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Within several hours, Infinite Horror became the hottest topic on all kinds of websites.

More and more people joined the discussions about Gu Nings relationship with Fenghua Entertainment.

Many onlookers were shocked that topics about Gu Ning could always gain so much attention on social media.

They had to admit that Gu Ning could easily attract peoples attention, which was an unusual skill.

In the meantime, many people also thought that Gu Ning might soon consume all of her popularity.

Everything happened fast in the entertainment industry.

No matter how popular a star was right now, he or she would soon be forgotten by the audience and the public.

Therefore, some were waiting to see how Gu Ning was going to disappear from peoples sight.

Gu Ning had many fans, but there were many haters who expressed their disapproval of her all the time on the Internet as well.

It was impossible to be liked by every person.

In the chairmans office of the Tang familys business group, Tang Bingsens secretary reported the latest news about Infinite Horror to him.

The authorities also called to tell him that the film was going to be shown in theaters.

“How can Fenghua Entertainment be so influential I need to know everything about the girl named Gu Ning right now!” Tang Bingsen shouted in anger.

Tang Bingsen had investigated Gu Ning before, but he only knew that she was an ordinary girl from a third-tier city, so he took her lightly.

To his astonishment, she had support from so many powerful business groups and companies.

He was utterly stressed now, because he didnt dare to mess with them.

It wasnt a secret that Lu Zhan had been shut out of the film industry by him.

So if those powerful people were still supportive, it was an obvious warning to him.

The authorities were also unwilling to be involved in this mess.

“Yes, sir,” his secretary said, then left.

It was very easy to search for information about Gu Ning on the Internet now, and the secretary soon found out a lot.

After reading the news about her, the secretary was amazed.

“Chairman Tang, this girl named Gu Ning isnt ordinary at all!” The secretary ran back to Tang Bingsens office with a laptop.

Tang Bingsen frowned after hearing that.

All of a sudden, he had a premonition.

“Let me have a look,” Tang Bingsen said in a hurry.

The secretary placed the laptop in front of Tang Bingsen at once.

Tang Bingsen was also stunned after reading the news about Gu Ning.

It seemed that Gu Ning was much more influential than he thought.

It was hard not to be surprised by Gu Nings achievements given her young age.

No wonder Gu Ning dared to act against him, she had so many connections!

Tang Bingsen made a wrong decision this time.

However, he didnt think that Gu Ning was acting against him on purpose because he didnt know Gu Ning at all and believed that Gu Ning had never met him before either.

It was just a business conflict in his eyes.

In that case, Tang Bingsen disliked Gu Ning, but wouldnt do anything to hurt her for now.

In this society, whoever had more support from more powerful people would win, so Tang Bingsen had to give in.

Around half an hour later, Gu Ning arrived at City M.

There was a car arranged by Ye Chaoxiong to pick them up waiting for them at the wharf.

Ye Chaoxiong attached great importance to Gu Nings arrival, so he sent his second son, Ye Jiasheng, to pick her up.

Although Ye Jiasheng was the second son in the Ye family, he was the heir of it, because Ye Chaoxiongs eldest son was merely a playboy and good-for-nothing.

Ye Jiasheng, on the contrary, was excellent at both business and gambling.

All in all, Ye Jiasheng was the sole heir of the Ye family.

Unfortunately, members of the Ye family didnt get along as well as those in the He family.

Although Ye Chaoxiongs eldest son wasnt qualified to take over the familys business, he always believed that he should be the heir of his family.

He had no ability to compete against Ye Jiasheng, but had caused a lot of trouble for his family, which had been made them into public jokes.

If he dared to hurt the Ye familys benefits in the future, Ye Chaoxiong would force him to live in another city.

“Miss Tang, nice to meet you! My name is Ye Jiasheng,” Ye Jiasheng politely said to Gu Ning when they met each other.

Ye Jiasheng was about 30 years old, and he was a very handsome, mature man with a pair of attractive and dangerous eyes.

He seemed to be polite and gentle, but could be cruel and aggressive when it was necessary.

It wasnt sensible to judge a person from his or her appearance.

Gu Ning was his familys distinguished guest, so he treated her kindly.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr.

Ye.” Gu Ning greeted him politely, and shook hands with him.

Even though their hands just touched each other for a second, Leng Shaoting was displeased.

Nevertheless, He was just her bodyguard today, so he had to disguise his feelings.

“Please follow me this way, Miss Tang.” Ye Jiasheng made a hand gesture, then guided them to an MPV.

“Miss Tang, why dont you have a rest in the hotel first, and we can have dinner together at 5:30 pm before we leave for the casino,” Ye Jiasheng said.

“No problem,” Gu Ning replied.

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