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Chapter 891: The Gambling Magnate of City M

When the gambling competition was over in the He familys casino, some people posted pictures and short videos of it on the Internet.

The new God of Gamblers! She won 1.7 billion yuan after playing three forms of gambling against Fan Zhihao, who is the ex apprentice of the gambling magnate of City M.

This woman never loses!

An unbelievable woman with unbelievable gambling skills, Tang Aining.

Posts about Tang Aining and the gambling competition between He Hongyuan and He Hongjie soon went viral.

“OMG, 1.7 billion yuan”

“Its an astronomical number!”

“How could she be so lucky”

“I think shell be the next God of Gamblers.”

“Shes only in her late twenties.

Its so unbelievable.”

“I couldnt believe it either.”

At the same time, some people still had doubts.

“Did she cheat”

“Its the He familys casino.

I think its easy for them to cheat.”


“I agree.”

However, some people retorted at once.

“She didnt cheat at all! I was there myself, and they checked the machines every time before the game began.”

“I think youre just jealous of her, because shes too outstanding.”

“Dont you know who Fan Zhihao is Hes the ex apprentice of the gambling magnate in City M.

He would know if she cheated.”

Fan Zhihao was a well-known, skilled gambler in HK, so many people had heard his name.

Reading the above comments, more and more Internet users started to believe that “Tang Aining” had relied on her own ability to win the competition.

As the gambling magnate in HK, He Hongjie was a household name.

Once the news of the competition went abroad, people who were involved in the gambling industry paid a lot of attention to it.

The name “Tang Aining” gained a lot of attention as well.

They were all stunned by her gambling skills.

Outsiders might not be able to see whether “Tang Aining” had cheated in the competition, but insiders were all aware that it was impossible.

Therefore, the majority in the gambling industry believed that “Tang Aining” was a talented gambler.

Within a short time, the news got the attention of the gambling magnate of City M.

The gambling magnate of City M was also the God of Gamblers for many years, because nobody could replace him.

Since he had stayed in that high position for too long, he felt a little lonely, and sought for competitors.

Nevertheless, nobody could beat him in a gambling game.

Therefore, Gu Nings appearance aroused the interest of the gambling magnate of City M.

Although he had done it before with He Hongjie, it was a tie and they had just played Sic Bo.

He hadnt enjoyed himself back then.

Because the gambling magnate of City M and He Hongjie were acquaintances, they had each others phone number, so he called He Hongjie right after he read the news.

When He Hongjie received the call from the gambling magnate of City M, he had just separated from Gu Nings group, who were on the way to the island.

He Siyin didnt go to the island along with them, because he was an old man after all.

He Hongjie was surprised to hear from the gambling magnate of City M, but he somewhat guessed the reason.

He was right.

The gambling magnate of City M called because of Gu Ning.

The news was too shocking, so it was understandable that the gambling magnate of City M was interested in it.

In addition, he thought that it was a good chance for Gu Ning.

Nevertheless, he wasnt with Gu Ning now, so he couldnt let Gu Ning talk to the gambling magnate of City M on the phone.

And as for Gu Nings phone number, He Hongjie wouldnt give it to anyone without her permission, so he told the gambling magnate of City M that he would pass on his invitation to Gu Ning.

The gambling magnate of City M understood, and was willing to wait for Gu Nings answer.

He Hongjie called Gu Ning later.

“Miss Gu, the gambling magnate of City M just called me and invited you to have a gambling competition with him.

What do you think” He Hongjie asked.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was a little surprised, but soon figured out why.

“Its my honor to have a competition with the gambling magnate of City M.

However, please dont tell him my real name, and give him the phone number that I use as Tang Aining,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” He Hongjie said.

Afterwards, Gu Ning told He Hongjie the phone number that she used as Tang Aining before she hung up the call.

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