuan was still furious in their private room, and Fan Zhihao stayed silent the entire time.

He had a strong feeling of failure now, and almost lost his confidence in himself.

“Dad, the woman is so unbelievable, and shes already won nine hundred million yuan till now.

Can we win it back” He Yixi asked with worry.

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