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Gu Ning didnt care about it, but Leng Shaoting did.

Seeing Hong Yuehuan observing her, Leng Shaoting gave him a cold glance.

He wouldnt allow anyone else to steal his girl away from him.

As the heir of the Tiandihui, Hong Yuehuan noticed the warning glance at once, but the glance was already gone when he turned to search for it.

However, he felt threatened by the simple glance, and became alert in an instant.

He was afraid that an enemy was also in the crowd.

There were many enemies of the Tiandihui after all.

In addition, he could sense the persons hostility and outstanding ability from the glance, so he had to be cautious.

Leng Shaoting wasnt interested in Hong Yuehuans thoughts, as long as he stopped looking at Gu Ning.

Hong Yuehuan was distracted by the potential danger, so he moved his eyes away from Gu Ning.


Fan, please.”

The prize pool was filled with chips, but Fan Zhihao just stood there, so He Yishao opened his mouth to remind him to play the game.

Fan Zhihao was reluctant to continue to play the game now, because he was losing a lot of money.

Nobody could stay calm in such a situation! Nevertheless, it wasnt up to him to give up now.

Except for He Hongyuan who still hoped that Fan Zhihao could win because he was unwilling to accept failure, others all believed that Gu Ning would be the winner without a doubt.

In that case, no one paid much attention to him.

Fan Zhihao did his best to calm himself down in order to focus on the game and not to lose so much again.

He made 12 million yuan this time.

Because Gu Ning had won all the chips in the prize pool just then, nobody thought that it was a big surprise that Fan Zhihao won over ten million yuan.

Fan Zhihao himself also wished that he could win all the chips in the prize pool once.

He Hongyuan had the same idea, because Gu Ning had done it before, which proved that it was possible.

Gu Ning, however, made 28 million yuan after this around, which was more than double what Fan Zhihao made.

By now, people were already used to Gu Ning winning.

“Are you useless You cant even beat a woman!” He Hongyuan blurted out in anger.

Hearing that, Fan Zhihao was angry, and moved his hand off the machine at once.

“Why dont you do it yourself then”

“Move! Ill do it myself!” He Hongyuan raised his voice.

He knew how to play slot machine, but wasnt very good at it, so he pressed the stop button relying on his feelings.

As a result, there was no reel with pictures lined up on the screen at all, which annoyed He Hongyuan.

Gu Ning, on the contrary, won all the chips in the prize pool again.


“OMG, I cant believe my eyes.”

“Miss Tang is so unbelievable!”

“Am I in a dream right now”

“Im short of words.”

Fan Zhihao was shocked by the result, and also felt lucky that he didnt play the round himself, or he would have lost another hundred million yuan.

He Hongyuan couldnt stand it anymore, and spat out blood again, then fell unconscious.

“Father Father!” He Yixi panicked, and shouted.

“Master Hongyuan!” He Hongyuans bodyguards walked forward without delay.

People around him were also scared.

They were afraid that He Hongyuan would really die here.

“We need to send Master Hongyuan to the hospital right now, and we can wait for Master Hongyuan to wake up to play the rest of the rounds,” He Yishao said.

In fact, he couldnt wait to see He Hongyuan die, but his younger brother was still in danger now, so He Hongyuan had to stay alive.

“Wait a second.” Gu Ning stopped them and walked towards He Hongyuan.

He Hongyuans bodyguards stood in her way without hesitation, in case Gu Ning hurt him.

“What do you want to do” A bodyguard glared at Gu Ning.

“I can rescue him,” Gu Ning said.

She said that not because she was kind, but because she wanted to leave with the money as soon as possible.

Who knew how long she would have to wait for He Hongyuan to wake up

It sounded cruel and cold-blooded, but He Hongyuan wasnt someone she cared about after all.

“Can you”

Everyone was surprised and had doubts.

“I dont think that youre so kind.” He Yixi stared at her with eyes full of hatred.

Gu Ning came here to help the He family after all.

“Im not, but I just want to finish todays competition.

I dont have time to wait for him,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt bother to hide her real intention.


Hearing that, He Yixi was mad and criticized Gu Ning.

“My fathers life is in danger now, and all you want is money” It sounded like it was Gu Nings fault.

“I think shes a little cold-blooded.”

“Yeah, she shouldnt have said that.”

People started to discuss her behavior.

Leng Shaoting disliked their negative comments on Gu Ning, but he couldnt say anything to defend her now.

Instead, he coldly looked at He Yixi, which made her feel stressed.

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